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More prophesy from Dom Gueranger on our times and, yes, the Synod October 12, 2015

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Another quote from Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year, Vol. 11, from the Twenty Second Sunday after Pentecost.  I believe you could take the below as both descriptive and a prescriptive, as in, a guide for how to respond to the unbelievable events now rocking the Church to her core.  If you’ve been one of those persecuted or blocked by certain media figures speaking for the Synod, this post is for you.  God bless those who are persecuted for bearing witness to the unchanging Truth of Jesus Christ.

The Apostles…….in order to make charity grow in the world, they gave it a rich sowing of Truth.  Every new ray of light they put into their disciples’ hearts was an intensifying of their love; [so what a great lack of love there has been in the failure to teach the Faith these past several decades] and these disciples, having by Baptism become themselves light, were most determined to have nothing to do with the darkness. In those days, to deny the truth was the greatest of crimes; to expose themselves, by a want of vigilance, to infringe on the rights of truth, even in the slightest degree, was the height of imprudence.  When Christianity first shone upon mankind, it found error supreme mistress of the world.  having, then, to deal with a universe that was rooted in death, Christianity adopted no other plan for giving it salvation than that of making the light as bright as could be; its only policy was to proclaim the power which truth alone has of saving this world.  The triumph of the Gospel was the result. It came after three centuries of struggle – a struggle intense and violent on the side of darkness, which declared itself to be supreme, and was resolved to keep so; but a struggle most patient and glorious on the side of the Christians, the torrents of whose blood did but add fresh joy to the brave army, for it became the strongest possible foundation of the united kingdom of love and truth.  [In fact, as soon as the Church had shaken off the shackles of persecution from the State in opposition to the Truth of Jesus Christ, persecution from within became the gravest threat the Church faced.  Heresy after heresy emerged to divorce men from that Truth.  Satan has always known that the Church is a Church of ideals, a Church of beliefs, and that to break her of her supreme efficacy in saving men’s souls, she would have to be divorced from her truth.  Satan tried and failed at this for 2000 years, it is only in the last few decades that the human element of the Church has, by and large, fallen from that sacred Truth]

But now, with the connivance of those whose Baptism made them, too, children of light, and even more, of those whose office should make them the greatest defenders of truth, error has regained its pretended rights.  As a natural consequence, the charity of an immense number has grown cold in proportion; darkness is again thickening over the world, as though it were in the chill of its last agony.  The children of light (Eph v:8), who would live up to their dignity, must behave exactly as did the early Christians.  They must not fear, not be troubled: but, like their forefathers and the Apostles, they must be proud to suffer for Jesus’ sake, and prize the Word of Life as the dearest thing they possess; for they are convinced that, so long as Truth is kept up in the world, so long is there hope for it.  As their only care is, to make their manner of life worthy of the Gospel of Christ (Phil i:27), they go on, with all the simplicity of children of God, faithfully fulfilling the duties of their state of life, in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation, as stars of the firmament shine in the night (Phil ii:15).  ‘The stars shine in the night,’ says St. John Chrysostom, ‘they glitter in the dark; so far from growing dim amidst the gloom that surrounds them,m they seem all the more brilliant. So will it be with thee, if thou art more virtuous amidst the wicked; thy light will shine so much the more clearly.’  “As the stars,” says St. Augustine, “keep on their course in the track marked out for them by God, and grow not tired of sending forth their light in the midst of darkness, neither heed they the calamities which may be happening on earth; so should do those holy ones whose conversation is truly in Heaven; they should pay no more attention to what is said or done against them, than the stars do.

———-End Quote———-

It is the TRUTH that has always been the target. What the innovators refuse to accept, but which was something ALL the Church Fathers and great Saints have known, you cannot separate the Person of Jesus Christ from His Message, from His Truth.  That is the “fire,” the fire of Pentecost, that Christ brought to the earth.  It’s taken 2000 years, but enough men’s hearts have now grown cold that they want to try to rip Christ apart, to rip the Truth that is His essence away from Him.  The most heart-breaking part is that it is the very souls He has given enormous special graces to in his priests and prelates who are most responsible for this attempt to dismember Our Blessed Lord from Himself.  They will not succeed, but they can and have inflicted enormous pain and suffering in His Holy Body, the Church.

“I came to cast a fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!  But I have a baptism to undergo, and what constraint I am under until it is completed.  Do you think I came to bring peace on earth?  I tell you no, but division.  From henceforth there will be in one house divided, three against one and two against three.  They will be divided father against son and son against father………” (Lk xii:49-53b).

So much for the kumbayah “if we only jettison doctrine everyone will love us and flock to our dying Church crowd.”  Christ has always been, fundamentally, irrevocably divisive.  As a number of cardinals have pointed out, we have only to look to the episcopalians and other liberal protestant sects to see how this revolution will work out in practical terms. That is why so many have come to believe that destruction is the very purpose of the revolution against Doctrine – the fact that it will only further the collapse of the Church is so widely known, it seems impossible that its authors cannot see this fact.  Ergo, they must consciously seek that destruction.

But then again, there is none so blind as the ideologue.




1. Jim the Tim - October 13, 2015

Wonder how many of these Modernist Pro Homosexual Cardinals and Bishops would die for the Faith . My God they can’t even profess it what a downward spiral they partake of . Don’t they even know Christs words “anyone who teaches these little ones to sin It Would be Better that a Millstone be Cast Around their Neck and They be thrown into The Deepest Part of the Ocean “. Over and Out .

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