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Random dump post: political correctness, “Christian” pro-aborts, a bunch of Flightline Friday stuff October 14, 2015

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I’ve got a bunch of small links I’d like to clean up this afternoon.  I’m running short on time because Mass starts in 1 1/2 hours so I’m just going to run through them.

First of all, I found this pic from CMR stereotypically pathetic:

clergy bless clinic

So they don’t just use their heretical liberal “Christianity” as a mascot, they use a poor innocent little kid.  Being pro-abort and having children takes a truly psychotic level of compartmentalization…….oh yes I love you sweetie, but your older brother who came at an inconvenient time, not so much.

Plus, we see the continual greying of the pro-aborts.  I saw a shot of the fuller group: median age is probably 72.

Pretend clergy for a pretend religion.  Go figure.

BTW, I continue to be shocked by the near total dearth of black church leaders and representation outside the mill in South Dallas.  That is no accident.

OK, next up, a video on the history of political correctness:

It’s very good.  Political correctness is simply cultural marxism, a means of waging war against Western Civilization, literally de-constructing it from the inside out, that has proven immensely successful.  Western culture lies in tatters today largely due to cultural marxism.  And there are very few signs of it slowing down or being reversed in the foreseeable future.

OK, so my son has made his dad very proud by making clear his growing interest in military aviation. And the kid is wicked smart.  He explained to his mom why a video he saw of F-14s playing around half-arsed dogfighting with simulated Japanese Zeros (they were actually slightly modified T-6 Texans) caused the F-14s to have to fly near stall all the time…….60,000 lb fighters with a wing loading around 80 lb/sq ft cannot hang in the air with a Texan putting along at 140 kts.  Especially when they are trying to turn with them. Anyway, that got me looking for other things he might want to watch, so I found a number of very interesting videos on BFM – basic fighter maneuvers.  First, HD in cockpit footage of an F-16 mixing it up in the nightmare scenario – defensive BFM with someone at your six.  Very unpleasant:

A very good description from the video:

What is Defensive BFM? Simply stated, you are in the WORST position a fighter pilot can ever be in. It’s the proverbial “Knife Fight in a phone booth,” where your bandit has somehow obtained a position of advantage at or near your six o’clock and has entered his gun WEZ (weapons engagement zone).

When you think of Defensive BFM, think of very High-G, difficult maneuvers that are executed while straining your neck to watch what the bandit behind you is doing. There’s no magic move, so to avoid getting yourself killed, you’re going to have to work really, really hard.

Something to keep in mind? If you fly perfect Defensive BFM and your bandit happens to fly perfect Offensive BFM, your family is going to be planting flowers next to your name in a garden of stone. That’s a fact. So your objective is to cause problems for your bad guy and force him to make a mistake. If he doesn’t, all you can do is make him work really hard to kill you, try to force an overshoot, regain a position of advantage, and own his ass.

Sounds simple, right?

It’s neck-straining, gut-wrenching, breath-stealing, rivet-popping brutal. So from the comfort of your easy chair, strap into the Viper and ride along with this experienced IP while he tries to teach his student to kill him–and stay alive at the same time.

But since my boy’s favorite plane is the F-14, I was very happy to find this:

So that’s from the early 70s……given that there are still F-8s in the fleet, it has to be before ’76, when the last F-8 fighters were retired.  The recon birds lasted for another decade.  Very informative.  Shows how the F-14s, at least early on, really emphasized the vertical fight.  That would not work so well against an F-16 or, God forbid, an Su-27.

An F-15 pilot (think it’s a D model, two seats) almost gets an F-16 cornered, then has to knock it off due to bingo fuel:

I found this, some glorious footage from probably the early 90s (I judge that by all the paint job on the aircraft, which didn’t come in until about 1990, and the many Phantoms, most of which were gone by the mid-90s), showing French F-8E(P) aircraft at an airshow in England.  These were the last Crusaders flying in squadron service.  The French Aeronavale did not retire them until late 1999.  What a bird!

An F-8 in the right hands could give even F-15s and F-16s a hard time.

