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Bishop contradicts Christ, spouts heresy at Synod October 8, 2015

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This is getting to be a film at 11 kind of thing.  Panamanian Cardinal (elevated by PF) and primate Jose Luiz Lacunza Maestrojuan decided that Grace is no longer operative, the New Covenant no longer exists, and we have to go back to Moses’ way of dealing with things:

Here is one happening that was NOT mentioned in the Synod Briefings given by the adulterist and homosexualist churchmen. It took place on Monday, October the 5th, 2015 and is reported by an eminent European Prelate, Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki on his blog. 

Cardinal Jose Luiz Lacunza Maestrojuan, the president of the Panamanian Bishops’ Conference, and Rapporteur at the Synod of the Family suggested on October 5, 2015, during his alloted three minute speech, that the Law of Christ be overturned and the Church adapt a position on divorce following Moses. The Cardinal was quoted by Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki (translated by Toronto Catholic Witness) as saying:

“Moses drew near to the people and gave way. Likewise today, the ‘hardness of hearts’ opposes God’s plan. Could Peter not be merciful like Moses”?

There we have it: a priest of Jesus Christ, a bishop, a Prince of the Church openly before his brother bishops, before the whole Church: contradicting Our Lord Jesus Christ! However! A voice of Catholic sanity, from the Greek-Melkite Patriarch of Antioch, His Beatitude Gregory III Laham, responded:

“One should always speak of the “sacrament of matrimony” and not “marriage”.  To show the spiritual beauty of marriage. To assist spouses one must show them the unchangeable, spiritual vision of matrimony. Many times we are not united with the positive vision of marriage and the family. Jesus corrected Moses. Dissoluble marriage is against its nature”.
More to follow. 

Simply put, what we are getting from the Holy See Press Office is propaganda.

The Cardinal’s statement is simply incredible.  Well if we’re going to roll back to Moses’ time, then we should stone those adulterers who have valid first marriages but have shacked up with others, shouldn’t we?  Oh, I get it……..we only go back to Moses’ time when that’s convenient to faithless shepherds desirous to cave to the zeitgeist.  Sorry, all this just makes me sick.

These guys aren’t of the Faith.  I don’t think saying “different religion” begins to cover what we’re seeing here, because not only do they reject the Catholic Faith, but they seek to twist and pervert like latter day Canaanites.  Simply incredible.  We see here literal rejection of the entire concept of Grace and an admission that somehow, Christ just isn’t good enough any more.  Always bear in mind left-wing projection – what they attribute to others, they almost invariably feel themselves.  Thus, we know all we need to know about this soiled Cardinal.

But remember, it’s we trads who are the faithless pharisees.  And Archbishop Lefebvre is a protestant.



1. Baseballmom - October 8, 2015

What next? I am ready to bury my head in the sand, stay in the dark and not follow anything for a year or ten…. But then my kids see stuff on secular news sites and I must be able to respond…. Should have been a cloistered nun….

2. Joseph D'Hippolito - October 9, 2015

Two points:

1. All bishops, as far as I’m concerned, are careerist hacks. They will gravitate toward any Pope’s themes so they can be approved by the powers-that-be in Rome. I’m not just talking about Francis, here. While he was Archbishop of Denver, Charles Chaput not only criticized Supreme Court Justice Scalia as a “cafeteria Catholic” but also equated him to Frances Kissling, founder and president of Catholics For A Free Choice, for having the audacity to question JPII’s arbitrary, revisionist approach toward capital punishment.

2. If this Synod puts forth a final document that’s heretical in any form, it will destroy the notion that the Holy Spirit prevents the Church from teaching error. Also, it will reinforce the idea that Jesus gave Satan permission to destroy the Catholic Church within a century, according to Leo XIII’s vision in the 1880s.

Do some research on these topics if you don’t believe me.

3. Lynne - October 9, 2015

Shouldn’t we be sending emails somewhere, the Vatican, etc.? I suspect they’ll just send them to the bit bucket (i.e. delete them) but they shouldn’t think we don’t know or that we don’t care.

4. Marguerite - October 9, 2015

Satan is having his hay day and we think the Church is finished. Read history my friends. Jesus guides the barque of St. Peter. Even if we have cowards at the oars, Jesus is the one who will guide us through the storm to shore safely. I’m not an optimist generally speaking but I know that nothing on this earth can destroy the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Do you?

Guest - October 9, 2015

I know that the world will end before that happens. I don’t know if the world is not ending. I don’t know the day or hour but will He find faith on the earth when He returns?

Clearly much of the hierarchy has none and they’re spreading their faithlessness to the poorly catechised laity.

5. c matt - October 9, 2015

The picture of His Beatitude Gregory III Laham is awesome! He looks like he’s about to go all St. Nicolas on the Maestro.

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