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Archbold: It was the Pope what done it October 6, 2015

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Patrick Archbold has a piece at notorious ecclesiastical porn site The Remnant regarding the construction of the Synod and how that was achieved.  As is obvious from the evidence, if the Synod arrives at some unprecedented conclusion, or if some incredible document/statement/speech follows, it will be because that’s what Pope Francis wanted to achieve all along:

So let’s look at some basic facts. It was Pope Francis who called for the Synod on the Family. It is the Pope who is the President of the Synod. It was Pope Francis who selected Cardinal Kasper to deliver the preparatory speech in February of last year, the speech that put the question of communion for the divorced and remarried front and center. [It was Pope Francis who extolled the “Kasper proposal” from his very first Angelus address the 2nd week of his pontificate!]

The Pope saw and approved the contents of that speech in advance, according to Cardinal Kasper.

It was Pope Francis who appointed Italian Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, general secretary of the Synod of Bishops, the Cardinal who later publicly bragged about how he would manipulate the Synod to nefarious ends.

It was Pope Francis who appointed the rest of the Synod leadership, the leadership that produced the disastrous and un-Catholic Instrumentem Laboris of 2014.

It was Pope Francis who approved that disastrous Instrumentem Laboris.

It was Pope Francis who reviewed and approved the disgusting and heretical Relatio Post Disceptationem, a document rightly called by the group Voice of the Family “one of the worst official documents drafted in Church history”.

It was the Pope, who allowed the initial attempt by Cardinal Baldisseri to prevent the reaction to that document by the Synod Fathers from publication, before being shouted down by them and relenting.

It was the Pope, who by his sole authority, ordered the publication of troubling non-Catholic paragraphs stricken by the Synod Fathers in the final document of the 2014 Synod.

It was Pope Francis who approved the equally troubling Instrumentem Laboris for the 2015 Synod. [Which goes beyond divorce, remarriage, homosexuality, and includes contraception and other elements]

It was Pope Francis who just this past month ordered changes to the annulment process, changes opposed by many Synod Fathers, which will undoubtedly lead to widespread abuse and the continued weakening of marriage.

[It was Pope Francis who waived the age limitation requirement for participation in the Synod and appointed the disastrously heterodox and manipulative Cardinal Daneels. It was Pope Francis who appointed a who’s who of Church liberals and politicians to the final committee]

And now, if recent reports are to be believed, these very same Synod leaders who did all of the above, have entirely changed the rules of the 2015 Synod, eliminating entirely documents and discussions of the Synod being published. Instead, there will be no interim document published (the document which caused all the controversy in 2014). There will be no discussions published; in fact there will not even be any general discussion, but only small groups that cannot communicate with each other. There will not even be a final document voted upon and published by the Synod Fathers. No, instead, there will only be a closing address by the Holy Father. [Pope Francis confirmed the above today and stated to Synod fathers that all these highly controversial things were his bidding]

And that’s it. And then the Pope can do whatever he wants following the Synod.

Why the changes? Why would the very same people with the very same goals as 2014 now change the rules of the 2015 Synod so dramatically and invest all results in the will of the Pope if they did not have at least some confidence that the Pope desires the same ends?

With all respect to Mr. Keating, there are plenty of reasons to suspect that Pope Francis wants the heretical innovators to prevail. There is also good reason to suspect that the innovators have that same expectation.

None of this suggests that I know what the Pope will do. I don’t even know if the Pope knows what he will do.

Further, there is always the possibility of a Holy Spirit moment from out of the blue, for which I pray daily. But there are very good reasons to be suspect about the upcoming Synod and what the Pope wishes to prevail.

Let us keep praying for that! I suppose the rest is out of our hands.



1. c matt - October 6, 2015

Are you sure it was the Pope? I don’t really see any evidence of it …. except for his fingerprints, DNA, video surveillance and matching tread marks from his black shoes. Other than that, they got nuthin’.

Tantumblogo - October 6, 2015

If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

Tim - October 6, 2015

Who are you to judge?

2. cenlacatholic - October 6, 2015

It really looks like it has already been decided. I fully expect this to happen. I wonder how long we will have to live in this mess before it is cleaned up? Perhaps it will take schism of a majority of the hierarchy to draw clear lines once again.

Baseballmom - October 6, 2015

That is precisely my prayer. LET THE SCHISM HAPPEN. Let the chips fall where they will, and let Catholics get back to their mission of saving souls from eternal damnation.

Lynne - October 7, 2015


tg - October 7, 2015

Baseballmom, I liked your comments and the other lady on Lifesite News about getting a more prominent role as women in the church and getting rid of the heretics. Your mominence! Lol.

Baseballmom - October 6, 2015

Replied, it did not go through….

3. Jim the Tim - October 6, 2015

As Catholics we all know what a family is so why have this synod if Francis is already going to change doctrine. Our Church has been infiltrated with Communists and Masons for decades and now they have their finger on the button they sure as hell are going to push it . It’s as plain as the nose on Francis’s face and all the anti Catholic sayings as Pope that he has come away with that this abomination of meetings is to turn us into the Worlds largest Protestant Church .It seems the goal of this anti Catholic synod is to do away with the 6th commandment and to create the biggest schism in since the Reformation.

4. Anne - October 7, 2015

Could it be possible that the Pope is being blackmailed in some way and acceding to the demands? I have been reading various items regarding Pope Benedict XVI and feel strongly that he was forced/made the decision to resign, instead of accede.
One of the crises in the Church is of a loss of the sense of magisterium…of the people leading the church instead of the Pope and the Bishops. I struggle with my negative views of the current papacy, and at the same time being a faithful Catholic who should follow what the Pope says.

tg - October 7, 2015

I’ve wondered that too. If he is being controlled by the homo mafia. Remember at first, he seemed very Marian. But then again, no excuse. No pope or bishop should be afraid to be killed by his enemies.

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