Another good video, someone put together some pics with cockpit audio for the combat ejection of an F-8 pilot over Vietnam after he was hit by unspecified ground fire. There are blurry photos of his jet coming apart (they say the main landing gear fell off – now that’s a bad day!). He was subsequently recovered and returned to flight status.  His F-8E Modex 108 of VF-191 flying from CV-31 Bon Homme Richard……not so much:

The papaloters are coming out of the woodwork now! October 14, 2015

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It’s amazing what a change in administration can do.  For 35  years, and especially the period 2005-2013, progressives could not do enough to spadaroundermine, mock, oppose, and generally denigrate the reigning pontificates.  The behavior during the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI was truly without precedent in modern Church history, what with the constant Vatileaks scandals, the 300 page dossier on the sodomitical activity of the priests of the Diocese of Rome, the financial pressure brought to bear on the Vatican, unbelievable amounts of infighting and intrigue…….the vast majority of which will never see the light of day.  Cardinal Daneels admitted that he belonged to a group of cardinals, including Cardinals Martini and Bergoglio(!!) that were dedicated to oppose and upend the Benedictine pontificate.  And that’s only the cardinals…..the number of lesser bishops and clergy who did all they could to mock and deride PBXVI is most likely more than enough to fill Memorial Stadium to overflowing, and then some.

But not so much anymore!  Now, even modernist Jesuits are suddenly papal positivists of the highest rank!  Fr. Anthony Spadaro, SJ, who has emerged as one of the most polarizing (and ideologically fixed) figures of Synod 2015, and who is also leading the privileged group of appointed clergy who are writing the post-synodal exhortation/concluding statement from Pope Francis since before the Synod even began, is now just absolutely convinced that every utterance and whim of Pope Francis is the very breath of God, to be accepted by all without question or amendment.  All you have to do is ask him:

“When you are involved in a process of discernment, you know where you are beginning, but not where you will end up,” Father Spadaro, editor of the Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, told Catholic News Service Oct. 13. In addition, he said, “discernment is not a spiritually abstract process — it involves real people with real life experiences, concerns and even prejudices.” [Uh huh. My stars, do tell me more]

“Discernment can be experienced as destabilizing, which can create worry and fear that pillars of certainty are being shaken,” he said. “But discernment according to the thought of St. Ignatius of Loyola has the Gospel and church tradition as the firm pillars. And Pope Francis, as the guide of this process of discernment, told synod members clearly at the beginning that the pillars of church doctrine on marriage are not up for discussion.” [Yes. Even while very powerful elements at the Synod – it appears with Pope Francis’ connivance/direction – try to create a false dichotomy between Doctrine and practice.  This is a distinction St. Ignatius would not recognize, and might even chill his papal positivism a bit were he to experience it directly.  We must also bear in mind that the vast majority of Jesuits are men who have spent the last several decades using just this process of discernment to destroy their own order and thoroughly detach its practice from the Doctrine of the Faith.  In fact, the Jesuits have probably honed this false dichotomy to the highest art of any grouping claiming affiliation with the Church.  So excuse me if I have some reservations with the self-serving claims of a known progressive “modernizer”]

According to Archbishop Coleridge, two synod members late Oct. 13 mentioned “the smoke of Satan” entering the church; one said it would come with changing pastoral practice and the other said it would come from “an anxious and ideologically driven spirit of partisanship.” [Coleridge is uber liberal.  Interestingly, he claimed in an interview last week the Synod fathers are 2:1 against the radical reforms being pushed.  Dezinformatsiya?]

Father Spadaro said in the process of discernment, “one is not just seeking God’s will, but a discernment of the spirits at work. The ‘spirit of the world’ or the ‘evil one’ has a full arsenal at his disposal, including tactics defined as ‘sub specie boni,’” or things that appear good. “This happens, for example, when one tries to take the pope’s place as the defender of doctrine or when people let themselves imagine orthodoxy is in peril, sowing uncertainty and confusion. This is a classic tactic of the enemy, which is well described by St. Ignatius in his Spiritual Exercises.” [Does this strike you as more than a bit galling?  A modernist turning around and beating faithful Catholics over the head with the legacy of St. Ignatius?  Maybe Clement XIII wasn’t that wrong, after all. I think an interesting discussion could be had on whether the Church would have been better off had the Jesuits never been reinstated.  Perhaps they had served their purpose]

When the Holy Spirit speaks, tensions can rise. But that can be positive because it shows “that the spiritual process is active. It would be bad if there were a dead calm,” Father Spadaro said.

