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Dom Gueranger prophesied these our times 150 years ago October 7, 2015

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Anyone with a brain can see where things are headed today, but it took (in my estimation) some special perspicacity for Dom Gueranger to extrapolate out from the French Revolution and 70-80 years of liberal government to the kind of crisis that is afflicting the Church today.  Gueranger knew that satanic liberalism would play a major role in the persecutions of the earth’s final days, under the instigation of the devil. However, I was blown away at much of the below, which seems to forecast also a great falling away in the Church, and not only among the erstwhile faithful, but even among those charged with keeping and protecting the Truth handed onto them through the solemn offices they hold.  This is practically a prophecy for the Church since Vatican II, and especially since March 2013.  From The Liturgical Year vol. 11:

It is then at the end of the world, more than at all previous times, when satan is turned loose in all his fury, that the faithful will have to remember the injunction givendownload (19) to us by the apostle in today’s Epistle (Eph V).  They will have to comport themselves with that circumspection which he enjoins, taking every possible care to keep their understanding, no less than their heart, pure, in those evil days.  Supernatural light will, in those days, not only have to withstand the attacks of the children of darkness, who will put forward their false doctrines; it will, moreover, be minimized and falsified by the very children of the light yielding on the question of principles; it will be endangered by the hesitations, and the  human prudence, of those who are called far-seeing men.  Many will practically ignore the master-truth, that the Church never can be overwhelmed by any created power or human reason.  If they do remember that our Lord has promised to uphold His Church even to the end of the world (St. Matt xxviii:20), they will still believe that they do a great service to the good cause by making certain politically clever concessions, not weighted in the balance of the sanctuary.  Those future worldly-wise prelates will forget that our Lord needs no shrewd schemes to help Him to keep His promise; they will entirely overlook this most elementary consideration, that the cooperation which Jesus deigns to accept at the hands of His servants in the defense of the rights of His Church, never could consist in the disguising of those grand truths which constitute the power and beauty of the bride.  They will forget the apostle’s maxim, laid down in his Epistle to the Romans, that to conform oneself to this world, to attempt an impossible adaptation of the Gospel to a world that is unchristianized, is not the means for proving what is good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God.  So that it will be a thing of real and rare merit, in many an occurrence of those unhappy times, merely to understand what is the will of God…..[Just a fierce rebuke of so many in the leadership today who seek to obliterate Sacred revealed Truth in practice, for the sake of some erroneous notion of mercy or, more truthfully, to garner the praise of the world.]

Gueranger“Make yourselves sure of the full reward,” says St. John (St. Jn viii:9), which is given only to the persevering thoroughness of doctrine and faith.  Besides, it will be then, as in all other times, that , according to the saying of the Holy Ghost, the simplicity of the just shall guide them, and far more safely than any human ingenuity could do; humility will give them wisdom; and, keeping themselves closely united to this noble companion, they will be made truly wise by her, and will know what is acceptable to God.  They will understand that, aspiring like the Church herself to union with the eternal Word, fidelity to the Spouse, for them as for the Church, is nothing else than fidelity to the truth; for the Word, who is the same object of love to both of them, is, in God, no other than the splendor of infinite truth.  Their one care, therefore, will ever be to approach nearer and nearer to their Beloved…….By so doing, they will be serving their fellow-creatures in the best possible way, for they will be putting in practice the counsel of Jesus, who bids them seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice, and confide in Him for all the rest.  Others may 25443389have recourse to human and accommodating combinations, fitted to please all parties; they may put forward dubious compromises, which (so their suggesters think) will keep back, for some length of time, the fierce tide of revolution; but those who have God’s Spirit in them will put a very different construction on the admonition given us by the Apostle, to redeem the time the Lord gives us for His good. [That is what I see missing in so many of our Church leaders today – faith, seeking God and His Justice, knowing that if they do so ALL these other things will be taken care of, by God.  Instead, our leaders try to outsmart God, they try to “fix” His Church and His Truth, the better to appeal to a world whose faith and reason have grown so cold.  It will fail, of course, and all they will accomplish is to speed the fall of millions of souls into hell like so many snowflakes. That is the great tragedy of this crisis of Faith]

……..When, therefore, the final tribulations shall commence; when exile shall scatter the faithful, and the sword shall slay them, and the world
download (18)shall approve all that, prostrate, as it will then be, before the beast and his image (Apoc xiii) – let us not forget that we have a leader chosen by God, and proclaimed by the Church; a leader
[he refers to St. Michael] who will marshal us during those final combats, in which the defeat of the Saints (Apoc xiii) will be more glorious than were the triumphs of the Church in the days when she ruled the world. [Think on that – our defeats in the coming time – heck, even today – may be more glorious than the triumphs of the past.]  For what God will then ask of His servants is not success of diplomatical arrangements, nor a victory won by arms, but fidelity to His Truth – that is, to His Word; a fidelity all the more generous and perfect as there will be an almost universal falling off around the little army fighting under the Arcangel’s banner.  Uttered by a single faithful heart, under such circumstances, and uttered with the bravery of faith and the ardor of love, the cry of St. Michael, which heretofore routed the infernal legions, will honor God more than the blasphemies uttered by the millions of degraded followers of the beast will insult Him. [Isn’t that incredible!  Beautiful!]

———End Quote———-

Even if we feel abandoned by men, even if we feel all alone, even if those entrusted with the sacred office of preserving and propagating the Truth Christ has revealed to all for the salvation of their very souls, always know that there is an immense, invincible army at our backs, aiding us in ways we cannot imagine.  With this great Host, we can never fail.  Everything may look incredibly dark and gloomy, but so long as ONE soul persists in the Faith the Church remains.  We may experience great sufferings, but so long as we remain faithful, we know that in the end the final victory shall be ours.  What a glorious, inspiring truth God has given us.

Perhaps consider this post to be a bit of plate for your spiritual armor on this Feast of Our Lady of Victory, or the Most Holy ?Rosary.  May she guide and protect us through all our trials.


1. Barbara Hvilivitzky - October 8, 2015

Boy, thanks for this. Yes, it is a wonderful reminder of two things: 1) we must do our best to combat evil, but the fight is really Our Saviour’s; 2) when we speak of the Church not falling before the onslaughts of the Devil we must remember that it may come down to a very, very small remnant of Faith.

2. Baseballmom - October 8, 2015

Beautiful and encouraging post. Thank you.

3. tg - October 8, 2015

Thanks for the post.

4. Solutio Problematis Omnes - October 8, 2015

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