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Two videos – everything wrong with modern art, Abby Johnson destroys Cecile Richards October 1, 2015

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I like this video on all the problems with modern (and post-modern) art.  The abandonment of artistic standards has led to the near total collapse of the production of quality, timeless art.  I think it also emblematic of the decadence and moral corruption of the West, that tacky, cheap, boring, unskillful, offensive, and just plain crap that my 3rd grader could better is now promoted as “fine art.”  Give me a break:

A couple of things – do you remember the movie “Dead Poet’s Society?”  There is a pivotal scene that repeats itself, having to do with a textbook that teaches a means of “rating” the relative merits of different poems.  The new liberal teacher, played by Robin Williams, is horribly offended at this notion, believing that poetry is so sublime it is beyond any kind of ratings or metrics.  He teaches his students to rip that section of the textbook out.  Later on, this becomes sort of his triumph.

But is that really right? Are there not means by which various poets and poems could be rated against each other?  Is writing in a very technical meter, and pulling it off with rhyme, rhythm, and deep meaning, a greater achievement than a few lines scrawled in a haiku?  Is the Illiad greater than some of EE Cummings later trash?  Does Shakespeare not trump the contemporary schlock called poetry we are dished up?  Or Blake or Wordsworth or Coleridge, for that matter?

The same applies to the visual arts.  It is perhaps true that the governing academies of the late 19th century had become a bit too rigid and stale, but throwing off ALL restraint and ANY founding principles has led art down the garbage drain of boring, thoughtless, derivative trash.  And I think it right to cast a bit of blame at the Impressionists on this, because they started the revolution, even though their own works were great achievements in their own right.

Second video, kind of boring but a for-the-record type entry, Abby Johnson obliterates Cecile Richards.  I’m quite certain my sophomore daughter could do so even more thoroughly, but she’ll never have the cache of having worked at Planned Butcherhood:

Meh: Cecile Richards, head of an organization responsible for tens of millions of murders (for profit), lies.  Shocking, I know.

A couple of what the heck videos.  There is so little footage of the incredibly charismatic Gram Parsons.  Here is one of the better bits.  Groovy man.  Somebody please pin Chris Hillman to the ground and shave his head, sheesh.

From the same shoot in support of the first Flying Burrito Brother album.  Such a shame Gram couldn’t put together more than about 6 consecutive clean months the last 10 years of his life.  When he did wow was he prodigiously talented. [FAIR WARNING – GRAM TOOK THE IDEA OF A “NUDIE SUIT” A BIT TOO FAR]:

Heckuva song:



1. tg - October 1, 2015

On an old show of Mother Angelica I saw last week, she said besides the devil attacking Jesus and Our Lady, he wants to destroy the concept of true beauty because that is what God is. She said that is why art, music, etc. is so ugly today. I think fashions such black nail polish and dark lipstick are all so ugly. Even the cartoon characters are ugly. Remember how Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird were cute. My little granddaughter has a concept of true beauty because she likes things that are really beautiful and loves color. I told her that there is no black in heaven.

2. TLM - October 1, 2015

Now comes the truth directly from the horses mouth (the horse being Cecil Richards) 86% of the revenue from P.P. across the country comes from abortion…….NOT 3% as we have heard ad nauseum from the far left. And she confirmed there are NO mammogram machines in ANY of the facilities, although we had this reported during the last election, but now from the woman herself. All this talk about low income women who DEPEND on planned parenthood for services is a bunch of blown smoke, except ABORTION services, at least 86% of the time. And yes, we ARE paying for abortions as ALL the money goes into one general fund.

3. c matt - October 2, 2015

Someone posted a video on true beauty in the arts that really made sense – The Remnant maybe? I wish I could remember the details better (age, you know), but the main point IIRC was being able to balance essence and object (can’t recall the exact term, but the second element had to do with the objective appearance of a thing -i.e., a drawing of a straight line should be straight). Much of modern art goes way overboard on the objective part (or at least , perceived objectivism) and fails at capturing true essence. That’s why a random bunch of boxes, or circles, or splats of paint can be called “art” nowadays.

4. c matt - October 2, 2015

After seeing the video, I am almost positive “objective” was not the term used in the other one. Wish I could remember where I saw it.

Maybe I should save my painting shorts, frame it, and cash in on this “modern art” scam before people get wise.

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