More worrying, he said, is the fact that the letter leaked to the press expresses concerns that could be interpreted as questioning the authority of the pope. [My first interpretation was, BS.  But then…..what is Spadaro saying here, possibly unintentionally?  Given the tenor of the letter, given some of the details which have been concerned…..Sparado is clearly tying papal authority (in the office of Francis) directly in with the revolutionary approaches at the Synod.  Otherwise, how could concerns so mildly expressed be seen as attacking the authority of the Pope?]

“Using the words of Paul VI, the synod is there to ensure the pontiff is not lacking ‘the consolation of the presence’ of bishops, who express their opinion, bringing news and information from various parts of the world,” Father Spadaro said. “Certainly it has no deliberative power unless it is conceded by the pontiff. It is important not to betray the spirit of the synod.”

download (20)This guy comes across as rather cheeky.  He’s covering bases here at the end in case it emerges from the Synod that the bishops are strongly opposed to the radical reforms. We’ve heard from this camp for 2 years what wonders of doctrinal authority a Synod -a tiny subset of the world’s bishops – has.  Goodness, this Synod has been set up as Vatican III plus plus plus. Now all of a sudden, it has none?  It’s true of course – it’s about the only right thing Spadaro said – but why the sudden change in rhetoric, unless he sees potentially in the future a need to set up so-called obedience to the Pope in opposition to the expressed will of the synodal fathers, should that somehow leak out (which, given the press blackout, could probably only emerge after the fact, and even then, only in drips and drabs and without real cohesiveness)?  It’s a huge swing in rhetoric.  300px-Antoniospadaro

And it’s not even the most hypermontane thing he’s said in the past 2 weeks.  Last week he said the Synod would come down to the will of the Pope.  So much for the glories of synodality and collegiality we were showered with last  year, eh?

So now we know, as if we didn’t before: it’s always been about will to power and bringing their radical agenda to fruition.  Misinformation, repression, blocking of differing views, even outright lies…..all that is perfectly acceptable so long as it serves the final end – the irreformable transformation of the Church.

And now, for a much better Anthony Spadaro, RIP:

Spadaro_Victor_Anthony_DOB_1947b (1)

That’s an M50 ONTOS, a very strange bird tank destroyer meant to be air-transportable.  Armament 6 106 mm recoilless rifles.  Meager aluminum armor.  Lance Corporal Spadaro was killed by a VC boobytrap in Quang Nam province, Republic of Vietnam, on July 30, 1967.  He, with five friends from Cardinal Dougherty High School in South Philadelphia had volunteered to join the Marine Corps in July 1965.  They felt they were doing the right thing fighting communism.


Is it time for the faithful bishops at the Synod to walk out? October 14, 2015

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I saw Laurence England the Englishman call for (relatively) orthodox bishops at the Synod to just walk out on the proceedings a few days ago.  It appears someone else liked the idea, because they started an internet petition calling for just that:

Esteemed Synod Fathers,

We thank you for your witness to and defense of the truth of Matrimony and Family proclaimed by the Church, in fidelity to our Lord Jesus Christ. As the Ordinary Synod on the Family continues its work, confusion and scandal spread among the faithful. Catholics are concerned that some members of this body of apostolic successors, under the guidance of the Pope, are seeking to endorse homosexual relationships, effectively question the indissolubility of marriage, and permit the distribution of the Holy Eucharist to the unrepentant….

…….Therefore, we faithfully request that each and every faithful Catholic bishop at the Synod, having made every effort to resist these attacks on Christ’s teaching, if its direction remains unaltered and those faithful voices remain unheard, do his sacred duty and publicly retire from any further participation in the Synod before its conclusion so as to prevent greater scandal and confusion.

Hilary White, rapidly becoming my favorite snarky traddy blogger, agrees:

We are, in effect, calling for a vote of no-confidence. We have no confidence in this “synodal process”. We have no confidence that the pope and his group of hand-picked manifest heretics will suddenly, magically, produce a Catholic rabbit out of the Synod’s hat. Let’s face it, there has been no secret about what these people intended to do from the first day. Since that day. Since the day that the hand picked representative of the pope told the cardinals and the whole world what they intended to do.

