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Italian bishop invites SSPX to offer Mass in diocesan parish October 13, 2015

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I don’t want this to turn into a war of the traddy camps, but I found this report more than just interesting, I wondered if it is just a one off or could it be a harbinger of future developments?

The report is this: an Italian bishop who in the past has exhibited hostility towards the TLM has asked/invited the SSPX to offer Mass in a regular diocesan parish twice this month.  Whether this is temporary or intended to be an ongoing series of Masses is not clear.  There is also speculation that Pope Francis’ recent declaration of faculties – totally without any enabling legislation or juridical structure – for the upcoming Year of Mercy could be the genesis of this sudden change of heart on the part of at least one bishop.

Far too early to cite this as a trend, but something that bears watching:

As auxiliary bishop of  Reggio Emilia-Guastalla (2006-2012)  Msgr. Lorenzo Ghizzoni was a bitter opponent of those faithful who sought to celebrate the Holy Mass in the Immemorial Rite of All Ages.   It was an opposition which undermined the Motu Proprio  Summorum Pontificum.

As Archbishop of Ravenna-Cervia,  Msgr. Ghizzoni is allowing, on the first and second Sundays in October, a priest of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX) to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

The celebration will take place in the parish of Saint Maria del Torrione and follows from the formation of a stable group of  the faithful desiring the Traditional Rite, who’ve asked the Archbishop for it. [In the light of the granting of faculties, which some argue is just the recognition of faculties that already exist, could diocesan bishops facing requests for the TLM but with no priests trained in the immemorial Rite turn to the SSPX, at least during the Year of Mercy.  Of course, that holy year has not yet begun, it starts on Dec. 8]

The celebrant was Father  Enrico Doria of the priory of  “Madonna di Loreto” in Rimini.

The online edition of the paper „Prima Pagina Reggio“ described it: “It seems that Pope Francis’ recognition of the legitimacy of the sacrament of reconciliation given by lefebvrian priests has also quickly led to a new course in the Italian Episcopate.  This, what was unthinkable yesterday, (the opening of parish property to Lefevrians, who had previously been regarded as lepers), are today not only tolerated but welcome.  Those of the faithful community close to Econe will celebrate, but also all other faithful of the Catholic Church, we are convinced, will make use of this.”

You know the story of the prophet Balaam and the donkey from the Book of Numbers, how even though he was enlisted by an enemy of the Jews to pronounce a curse on them, by God’s Will, he could not?  Sometimes God uses very strange means, even those opposed to His Law and His goodness, to testify to the Truth.

Perhaps something to ruminate on regarding this granting of faculties from on high, as it were.


1. Tim - October 13, 2015

“lefebvrian priests”…..what does this term mean? All the priests of the SSPX, FSSP and ICK that I know of are Catholic priests.

Tantumblogo - October 13, 2015

It was from a local Catholic publication of mainstream type. “Lefebvrian” is the common fairly derogatory slang term used to describe the Society and its adherents particularly in the Latin countries.

richardmalcolm1564 - October 14, 2015

In a sense, we could say that not only the SSPX but also the FSSP and IBP and all other Ecclesia Dei groups which originated in the SSPX are “Lefebvrians,” since it was Lefebvre who formed their leaders, and transmitted the priestly formation program that all of them use.

But those who use the term mean it as an insult, of course.

2. Anonymous - October 13, 2015

For reasons that should be obvious neither the bishop nor his diocese can be mentioned here other than to say that it is not in the USA. But your servant has first hand knowledge based upon on-the- site experience and a certain friendship with the bishop in question that this bishop welcomes the SSPX into his diocese as often as they are able to visit and has asked them to establish a chapel there, which a lack of personnel makes difficult for them. He has placed his imprimatur on a catechism published by them in the language of his country. He has ordered his priests to sit through an Ignatian Retreat put on by the SSPX.

This is obviously a very courageous bishop. Are there others like him? Unfortunately Bishop Schneider is an Auxiliary. We are aware of one other. Pray that there are others and that events such as the current synod bring erstwhile courageous bishops out of the woodwork.

3. Cristero - October 13, 2015

Not in the same category, but recently a Monsignor from the Archdiocese of New York resigned the Archdiocese and joined the SSPX.

Tantumblogo - October 13, 2015

Got a link? That would be helpful.

Tim - October 13, 2015

It’s Monsignor Burns. Attended one of his Masses at an SSPX chapel in upstate NY in June.

DM - October 13, 2015
Kanis - October 13, 2015
4. Tim - October 13, 2015

This Bishop obviously missed Mr. Voris’ week long calumnyfest in September.

5. Biff Loblaw - October 13, 2015

I think to celebrate we should all buy boxes of Cracker Jacks and have them exorcised and blessed by the SSPX priest!!

DM - October 13, 2015

I laughed out loud at this Biff. I hope everyone else here got who the joke is referring to.

Tantumblogo - October 13, 2015

It went over my head. I are slow.

DM - October 13, 2015

Cracker Jacks are what a certain anti-SSPX extremist priest calls members of his ‘club’, people who pay money for his online “premium content” and sermons. Cracker Jacks contribute to his “Dollar for my Collar” fundraising. The same priest is associated with Michael Voris and CMTV.

Tantumblogo - October 13, 2015

I so rarely watch him, I did not get it.

Ann Malley - October 14, 2015

….thank you for this one, Biff. Needed a good chuckle.

6. Dave Heath - October 13, 2015

The “God of Surprises” (aka The Holy Ghost) has struck again…3 times now within a year or so. I wonder how long before other Bishops catch on…

7. ATW - October 14, 2015

Priests from the SSPX, FSSP, ICRSS, and diocesan clergy who offer the TLM all attended this recent conference in WV:

8. Allan Wafkowski - October 16, 2015

I wonder if a local bishop can extend faculties within his diocese?

9. rescuedbymary - October 17, 2015

There is no way this could happen if the SSPX was in schism…

A real and tangible vindication of them all, I think…


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