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The papaloters are coming out of the woodwork now! October 14, 2015

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It’s amazing what a change in administration can do.  For 35  years, and especially the period 2005-2013, progressives could not do enough to spadaroundermine, mock, oppose, and generally denigrate the reigning pontificates.  The behavior during the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI was truly without precedent in modern Church history, what with the constant Vatileaks scandals, the 300 page dossier on the sodomitical activity of the priests of the Diocese of Rome, the financial pressure brought to bear on the Vatican, unbelievable amounts of infighting and intrigue…….the vast majority of which will never see the light of day.  Cardinal Daneels admitted that he belonged to a group of cardinals, including Cardinals Martini and Bergoglio(!!) that were dedicated to oppose and upend the Benedictine pontificate.  And that’s only the cardinals…..the number of lesser bishops and clergy who did all they could to mock and deride PBXVI is most likely more than enough to fill Memorial Stadium to overflowing, and then some.

But not so much anymore!  Now, even modernist Jesuits are suddenly papal positivists of the highest rank!  Fr. Anthony Spadaro, SJ, who has emerged as one of the most polarizing (and ideologically fixed) figures of Synod 2015, and who is also leading the privileged group of appointed clergy who are writing the post-synodal exhortation/concluding statement from Pope Francis since before the Synod even began, is now just absolutely convinced that every utterance and whim of Pope Francis is the very breath of God, to be accepted by all without question or amendment.  All you have to do is ask him:

“When you are involved in a process of discernment, you know where you are beginning, but not where you will end up,” Father Spadaro, editor of the Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, told Catholic News Service Oct. 13. In addition, he said, “discernment is not a spiritually abstract process — it involves real people with real life experiences, concerns and even prejudices.” [Uh huh. My stars, do tell me more]

“Discernment can be experienced as destabilizing, which can create worry and fear that pillars of certainty are being shaken,” he said. “But discernment according to the thought of St. Ignatius of Loyola has the Gospel and church tradition as the firm pillars. And Pope Francis, as the guide of this process of discernment, told synod members clearly at the beginning that the pillars of church doctrine on marriage are not up for discussion.” [Yes. Even while very powerful elements at the Synod – it appears with Pope Francis’ connivance/direction – try to create a false dichotomy between Doctrine and practice.  This is a distinction St. Ignatius would not recognize, and might even chill his papal positivism a bit were he to experience it directly.  We must also bear in mind that the vast majority of Jesuits are men who have spent the last several decades using just this process of discernment to destroy their own order and thoroughly detach its practice from the Doctrine of the Faith.  In fact, the Jesuits have probably honed this false dichotomy to the highest art of any grouping claiming affiliation with the Church.  So excuse me if I have some reservations with the self-serving claims of a known progressive “modernizer”]

According to Archbishop Coleridge, two synod members late Oct. 13 mentioned “the smoke of Satan” entering the church; one said it would come with changing pastoral practice and the other said it would come from “an anxious and ideologically driven spirit of partisanship.” [Coleridge is uber liberal.  Interestingly, he claimed in an interview last week the Synod fathers are 2:1 against the radical reforms being pushed.  Dezinformatsiya?]

Father Spadaro said in the process of discernment, “one is not just seeking God’s will, but a discernment of the spirits at work. The ‘spirit of the world’ or the ‘evil one’ has a full arsenal at his disposal, including tactics defined as ‘sub specie boni,’” or things that appear good. “This happens, for example, when one tries to take the pope’s place as the defender of doctrine or when people let themselves imagine orthodoxy is in peril, sowing uncertainty and confusion. This is a classic tactic of the enemy, which is well described by St. Ignatius in his Spiritual Exercises.” [Does this strike you as more than a bit galling?  A modernist turning around and beating faithful Catholics over the head with the legacy of St. Ignatius?  Maybe Clement XIII wasn’t that wrong, after all. I think an interesting discussion could be had on whether the Church would have been better off had the Jesuits never been reinstated.  Perhaps they had served their purpose]

When the Holy Spirit speaks, tensions can rise. But that can be positive because it shows “that the spiritual process is active. It would be bad if there were a dead calm,” Father Spadaro said.

More worrying, he said, is the fact that the letter leaked to the press expresses concerns that could be interpreted as questioning the authority of the pope. [My first interpretation was, BS.  But then…..what is Spadaro saying here, possibly unintentionally?  Given the tenor of the letter, given some of the details which have been concerned…..Sparado is clearly tying papal authority (in the office of Francis) directly in with the revolutionary approaches at the Synod.  Otherwise, how could concerns so mildly expressed be seen as attacking the authority of the Pope?]