She then lists just a few of the lowlights from the Synod thus far, including sudden rules changes, complete lack of transparency into the discussions, emphasizing the most radical interventions while pretending the orthodox ones have never happened, declaring that the Synod will produce no mid-term or even final document at all, and that the entire range of subjects under discussion now rest in the hands of Pope Francis……and those are just a few!  Also, rejecting out of hand the complaints of 13 synodal cardinals……..all of that, in the first week!

What the heck. I signed.  Then again, almost 800,000 signed the TFP petition prior to the Synod and that hasn’t appeared to have much impact………at least yet.

USCCB calls for admitting 100,000 Syrian refugees to US this year…..BUT NOT CHRISTIANS?!? October 14, 2015

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OK……I want to be clear.  The fact that the USCCB is calling for the settling of 100,000 Syrian refugees in the US this year is very clear.  There is a claim that they have said that they do not what Christians being persecuted out of existence included in that refugee resettlement, but I have not found a clear statement from the USCCB or a member bishop to attest to that fact.

Nevertheless, there is a great deal of interest from Robert Spencer below, even if the criticism might be a tad strong even for my taste, and you’ll be interested to see that our own Bishop Kevin Farrell is mentioned, but not very favorably (my emphasis and comments):

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is calling for the U.S. to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees this year alone……

…….Meanwhile, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is, as Ann Corcoran points out below, “NOT advocating to save the persecuted Christians of Syria through this program.” Instead, bishops such as Robert McManus, Kevin Farrell and Jaime Soto and others move actively to silence those who speak about the Muslim persecution of Christians and the Islamic doctrines mandating warfare against and the subjugation of Christians. After years of tolerating open dissent from core Church teachings, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops moves like a Stalinist regime to silence and ostracize those who dare whisper a hint of dissent from their new and ironclad dogma that Islam is a religion of peace. [Soto is a big lib.  McManus has been friendly to the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Still River, or at least cordial.  I don’t know much more about him. Bishop Farrell has been pretty strident in his support for muslim immigration to this country, and has lambasted opposition to that immigration (or, really, most all opposition to mass immigration) at times]

To take just one of many sorry examples of how energetically they move to crush dissent on this point, on August 13, 2015, I was the keynote speaker at the annual convocation of the North American Lutheran Church in Dallas, Texas. I spoke about the global Muslim persecution of Christians. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops sends a representative to the North American Lutheran Church convocation every year. [Because, the idol of ecumenism must be worshiped?] However, this year, when the USCCB found out I was the keynote speaker, they pulled their rep from the Lutheran convocation, lest anyone get the idea that the Catholic Church endorsed a truthful and accurate analysis of the plight of Middle Eastern Christians. No worries, gentlemen: no one will ever mistake you for people who are interested in telling uncomfortable truths. Watch the video of my talk here and consider that this talk was too hot for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops enforces absolute obedience to their spurious and self-defeating new dogma of Islam being peaceful in pursuit of their chimerical “dialogue”: the all-important Muslim-Christian dialogue that hasn’t saved a single Christian from Muslim persecution, or turned one jihadi into a peaceful man, but has abandoned untold numbers of Christians to their fate at the hands of those jihadis, abandoned by those who should have been appealing to the conscience of the global community on their behalf. [Is this unfair?  By and large, I think not.  There has been repeated and thorough apologias for islam from the USCCB and many bishops for many, many years, seeking to downplay muslim atrocities and unspeakable cruelty towards Christians, with only occasional, and far weaker, criticisms of muslims/islam for their ongoing atrocities around the world but especially in the Mideast.]

And now we learn what this craven behavior by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is all about. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops received $79,590,512 in 2014 alone — that’s right, nearly 80 million dollars — from the federal government for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration Fund. And this constitutes 97% of the budget of this corrupt and authoritarian fraternity. [Well now. Yet again, I must deplore the fact that another USCCB bureaucracy is virtually totally funded by the government, and thus we see a very good reason for the behavior of US bishops in this matter.  He who pays the piper calls the tune, which fact has led to the (in my opinion, but I do not think I am alone) severe corruption of most USCCB charitable arms in terms of morals and mission.  This is why CRS cooperates with grave moral evil on a continual basis – because their federal funders demand it.  CRS, Catholic Charities, this migration fund…..all receive over 90% of their annual budgets from US taxpayers via the federal government, which amounts to BILLIONS of dollars per year.  Money corrupts, especially when that money comes from an increasingly amoral and anti-Christian federal government.]

