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Ann Barnhardt takes apart weak-willed bishop October 6, 2015

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There is a very handy new site administered by Hilary White to cover all things related to the Synod, called, sensically enough, “What’s Up With The Synod?”  Well, a lot of bad stuff, of which more later, but before we get to that, Ann Barnhardt made a contribution to WUWTS retelling an interaction she had with a bishop at a small conference on marriage and the family.  In her usual low-key, almost embarrassed style, Barnhardt managed to point out the nakedness of our episcopal emperors:

So back to the conference I recently attended. At the end of the laywoman’s presentation about the extreme injustice of both the no-fault civil divorce culture in North America, as well as the push within the Church to make the annulment process into de facto Catholic no-fault divorce, she touched very briefly on the September 8th Motu Proprio and how it was simply moving the entire Church toward the North American model of “annulment on demand”. There was a Q&A period, and there were two visiting bishops present in the audience, one from the Middle East somewhere and one from subsaharan Africa somewhere.

So I raised my hand and asked the final question of the session. My question was this:

“The disastrous September 8th Motu Proprio contains a list of criteria that could be cited as grounds for declaring a marriage null, including “lack of faith”, which is a universal condition. I myself am already receiving questions from orthodox faithful Catholics who are happily married who are now questioning whether or not they are even married because one or both of the spouses was “nervous” on the morning of the wedding, perhaps indicating a “lack of faith” per the Motu Proprio. This is the diabolical fruit of the September 8th disaster. My question is, what can we do or say to people to assure them that they are, in fact, sacramentally married and should not doubt this?”

The laywoman gave a polite but not terribly helpful answer because there really was nothing she could say.

Then the bishop from the Middle East stood up, wheeled around, and glaringly addressed me.

He started with, “Why do you refer to the Motu Proprio as “September 8th”, like it was “September 11th”?

To which I instantly snapped back, “You’re right. It is far, far worse than September 11th.”

Some of you, dear readers, might be taken aback at my saying this. Make no mistake: the September 8th Motu Proprio is the attempted de facto abrogation of a Sacrament. If you can’t see how that is worse than a sneak attack in an earthly war that resulted in earthly losses, you need to sit down and think about it until it becomes clear……

……Still glaring at me, the bishop then launched into the first of his two defenses of the September 8th catastrophic Motu Proprio. First, he complained about the “stack of paperwork” backlogged on his desk from all of the annulment requests he had to deal with.

I interrupted him with, “Yeah, that’s just awful – almost as bad as being nailed to a cross….”  [Smash.  Sit down, bishop, you’ve just been publicly crushed beyond the point of humiliation.  Your failure is laid bare]

Thus ended the episcopal bitch-fest about the unbearable existential burden of backlogged paperwork.

Then he moved to his second point, which is even worse. He said that if he doesn’t grant people annulments they will get mad at him and go to the Eastern Orthodox or apostasize to the … wait for it… MUSLOIDS in order to get their “divorce”.

Barnhardt did not get a chance to respond at the conference, but gives the response she would have given at the link.

I think the problems with this response should be readily apparent, and they cut to the core of the post-conciliar collapse.  The most apparent aspect of this response is the near total lack of Faith in Jesus Christ and His Church, that if the whole Truth is taught with firmness and charity, Christ will do the rest.  Instead, virtually all bishops, whether out of a commitment to modernist revolution, or simply through lack of faith, believe they are smarter than God and must change the Church’s message because “it just doesn’t work anymore,” or the people will go elsewhere, etc. We have seen the fruit of that over the past 50 years…….hundreds of millions have fallen away, and the Church is in the midst of the worst crisis of her history.

This bishop obviously desires pleasing men more than God.  I wish he were named, because I believe we must start holding individual bishops to account for their heterodox viewpoints and manifest lack of faith.  But more to the point, if a bishop preaches all the Truth of the Church in season and out, and reforms his diocese to insist his priests do the same, and some people fall away….well, that’s on them. He’s done his duty, and must trust in the Holy Trinity for the rest (which is the meaning of Lk 12:31: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you.”)

Of course, the truth hasn’t been taught for decades outside a very few locales, less as a result of accident than of deliberate policy. So it takes a special kind of gumption for a bishop to claim he fears souls falling away as a result of a doctrine he has likely never tried to convey or “enforce.”  Reason #1 why the crisis in the Church is a crisis of bishops.  And when confronted, instead of admitting their manifest failure and facing up to it, they turn around and lash out at their critics.

Such are our heirs of the Apostles.  And don’t tell me about the Twelve running away, that was before the Descent of the Holy Ghost (TWICE!- Once called down in protean form by Our Lord before His Ascension, and secondly, in definitive form, at Pentecost, after which the Apostles were changed men), before the Resurrection, and before two thousand years of miracles, Saints, and the whole run of Christendom.


1. Tim - October 6, 2015

Ann Barnhardt…….modern day Joan of Arc??
Don’t agree with her on every tittle, but the vast majority!

2. Brian - - October 7, 2015

Ann Barnhardt reminds me of the OT character, Jahel, who killed Sisera, the Caananite General of King Jabin. How? With a tent peg. Alone. Read about in Judges 4. Awesome story.

Miss Barnhardt is fearless. She cares about one thing only and that is to honor and remain faithful to Christ the King. Honors and titles that might intimidate the rest of us into silence and submission obviously mean little to her compared to Truth and fidelity to Jesus Christ our Lord.

She strikes me as the type who runs toward danger as everyone else is either glued to their seats or running for the exit. Love her blog!

And love the blog by Hillary White you mentioned: “What’s Up With The Synod”. She is another fantastic writer, fed up with the abuse, and a tremendous asset to the Faith.

3. pro-life - October 7, 2015

Maybe the bishop who doesn’t like the paperwork ought to just pass the buck. I have a relative who is a permanent deacon and who works on a lot of annulment cases. Some priests won’t work on them, period and he gets them. Some cases have basically sat on what Rush Limbaugh calls “The Stack of Stuff” for literally years until the deacon got referred to them and got some action on the cases. (Okay, maybe you’re one of the people who regrets action gets done and thinks people should just do without the annulment. As a single never married myself I’m not that sympathetic to them but I pray for the parties and hope for what is best.) Other priests do the “easy” cases (Pauline privilege) and pass the rest to the deacon.

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