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Hopeful sign – traditional priests from different backgrounds come together at major traditional Conference September 28, 2015

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I was sent this by two people, and I, too, am very gratified to see this:

Something you just don’t see every day. As the situation in the Church goes from really bad to much worse, it is hardly difficult to predict a gradual coming together of traditional Catholics the world over in the days to come.

At the Catholic Identity Conference in Weirton, WV, this weekend priests from all the major traditional Catholic fraternities and priestly societies came together to encourage the faithful to keep the old Faith and be not discouraged. Here we have two diocesan priests (who offer the old Mass only), one priest of the Fraternity of St Peter, one priest of the Society of St Pius X, and one priest of the Institute of Christ the King.

False compromise? NONE! There are still strategic differences between these priests, and they do not pretend otherwise. But recognizing the severity of the crisis at hand and the necessity of confirming the faithful at this critical moment in history, these priests have reached out as faithful fathers to scattered and fearful sheep, urging us to pray, take hold of Tradition and never let go, and keep the Faith.

God bless and keep these courageous priests and their powerful example of true Christian charity. May God continue to bless His Church with good and holy priests.

The priests are not identified, and that’s sadly necessary in this time of ramped up attacks between priests of the various traditional communities.  I know some folks are turned off by the “can’t we all just get along” approach but I think it vitally necessary at this time.  So while various elements within or in the orbit of these groups try to continue to stoke the fires of division (and even more, much more at times, than that), it is most heartening for me to see a certain grass-roots appreciation for the paramount need to come together in unity in the face of the truly unprecedented threats facing the Church and souls right now.  Certainly we all have our differences and concerns about the hated other, but at this time when literal insanity has gripped the highest echelons of Church authority (or the insanity already extant has taken a decided turn for the worse), Mr. Matt, myself, and many others feel it is absolutely critical to set aside our differences, however legitimate they may be, and all work together for the defense of Holy Mother Church.
May God bless those priests concerned.  One of them in particular has certainly had a most heavy cross to bear in his steadfast adherence to the Faith of our fathers, but I’m certain they’ve all had to share in those difficult but glorious sufferings.
May God sustain all those who strive to accept and practice the Faith whole and entire in these most trying times.  May He protect any of us from falling away or failing in our duty.


1. Dismas - September 28, 2015

This is a time where Catholics who love the authentic Catholic Church and realize that we are in a horrible crisis DO all just need to get along. Once we get the Church back from these heretics that would destroy authentic Catholicism, we can work out our petty little details.

Although I suspect this has gone far enough now that it is beyond our puny means to restore Catholicism. It will be a supernatural intervention, I believe, which will put all of our puerile internecine quarrels in perspective.

2. Kathleen - September 28, 2015

What a lovely gift in the middle of this horrible fall.

It brings tears to my eyes.

May God bless them!

3. S. Armaticus - September 29, 2015

Deo gratias! 🙂

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