Stories like this should bring down the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, but Catholics are reluctant in the extreme to criticize bishops, no matter what they do, and tend to shun those who dare to speak out anyway. But that attitude is what led to the priest sex scandals. Bishops are neither impeccable nor infallible, and it does no one any good to stay silent when they are doing actual wrong that harms the Church and society as a whole. Catholics seem to have lost sight of that. But acquiescing to evil because a bishop is acquiescing to evil is neither genuine charity nor genuine obedience.

I would surely like to find evidence that the bishops do not desire to relocate Syrian Catholics/Christians to the US.  To me, that is a moral imperative, given that it is US policy over the past 15 years that has led to this genocide against Catholics in the Mideast.  But given what we know of the muslim exodus out of Syria (or wherever, most are not from Syria), that 80% are young men of military age, that many have abandoned families and job to get on the welfare rolls of the Eurozone or the US, and that the vast majority are not even from conflict-affected areas of Syria, and that rather changes the moral calculus regarding this unprecedented migration.  To many, it looks more like a slow motion invasion than a genuine humanitarian crisis.  But that is the kind of thinking that is expressly verboten among the self-anointed elites who arrogate to themselves the privilege of deciding what is acceptable thought or not.

You damnable doubleplusungood-thinkers, you.

Below is the video of the speech Mr. Spencer gave to the Lutheran conference.  I find nothing objectionable, and much that is edifying, in this talk.  Of course, the USCCB probably pulled their rep not for the content of this particular speech but due to Spencer’s many years of pointed (and generally extremely well placed) criticism of islam.  Full disclosure, I have been on the radio with Mr. Spencer and generally accord with his views:

Does the Insrumentum Laboris consider fidelity in marriage a near impossible task? October 14, 2015

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Bai MacFarlane sent out an e-mail release this morning that got me thinking.  Before I begin, I need to make something clear: like so many of the most problematic documents of Vatican II, the Instrumentum Laboris reads like a point – counterpoint, or statement of orthodoxy followed by a radical proposition which completely undermines the original statement.  As an example, on the subject of divorce and remarriage, check out Instrumentum Laboris #59-60 (my emphasis):

59. The blessing and responsibility of a new family, sealed in the Church’s Sacrament of Matrimony, implies a willingness to be promoters and advocates, within the Christian community, of the general calibre of the covenant between man and woman in all areas of society, the procreation of children, the protection of the weakest in society and life in common. This willingness requires a responsibility which should be supported, recognized and appreciated.

<I snip out the strange second paragraph>

60. (24) The Church, a sure teacher and caring mother, recognizes that the only marriage bond for those who are baptized is sacramental and any breach of it is against the will of God. At the same time,  the Church is conscious of the weakness of many of her children who are struggling in their journey of faith. “Consequently, without detracting from the evangelical ideal, they need to accompany with mercy and patience the eventual stages of personal growth as these progressively occur. […] A small step in the midst of great human limitations can be more pleasing to God than a life which outwardly appears in order and passes the day without confronting great difficulties. Everyone needs to be touched by the comfort and attraction of God’s saving love, which is mysteriously at work in each person, above and beyond their faults and failings”(GE, 44).

Let’s parse that just a bit.  What sneering derision there is for the faithful, which this statement seems to assume are secret hypocrites, or at the very least just coasting on in their smug superiority!  Everything from “At the same time” is oriented to refute what came before.  Note the implication here is that divorce and remarriage can be a process of growth.  Since when is abandoning a spouse and committing grievous sin indicative of anything positive?  And of course we get the mercy mercy mercy irrespective of actions and totally discounting personal responsibility.

And that’s just one very small section.  The Instrumentum is rife with this kind of contradictory message.  Indeed, #61 seems to strongly imply that marriage is the ideal, but other forms of relationship (concubinage, serial fornication, etc) are not unworthy of respect/tolerance.  #62 claims that those in these kinds of relationships “do good” in “caring for one another in love” so long as they are “of service to the community in which they live and work.”  But how does one demonstrate “love” for someone that one simply uses for selfish pleasure, knowing full well that person is entirely replaceable and indeed will be replaced at some point?

