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Cardinal Napier destroys Fr. Rosica in one tweet October 12, 2015

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I tell you, seeing this tweet is the best thing I’ve seen come out of the Synod thus far.  Cardinal Napier destroys Fr. Rosica/Salt and Light TV’s smug tweet about “meeting people where they are:”


What did Jesus say to the man who sat by the Pool of Siloam after he healed him?  He said “sin no more, lest some worse evil attach itself to you” (Jn v:14).  That angered the man he had healed, who subsequently ratted Christ out to the Pharisees for healing on the Sabbath.

What did Jesus say to the woman caught in adultery?  He said: “Go, and sin no more.” (Jn viii:11).

Certainly Christ forgives us…….if we have repentance.  But if we obstinately remain in our sins, if we are in adulterous second marriages or lead lives completely given over to perversions so grave they were utterly unheard of in polite company just a few short years ago, then He does not forgive. Thus, the entire synodal gambit being conducted by the modernists in charge is built on a foundation of sand.  The revolution proposed by these modernists will only please those they really seek the adulation of – the talking heads, the media, the elite in their soirees at Davos and Sundance.  It’s either they crave the approval of men, or they are willing harbingers of destruction, seeking to destroy the Church of Christ for destruction’s sake, in order to create a church of men more in accord with their own beliefs..

There is simply too much evidence to the contrary, from within the Church and without, to arrive at any other conclusion.  They have forgotten, per Dom Gueranger, that there is a perfect Judge, Whose record of our lives is equally perfect in its completeness, and that we will be judged for each careless word and each wasted moment, let alone causing souls to fall into hell like so many snowflakes, as Our Lady so perfectly prophesied would occur in this dark chapter of the Church’s history.


Pray for the consecration of Russia daily.  It is the only way to a restoration.



1. Baseballmom - October 13, 2015

Yes, absolutely meet people where they are…. One can hardly do anything else…. But then…. LEAD them to where they SHOULD be….

2. Lynne - October 13, 2015

Folks had fun with a #BlockRosciaParty on Twitter the past few days. He’s quite the ecumenist…

From a newspaper article in 1986 (nothing is lost on the Internet),


Tantumblogo - October 13, 2015

Good find. Not surprised at all, the Basilians were one of the orders that most went off the rails before/doing/after VII.

3. Biff Loblaw - October 13, 2015

Napier claiming on Twitter that his tweet had nothing to do with Rosica.

Tantumblogo - October 13, 2015

Well….Salt and Light is Rosica’s baby, and he has made statements regarding meeting sinners where they’re ostensibly at for decades. So….whatever.

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