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Random dump post: political correctness, “Christian” pro-aborts, a bunch of Flightline Friday stuff October 14, 2015

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I’ve got a bunch of small links I’d like to clean up this afternoon.  I’m running short on time because Mass starts in 1 1/2 hours so I’m just going to run through them.

First of all, I found this pic from CMR stereotypically pathetic:

clergy bless clinic

So they don’t just use their heretical liberal “Christianity” as a mascot, they use a poor innocent little kid.  Being pro-abort and having children takes a truly psychotic level of compartmentalization…….oh yes I love you sweetie, but your older brother who came at an inconvenient time, not so much.

Plus, we see the continual greying of the pro-aborts.  I saw a shot of the fuller group: median age is probably 72.

Pretend clergy for a pretend religion.  Go figure.

BTW, I continue to be shocked by the near total dearth of black church leaders and representation outside the mill in South Dallas.  That is no accident.

OK, next up, a video on the history of political correctness:

It’s very good.  Political correctness is simply cultural marxism, a means of waging war against Western Civilization, literally de-constructing it from the inside out, that has proven immensely successful.  Western culture lies in tatters today largely due to cultural marxism.  And there are very few signs of it slowing down or being reversed in the foreseeable future.

OK, so my son has made his dad very proud by making clear his growing interest in military aviation. And the kid is wicked smart.  He explained to his mom why a video he saw of F-14s playing around half-arsed dogfighting with simulated Japanese Zeros (they were actually slightly modified T-6 Texans) caused the F-14s to have to fly near stall all the time…….60,000 lb fighters with a wing loading around 80 lb/sq ft cannot hang in the air with a Texan putting along at 140 kts.  Especially when they are trying to turn with them. Anyway, that got me looking for other things he might want to watch, so I found a number of very interesting videos on BFM – basic fighter maneuvers.  First, HD in cockpit footage of an F-16 mixing it up in the nightmare scenario – defensive BFM with someone at your six.  Very unpleasant:

A very good description from the video:

What is Defensive BFM? Simply stated, you are in the WORST position a fighter pilot can ever be in. It’s the proverbial “Knife Fight in a phone booth,” where your bandit has somehow obtained a position of advantage at or near your six o’clock and has entered his gun WEZ (weapons engagement zone).

When you think of Defensive BFM, think of very High-G, difficult maneuvers that are executed while straining your neck to watch what the bandit behind you is doing. There’s no magic move, so to avoid getting yourself killed, you’re going to have to work really, really hard.

Something to keep in mind? If you fly perfect Defensive BFM and your bandit happens to fly perfect Offensive BFM, your family is going to be planting flowers next to your name in a garden of stone. That’s a fact. So your objective is to cause problems for your bad guy and force him to make a mistake. If he doesn’t, all you can do is make him work really hard to kill you, try to force an overshoot, regain a position of advantage, and own his ass.

Sounds simple, right?

It’s neck-straining, gut-wrenching, breath-stealing, rivet-popping brutal. So from the comfort of your easy chair, strap into the Viper and ride along with this experienced IP while he tries to teach his student to kill him–and stay alive at the same time.

But since my boy’s favorite plane is the F-14, I was very happy to find this:

So that’s from the early 70s……given that there are still F-8s in the fleet, it has to be before ’76, when the last F-8 fighters were retired.  The recon birds lasted for another decade.  Very informative.  Shows how the F-14s, at least early on, really emphasized the vertical fight.  That would not work so well against an F-16 or, God forbid, an Su-27.

An F-15 pilot (think it’s a D model, two seats) almost gets an F-16 cornered, then has to knock it off due to bingo fuel:

I found this, some glorious footage from probably the early 90s (I judge that by all the paint job on the aircraft, which didn’t come in until about 1990, and the many Phantoms, most of which were gone by the mid-90s), showing French F-8E(P) aircraft at an airshow in England.  These were the last Crusaders flying in squadron service.  The French Aeronavale did not retire them until late 1999.  What a bird!

An F-8 in the right hands could give even F-15s and F-16s a hard time.

Another good video, someone put together some pics with cockpit audio for the combat ejection of an F-8 pilot over Vietnam after he was hit by unspecified ground fire. There are blurry photos of his jet coming apart (they say the main landing gear fell off – now that’s a bad day!). He was subsequently recovered and returned to flight status.  His F-8E Modex 108 of VF-191 flying from CV-31 Bon Homme Richard……not so much:



1. Brian E. Breslin - October 15, 2015

Tantum, not only is your boy a good kid but he has awesomely great taste is his love for the Tomcat. The other day in Virginia Beach, I got to watch some Hornets out of Oceana; cool, but just not as fun from this old Swabby’s point of view as your smart son’s favorite.
Excellent collection of things for your ” dump”. And the Kumbaya picture is a great one for the head in my office.

2. Blaine - October 15, 2015

The tomcat is what got me sucked into this too. I almost got a ride in one on a summer cruise on the JFK, but instead got tagged for the EA-6B squadron. Prowlers were awesome. I did get an F/A-18B ride that summer too. I remember watching the tomcats launch and recover several times a day off the boat, saw a supersonic flyby, and have some fantastic pics of a diamond air wing formation photo shoot over the boat, with me in the starboard most prowler. Super-cool times.

It pains me to say, but please tell your son to reconsider. I can talk to him off-line if you like. Flying military aircraft is AMAZING but the military as a whole is not so much anymore.

3. tg - October 15, 2015

Women dressed as priests look plain silly. I got a chuckle of the one with the skinny pants and the collar. God save our church from women deacons. It’s bad enough with the altar girls.

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