“Using the words of Paul VI, the synod is there to ensure the pontiff is not lacking ‘the consolation of the presence’ of bishops, who express their opinion, bringing news and information from various parts of the world,” Father Spadaro said. “Certainly it has no deliberative power unless it is conceded by the pontiff. It is important not to betray the spirit of the synod.”

download (20)This guy comes across as rather cheeky.  He’s covering bases here at the end in case it emerges from the Synod that the bishops are strongly opposed to the radical reforms. We’ve heard from this camp for 2 years what wonders of doctrinal authority a Synod -a tiny subset of the world’s bishops – has.  Goodness, this Synod has been set up as Vatican III plus plus plus. Now all of a sudden, it has none?  It’s true of course – it’s about the only right thing Spadaro said – but why the sudden change in rhetoric, unless he sees potentially in the future a need to set up so-called obedience to the Pope in opposition to the expressed will of the synodal fathers, should that somehow leak out (which, given the press blackout, could probably only emerge after the fact, and even then, only in drips and drabs and without real cohesiveness)?  It’s a huge swing in rhetoric.  300px-Antoniospadaro

And it’s not even the most hypermontane thing he’s said in the past 2 weeks.  Last week he said the Synod would come down to the will of the Pope.  So much for the glories of synodality and collegiality we were showered with last  year, eh?

So now we know, as if we didn’t before: it’s always been about will to power and bringing their radical agenda to fruition.  Misinformation, repression, blocking of differing views, even outright lies…..all that is perfectly acceptable so long as it serves the final end – the irreformable transformation of the Church.

And now, for a much better Anthony Spadaro, RIP:

Spadaro_Victor_Anthony_DOB_1947b (1)

That’s an M50 ONTOS, a very strange bird tank destroyer meant to be air-transportable.  Armament 6 106 mm recoilless rifles.  Meager aluminum armor.  Lance Corporal Spadaro was killed by a VC boobytrap in Quang Nam province, Republic of Vietnam, on July 30, 1967.  He, with five friends from Cardinal Dougherty High School in South Philadelphia had volunteered to join the Marine Corps in July 1965.  They felt they were doing the right thing fighting communism.




1. Joseph D'Hippolito - October 14, 2015

Well, the Apologetics-Industrial Complex (Patheos and Catholic Answers) have been de facto papolaters for years, especially during JPII’s and Benedict’s reigns. Mark Shea and Fr. Dwight Longenecker are the worst, in my opinion.

Let’s realize something else, here. The Catholic Church really doesn’t believe in synodality, collegiality or subsidiarity. It says it does but how have any of the encyclicals of the past 20-25 years reflected those concepts? Far too many people in Catholic leadership focus too much on the academic and the idealistic at the expense of the practical.

The irony is that Christ was a lot more practical than people give Him credit for being.

2. Joseph D'Hippolito - October 14, 2015

Finally, may God bless Lance Corporal Anthony Spadaro and his family, even after 50 years!

3. Frank - October 15, 2015

“Does this strike you as more than a bit galling? A modernist turning around and beating faithful Catholics over the head with the legacy of St. Ignatius?”
Yes, quite a bit galling. But it’s the standard “argument” tactic of the Left: when called out by anyone for anything, immediately go on the offensive and accuse your accusers of whatever they have accused you of doing (or not doing). It’s evident in their reaction to every major issue. Accuse pro-lifers of being against “women’s health”, to avoid the unpleasant fact that abortion is decidedly unhealthy for women, not to mention the murdered child. Accuse climate change skeptics of being “anti-science” when in fact any semblance of real science is viciously smacked down by the Green Gestapo. Etc., etc.

And yes, in retrospect it was clearly a mistake to un-suppress the Jesuits. The Freemasons and the communists never had a better set of allies in their quest to destroy the Church from within.

4. Baseballmom - October 15, 2015

No argument is needed regarding the reinstatement of the Jesuits…. They have been, and continue to be, a disaster for the Church.

5. tg - October 15, 2015

Is there really a Black Pope that’s a Jesuits?

Tantum, I just realized that I haven’t seen a comment from this guy named, Stephen, I think, in a long time. Remember he wrote long, long comments and always defended Pope Francis.

Tantumblogo - October 15, 2015

Yeah, he was asked to leave. There were some problems. He’s firmly in the Voris camp.

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