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Cardinal Burke goes on the offensive against revolutionary Synod October 15, 2015

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LifeSiteNews has released a video interview of Cardinal Burke, which looks like it was done in conjunction with Voice of the Family and recorded in Rome.  He speaks out in particular against the concept floated in particular by the German speaking group at the Synod, that decisions affecting doctrine as practiced could be devolved down to the national episcopal conferences – bodies which, canonically speaking, have very little authority to speak on doctrinal matters (and what authority they do have, would flow “up” from unanimous votes of the bishops constituting the various conferences).

Cardinal Burke, as is his wont, speaks clearly and truthfully.  He describes this idea of doctrinal nationalism as a grave affront to the Church’s unity and something that is “simply contrary” to the Doctrine of the Faith:

So, Cardinal Burke is obviously incensed.  He is pulling no punches.  A few quotes (my emphasis and comments):

I’d also like to comment on this idea of what is “pastoral.”

In much of the discussion which has taken place, beginning with the infamous presentation [thank you!] of Cardinal Walter Kasper in the Extraordinary Consistory on February 20 and 21 of 2014, centered around this idea that somehow doctrine and pastoral practice are in conflict with one another.

This is absurd. The pastoral practice exists to help us to live the truths of the faith, to live the doctrine of the faith in our daily lives. You can’t have a conflict [between these]. You can’t have the Church teaching, for instance, that marriage is indissoluble and then someone claiming at the same time for ‘pastoral’ reasons that a person who is living in an irregular union is able to receive the sacraments, which would mean that marriage isn’t indissoluble. These are just false distinctions — false contrasts — that we really need to clear up because it’s causing an immense confusion among the faithful and, of course, ultimately can lead people into serious error with great harm to their spiritual life and their eternal salvation. [This is a throwing down of the gauntlet.]

Cardinal Burke may not be perfect, he may not be a hero on a par with a Bellarmine or Borromeo……but he is obviously a man who grasps the essential truths of the Faith and who has a basically orthodox sensus fidei.  He is no modernist.  And he seems to be growing in orthodoxy and comprehension of the importance of Tradition as the years go by.


I say to people who are very anxious, because it seems in this time that there is simply a lot of confusion and statements that are really quite stunning about the faith, that we should remain serene. Because, in the Catholic Church, we have teaching authority, which is expressed, for instance, in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and we simply need to study those things more deeply, adhere to them more ardently, and not be led astray by false teaching, from whatever source it comes.

……….. I understand that there are very strong disagreements within the Synod. Given the discussion which has proceeded the Synod — and also, given the Instrumentum Laboris [Synod working document] with the very serious difficulties with that document — I would find it difficult to believe that there wouldn’t be strong disagreement……

Ouch. Cardinal Burke is all but naming the source of all this confusion and chaos. The Instrumentum was declared – by Pope Francis himself – to be the ONLY basis for discussion at the Synod. In fact, after Cardinal Peter Erdo of Hungary, on the Syond’s first day, gave a speech far more orthodox in orientation outlining discussion points, it was Pope Francis who the next day personally intervened and made clear that only the Instrumentum Laboris could be used for discussion. And yet, it is riddled with problematic, even openly erroneous notions.  So Cardinal Burke’s comments here have to be taken as a direct criticism of Pope Francis.  It was, after all, Pope Francis who ordered, oversaw the production of, and approved the Instrumentum – even though in contained many elements rejected by the Synod’s bishops in the Extraordinary session last  year!

We also know that it is Pope Francis who has driven the rise of Cardinal Kasper since his first week in office!  It was at his very first Angelus address that Pope Francis declared Cardinal Kasper’s heretical work “serene” and “theology done on the knees.”  He has promoted it from his first days in office, and constantly since.

Furthermore…….and most importantly…….it is Pope Francis who has most relentlessly pushed the toxic notion that it is possible to separate “doctrine” from practice, or “pastoral application.”  As Cardinal Burke notes above, “these are false distinctions, false contrasts.”  To take an example from criminal law, what Pope Francis is basically proposing is that, even though laws may stipulate a minimum 20 years for a first degree murder conviction, “in practice” they simply be let off scot free, while leaving the law on the books.  Such would obviously be seen as essentially declaring murder to be legal.

What we have with regard to this revolution against the Faith is even worse, for it involves soul-murder, and heaping sacrilege upon sacrilege.

We must pray for these lost men.  Yes, there is hardly anyone less likely to convert than an aged ideologue who has pursued a heterodox agenda for decades, but we must try, nonetheless. It is our sacred duty, and miracles do happen.  May God have mercy on their souls.



1. Blessed Miguel Pro - October 15, 2015

I would never say Burke is not a modernist. There are very few, if any, people who meet that criteria today in the strictest definition of the word. All of us suffer from its effects and the formation we’ve received under its tentacles. I would however say that he is a junior modernist. My best example of this is how many times Burke has talked about wanting to create a hybrid Mass out of the best parts of the TLM and the Novus Ordo. As if this would bring peace to the current liturgical chaos that is the Catholic Church in the 3rd millennium?

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3. TLM - October 16, 2015

Cardinal Burke is ONE OF the most faithful shepherds we have. The ideas that have been ‘floated’ at this sham of a Synod represent a call to destroy the Church of Christ. I think of this debacle as Vat lll on steroids. Pray for the good Cardinal and all of our faithful shepherds that are fighting the good fight boldly and with conviction. We are BLESSED to have them.

4. Tim - October 16, 2015

Mystery Solved!!!! Sin-Odd Fathers Attacked By Invading Magnets!!!


5. richardmalcolm1564 - October 16, 2015

“Cardinal Burke may not be perfect, he may not be a hero on a par with a Bellarmine or Borromeo…”

By 21st century standards, he is.

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