I could go on at length.  The Instrumentum Laboris – and I say this with due consideration – is a total disaster and an affront to 2000 years of Catholic Faith and practice.  It is redolent of its creators, a narrow cabal of modernists under the direction of the very liberal Archbishop Forte and with significant input from Pope Bergoglio.

OK…….so on to Bai MacFarlane’s e-mail.  Either I was unaware, or had forgotten, that canon law stipulates that Catholics who desire to seek a civil divorce must first obtain the permission of their local ordinary.  This is obviously NOT the practice in the vast majority of dioceses in this country.  In fact, standard practice in Dallas and almost all other dioceses is to demand civil divorce FIRST before any kind of Church involvement really begins.  They want the marriage civilly dead and gone before souls jump on the annulment treadmill.  Some interesting points:

Instrumentum Laboris §59 shows that parties to a marriage have the responsibility of maintaining the common life (that is, living together). When difficulties arise, discerning one’s obligations is not supposed to be done alone, but with the community so that each can assess and repair what was omitted or neglected. The Code of Canon Law §1692 shows that no one may file in the civil forum without first getting the bishop’s permission. Canon 1151 shows that parties are obligated to live together unless a morally legitimate reason excuses them……..

……….In the United States, many normal, decent Catholics have been defendants in no-fault divorce and carry the cross of the unjust separation decree that was forced on them and their children in the civil forum. It is time for the Church to reach out to marital abandoners who force no-fault divorce on their families and to the Catholic divorce lawyers who profited from it.

Catholic canon law forbids anyone from filing for civil divorce without having the bishop’s permission first. The marriage ceremony occurred in public in a Catholic Rite and civil divorce is not supposed to be sought on one’s own authority, without official, documented intervention of the Church.  If dioceses implemented the canon laws, a spouse who is unhappy in his marriage should be pointed to spiritual advisors, counselors, programs, and mediators that have experience helping couples. If there was a situation in which one spouse was gravely abusive or committing adultery, the Church could instruct the family about the parameters of a separation plan that is in accord with divine law. [Instead…..and this is my opinion, but I do not believe I am alone in sharing it……the Church in the US in particular positively encourages family breakup are normalization of divorce by failing to enforce canon law and demanding civil divorce decrees before Church intervention into the marriage occurs.]

Erroneously, a number of diocesan personnel tell unhappy spouses that it is alright to petition for no-fault divorce in the civil forum.[It is SOP in almost every diocese] The civil forum purports to relieve a dissatisfied spouse of his obligation to maintain the common conjugal life, but this obligation is not a merely civil effect of marriage, so it should not be decided by the civil courts.  Divorce courts also purport to have jurisdiction over financial obligations of one party toward the other, but the obligation to help one’s spouse is not a merely civil effect of marriage. This is part of the mutual help that is required of a spouse in the Church’s list of obligations of spouses toward each other. Further, parents have the duty and right to educate and raise their children and it is a violation of natural and divine law to forcibly separate children from a decent mother or father, just because the other parent wants to abandon the marriage.

And yet…….and yet, Francis’ Motu Proprio not only fast-tracks annulments, it enormously widens the circumstances under which a marriage may be judged to be invalid, including, incredibly, “lack of faith,” which, save for Our Lord and Lady, applied to EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS EVER LIVED, AND EVER WILL!

Of course, the Instrumentum Laboris fails to mention Canon 1692.  It is quite likely its authors are ignorant of it, as it is equally likely that the vast majority of bishops are, as well.  Either that, or we have to conclude they simply choose to ignore it entirely.  In fact, I am unaware of a single diocese in this nation that requires episcopal approval before civil divorce. I would be happy to be corrected.

The more I read the Instrumentum, the more depressed I become. It is a travesty of a document. And yet Synod fathers have been repeatedly informed, including by Pope Francis himself, that it is the ONLY basis for discussion at the Synod.  Now tell me how that does not indicate his strong support for and at least tacit acceptance of its many enormous problems?  You have to be willfully blind not to see who is driving this entire synodal process at this point.  And yet some folks talk about the need to fire Fr. Rosica, as if he were the main problem, instead of the one who hired him.

Enjoy that corner you’ve painted yourself into.