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SHAME: Cardinal Dew preaches “new language” on sin, says condemnatory language doesn’t help people October 13, 2015

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Before I get to the meat of this post, it has been confirmed that the following 13 cardinals did indeed intervene, I think it can be fairly said, against the synod’s orientation, direction, and management under Cardinal Baldiserri and even Pope Francis.  The signatories included:

Di Nardo – Houston
Njue – Kenya
Rivera – Mexico
Sgreccia – Italy
Caffara – Bologna
Collins  – Toronto
Dolan – NY
Eijk – Holland
Muller – CDF, Germany
Napier – CDW, S. Africa
Pell – Sydney

But a different Cardinal, Cardinal Dew of New Zealand and a well known modernizer, gave the following disastrously worldly, indifferent comments to Catholic News Service:

“When we have documents, which talk about intrinsically disordered, or being evil, that’s not going to help people. We’ve got to try to find ways to express what the teaching actually says, but not putting it in ways that people feel that they are being branded, or that they are bad or they are evil”

OK, that’s plain modernist indifferentism and obviously points at destroying Doctrine by simply passing over sin in “practice,” but wait till you get a load of this:

Scripture was written for a particular time, Paul was writing about particular issues, so, for people to just pick up something, or even, for Chruch authorities to quote something without putting it in context, is not helpful for people.

These are arguments straight out of New Ways Ministry or the ludicrous “metropolitan community churches” that change 2000 year old beliefs to appease those given over to perversion.

It’s always sex with these guys.  Notice they don’t yammer on about changing doctrine regarding usury or the call on all Catholics to aid those in material need, no…….it’s always the sexual sins that are just too darned difficult to avoid these days.  Talk about want of faith.  These guys act like Grace doesn’t exist.

Let me tell something, Cardinal Dew – I KNOW Grace exists.  I wouldn’t be writing here today were it not for Grace.  I would likely be dead, certainly I’d have a ruined marriage and destroyed my kid’s lives, if it weren’t for Grace. I’ve done all the sins you think people just can’t get over, BUT I DID GET OVER THEM, not because I’m good or special, but because of Grace. I had a lot of people praying for me.  I don’t think it any coincidence that my pious mother-in-law had passed away almost 3  years to the day that I finally stopped using drugs.

I could go on forever.  I am so distraught at seeing lies like this because I know I was converted because I had the Grace of coming across a relatively orthodox priest.  Hundreds of millions are not so fortunate.  Without that, without someone willing to take the risk of making people mad by holding souls to account, so very very many will be lost.  FOREVER!

But the Truth doesn’t play well on CNN or the BBC, so I guess those poor souls who never hear the Truth will just have to suck it up and meet whatever fate is waiting for them.

Shorter post: leftist spouts soul-crushing error, film at 11.



1. Baseballmom - October 13, 2015

Joe Sciambra and all his compadres would echo your knowledge of Grace….

2. Magdalene - October 13, 2015

“Princes of the Church” and even the pope who refuse to uphold the true and permanent teachings of Our Lord and his Holy Church do not help souls go to heaven. Their dissent from truth does help people to stay comfortable in sin (still an offense against God) and to slide further down that broad and wide road that leads to perdition. Also, they will accompany them down that road. We know how anxious they are to accompany sinners…

The pope surrounded himself with heretics and apostates, and maybe some other unsavory types. They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.

3. tg - October 13, 2015

I like your comments about Grace. The same for me. Because of Grace, I had fear of the Lord and hell. If people could just reflect on “eternity”, it could change their lives. Of course, that comes from responding to Grace.

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