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Bad news coming at a torrent from the Synod October 7, 2015

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Aye yay yay, we’re barely 4 days in and the bad news is coming in droves.  Just a few of the high-, or low-lights:

Quebecois Archbishop urges Pope Francis to consider ordaining women to the diaconate. – Sure to solve all our problems, let’s have women deacons!  Of course, anyone with a few functioning brain cells know this is just a step to the real goal, female priestesses in an even more openly feminized clergy

Moving on from mere divorce and remarriage, now polygamy is under consideration.  Fr. Tom Rosica, the radical’s radical (about whom hints of a sodomite inclination have been swirling of late), says: “There must be an end to exclusionary language and a strong emphasis on embracing reality as it is,” said the Vatican English-language spokesman. So much for Jesus Christ!

In a move obviously coordinated with the Vatican, Spanish daily El Mundo ran a photo of Pope Francis‘ meeting with a gomorrist couple featuring a woman who has mutilated herself with surgeries and drugs to better play at being a man.  Too bad for her, no amount of testosterone shots or body mutilation is going to give her a Y chromosome. The foul image is below:

The sodomite couple that met in a definite audience (not a pretend one like Kim Davis, apparently) with Pope Francis claims it was the Vatican that leaked news of the meeting, including numerous photos and a video of the very happy Pope meeting his BFF.

Hopes were raised on the first full day of the Synod (Monday) when Cardinal Peter Erdo released an introductory document for the synodal discussions that seemed fairly well grounded in orthodox Catholic thought. However, Voice of the Family (VOTF) has related that those hopes were dashed by Pope Francis’ personal intervention on Tuesday, which steered the synod back onto what VOTF calls a much more heterodox trajectory:

The hopes of faithful Catholics were raised on Monday by the reassertions of Catholic orthodoxy made in the relazione introduttiva of the General Relator of the Synod, Péter Cardinal Erdő, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest. Yesterday Erdő’s report and position were seriously undermined after an intervention of Pope Francis indicated to the synod fathers that the question of Holy Communion for the “divorced and remarried” was still open. Cardinal Erdő was also undermined by remarks made by synod fathers invited to a press conference organised by Holy See press spokesman Fr Lombardi S.J…….

…….Pope Francis delivered an unscheduled intervention in the synod yesterday morning. He instructed synod fathers that they should consider the Ordinary Synod to be in perfect continuity with the Extraordinary Synod. He told them that they were to consider only three synodal documents as formal documents of the synod; these were his own opening address at the Extraordinary Synod, the Relatio Synodi of the Extraordinary Synod, and his own closing address of that synod. The heterodox nature of the Relatio Synodi, which received the Holy Father’s personal approval, was discussed by Voice of the Family in our Analysis of the Final Report of the Extraordinary Synod. The Holy Father also said that the question of the reception of Holy Communion by the “divorced and remarried” was not the only one for the Synod to consider. This would indicate however that Pope Francis considers the question to be open, despite being clearly resolved by Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the teaching of his predecessors. The content of the Holy Father’s intervention was repeated a number of times by Fr Lombardi and other speakers at the press conference.

The intervention of the Holy Father yesterday has undermined the authority of Cardinal Erdő’s report and has signaled to the synod fathers that the Holy Father would prefer the discussions of the synod to proceed along the lines established by the heterodox Relatio Synodi rather than the orthodox introductory address of Cardinal Erdő. The Holy Father’s actions have gravely weakened the cardinal’s efforts to reorient the Ordinary Synod towards an affirmation and defence of Catholic doctrine……

……..At yesterday’s press conference Fr Thomas Rosica, English-speaking press spokesman for the Holy See, gave what he described as a summary of the interventions of the synod fathers. The interventions summarised by Rosica were almost uniformly “progressive”.

I included that bit about Fr. Rosica, because there are increasing media reports that Rosica is giving a very biased account of the synodal interventions.  That is, he is highlighting and trumpeting the progressive interventions, while ignoring or minimizing the more orthodox ones. Via Edward Pentin, some of the more orthodox interventions were purported to include:

* A number of synod fathers spoke in support of Cardinal Peter Erdo’s introductory speech, including one who underlined the importance of keeping fidelity to truth about marriage, the family and the Eucharist.

* A synod father asked “What are we doing here?” and stressed the synod is about the family, not other relationships such as homosexual ones. He also stressed that if the synod accepts the divorced-remarried issue, the Church effectively “supports divorce”.

* Another said the emphasis should be the sacrament of marriage, so the spiritual beauty of marriage is brought to the fore. Often the Church is not united around the “positive vision” of marriage and family. He said instability around marriage is “against its nature”.

* Another intervention noted the flock are too few, and that one should show respect for families which battle and try to remain faithful, those who in particular remain faithful to their marital vows given before God, although there are controversies and difficulties.

Rosica is apparently not alone in giving a very skewed accounting of the interventions in the other language groups.  They are apparently doing the same, as well, although Pentin claims the French and Germans are at least mentioning some of the more orthodox efforts, rather than ignore them entirely as Fr. Rosica does.

To me, the appointing of Fr. Rosica to be the English language PR man for this papacy is one of the most revealing actions taken to date.  There are few more reliably modernist-progressive priests of public note in service today.  He’s also the consummate Church politician – that is to say, he encapsulates almost all that is most wrong with the priesthood today.  Appointing him to by the PR man for what is probably the most important, influential language group in the Church today (English) was a huge signal – really, something more like an upturned middle phalanges to the orthodox Catholic world.

This is the man who hearts the arch-heretic Gregory Baum, after all.



1. Russ - October 7, 2015

Posted in the comments of another thread (by a different commenter) but particularly relevant here.

The Delphi Technique:

Tantumblogo - October 7, 2015

Yeah, I get it. I’m not sure I’m going to do a post on that subject, though. It sounds like a lot of readers are already familiar with the technique. Which…….this blog is an example of.

2. Maggie - October 7, 2015

Hopes are raised and promoted by many in high places that there are no longer any sins, God is no longer offended, Jesus paid the price, and we can now do whatever the hell we want…

3. cenlacatholic - October 7, 2015

Men start revolutions for reasons pertaining to their personal lives.

4. tg - October 7, 2015

Are we part of the crooked church in Blessed Anne’s visions? Makes me wonder if SPPX is right.

5. Gary - October 7, 2015

The topic of polygamy raised by the synod is very surprising. It is almost as if a trade is being proposed; turn a blind eye to polygamy in Africa in return for tacit acceptance of homosexuality in Europe.

6. glmcreations - October 7, 2015

Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2015 17:16:32 +0000
To: gmcclung3@msn.com

7. Guest - October 8, 2015

This pope make me so angry. Santa Claus should punch all these heretics in the face.

Peter - October 8, 2015


Guest - October 8, 2015

Saint Nicholas really did punch a heretic in the face. We need more Saint Nicholases at this Den of Thieves.

Peter - October 10, 2015


8. TLM - October 8, 2015

Gary, first thing I thought of when the subject of polygamy was ‘introduced.’ The wolves are trying to bribe the African Bishops. The boldness of their corruption (if this is the case) is breathtaking. Seems bizarrely surreal that the subject would even be on the lips of ANY Bishop in this Synod.

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