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Rosary Rally/Planned Barrenhood protest report October 13, 2015

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There was a pretty good turnout for the Rosary Rally/Planned Barrenhood protest held outside the PB abortuary in south Dallas Saturday, Oct. 10.  While most of the 60 odd people that turned out were protestant, there was a good Catholic showing, including three nuns and a traditional priest.  He did a minor exorcism on the property and liberal distributed blessed salt and holy water.  The banner attached a lot of strange looks from our protestant friends.  C’est la vie.

We stayed for nearly two hours.  I had a thought to take the banner and my kids to another location because there isn’t much traffic in front of the baby slaughterhouse, but the timing did not work out.  I did take some pics, however.  I’m past due for a new phone, the camera lens is scratched so there’s a bit of haze in all the pics:







Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth


Sister Corona will turn 90 on Nov. 13






1. camper - October 15, 2015

Your childrens’ clothing makes them picturesque, Tantum. Now all you need are boys in brown calf-length leggings and cabbie hats. 🙂

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