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Secular Conservative “The Week:” Does Pope Francis Fear God? October 6, 2015

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OK, it’s a self-described traddie writing at The Week, but it is still something to see a secular conservative publication asking the $1 million question: does Pope Francis have the Faith handed on by the Apostles?  Perhaps asking the question is to answer it.  I add emphasis and comments:

In the next three weeks, I fully expect the leadership of my own One Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church to fall into apostasy, at the conclusion of the Synod on the Family that begins today in Rome. This is the outcome Pope Francis has shaped over the entirety of his pontificate, and particularly with his recent appointments. An event like this —heresy promulgated by the Pope and his bishops — is believed by most Catholics to be impossible. But they should be prepared for it anyway. This is not an ordinary religious conference, but one to be dreaded.

My prediction is that, after much fixing and machinations by its leaders, the Synod on the Family will declare that the Holy Spirit led them to a new understanding of the truth. The Synod’s leaders will adopt the position that those living in second marriages, irrespective of the status of their first marriage, should be admitted to Holy Communion. This is commonly called the “Kasper proposal” after its author, the German Cardinal Walter Kasper. The Synod will likely leave the details of a “penitential period of reflection” for these souls up to local bishops and parish priests The leading bishops will assure critics that in fact no doctrine has been changed, only a discipline — even if these will make no sense when considered together. [Doctrine cannot be separated from practice. This is the thinnest – and frankly, falsest – of fig leafs.  In reality, it’s a joke.  Doctrine is nothing without its being put into practice, and practice that contradicts Doctrine winds up destroying that Doctrine, no matter what the paper may say. Fr. Rosica has helpfully informed us this has been the point all along.]

But make no mistake, the Synod will make the sacrilege of the Eucharist St. Paul warns against an official policy of the Roman Catholic Church. And in the process the Synod will encourage the breakup of more marriages. [I continue praying for a miracle]

Certain theologians will cheer this as a radical break. They will declare this change of discipline to be what the critics alleged all along: a rupture within the tradition of the church, a change in doctrine. They will say that this glorious event proves the church is capable not only of developing its doctrines, but also of evolving them into something new, even something that contradicts the old. Those who had made themselves enemies of papal authority for decades will become a new kind of ultramontanist. The papacy that had been the final guardian of the faith will now become an ongoing oracle, dispensing new gospel teachings that our Lord and the Apostles missed. [And I don’t know how we recover from that, should it come to pass]

The editorial is long, but I encourage you to read all of it.  Author Michael Dougherty goes on to describe how the synodal process has been manipulated, with last year’s most controversial figures making up the majority of the “final committee” that will pretend to process the synodal discussions and inform the Pope of their contents.  But since it is already known that another, more secret group is already working on some post-synodal encyclical or other “doctrinal” effort, even the final committee stacked through and through with modernist/progressives appears to be a Potemkin village construct.  And just today, Pope Francis answered “conservative” complaints over the synodal process and the makeup of its leadership that the entire process and the makeup of all the key leadership posts were all his direct decision.  Even more terrifying, there were apparently proposals today to grant “general absolution” during the Year of Mercy to the entire Church, a complete and total ecclesiastical and theological novelty which would make a mockery of sacramental Confession.

Modernists fear men, not God.  That is the apotheosis of modernism, a religion of men for men with the pleasing of men as its final end.   Their religion constructs a new “god” on the rotting corpse of Western civilization, with opinion polling the source of “revelation” and a life of self-indulgence and worldly feel-good rhetoric its process of “sanctification.”  Hundreds of millions have already fallen away from this meaningless, inefficacious pretense of religion, and hundreds of millions more will do so in the coming years.  Leftists constantly project their “hidden” sins onto others, so in all the recent diatribes against “ideology,” it must always be born in mind that for modernists, their religion is their ideology.

May God have mercy on us all. The Barque of Peter appears headed into truly uncharted waters, and I don’t know how some future pilot can plot a course of return.



1. Heather - October 6, 2015

In another post this morning, someone commented on the “Delphi Technique,” which I had never heard of until this morning. Read this and tell me that is not exactly what is going on at this synod.


baseballmom - October 6, 2015

I am a delegate for my local diocesan synod. I totally recognized the tactic when I read your link. I actually used the methods they suggested at some of the meetings without knowing they WERE tactics to counter the change agents. Very interesting. Our full Synod meets in December… I will be ready :-).

Heather - October 6, 2015

Interesting!! Thank you for sharing that. Now that you know it’s all planned, you can counterattack! I am interested to hear it goes.

2. Christopher Ekstrom - October 6, 2015

Are there any Melkite or SSPX Churches in the Dallas area?

Tantumblogo - October 6, 2015

There is Maronite in Lewisville, and a Byzantine Catholic in Irving. But yes also SSPX in Sanger and North Richland Hills

Marguerite - October 7, 2015

Why not go to a Latin Mass or as you suggest a Byzantine/ other Catholic Rite Mass? If the SSPX Churches are not in good standing with Holy Mother Church, don’t go. Did the martyrs cut and run? Don’t do it. Fight for the Lord where he has placed you, even if it is a dry martyrdom.

Kanis - October 6, 2015

There are two SSPX churches, one in Sanger and the other in North Richland Hills. I attend one, so you can e-mail me if you’d like more information . . .

Marguerite - October 7, 2015

Be a loyal son/daughter of the Church! You made Confirmation vows to fight for the Lord. Now you run? Nice. When the going gets tough, the tough run. Hmm. How do you win battles that way?

Kanis - October 7, 2015

I don’t think Tantum wants this to turn into another SSPX vs FSSP battle, and also my apologies on posting earlier, I thought there was a link on the name to send an e-mail.
To answer the accusation:
I consider myself a loyal son. I pray for the Holy Father and our local ordinary, Bishop Olson, every day even if I don’t agree with many of the former’s positions.
I had an issue that I will not bring up, nor mention as not to cause scandal on not attending the local FSSP chapel. I know the priests there and consider myself on friendly terms.
As in all things, salvation is the highest law. In addition, when I made my confirmation vows, I was also taught of the sin of silence and omission.
Based on the New Mass, the many actions of the recent pontiffs, Vatican II, and many arguments rehashed (just recently in the Remnant and here), my wife and I made the decision that we cannot as spouses and as parents assist Mass where valid criticism cannot come from the clergy. In addition, as it has been echoed, I cannot come to any other conclusion if it was not for Abp. Lefevbre, there would be no indult, FSSP, ICSK, SP, etc. We are also not eastern Catholics, but Roman Catholics. This is a decision that not all agree with and we understand some may not feel it is necessary to take the steps we have made. Nonetheless, we feel we win the tough battles of salvation, not be risking our children, but allowing us to follow Our Lord and the teachings of His eternal Church and to raise our family, without fear of our children loosing their birthright.
Still, I refuse to participate in the Traditional firing circle, and only hope for the best for all my traditional brethren (wherever their conscience, circumstances, and sensus fidei has allowed them to worship at the Mass of All Time).

3. tg - October 7, 2015

Does the Pope Fear God is as bad the other one “Is the Pope Catholic”.

4. Gary - October 8, 2015

I’m thankful for the information I get here. I realize how much we must pray for the Church. Help us St. Peter!! 🙏

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