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Francis ally lashes out at 13 Cardinal’s critical letter; Pope Benedict defends Doctrine October 15, 2015

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The plot starts to thicken a bit.  I think anyone who has followed some of Pope Francis’ most devoted allies knew there would be a nasty response to the letter of the 13 cardinals criticizing the management and direction of the Synod for Divorce and Sodomy.  Well, it came earlier today, apparently, as Bishop Semeraro of Albano, who is very close to Pope Francis, lambasted the cardinal’s whose letter was made public, essentially blaming them for its leak, and denouncing their hidebound old stick in the mud Catholic views.  One wonders what such a man would say were Jesus Christ to appear today and reiterate that Doctrine He has made so clear:

Bishop of Albano, Marcello Semeraro, secretary of the  C9-Cardinal Advisors, expressed his disquiet that the complaint letter was published by 13 Cardinals.  I sense a feeling of revulsion about the publishing of the letter,” said the Bishop.  He then corrected himself and spoke for the entire synod. “That is the general opinion.”  [Among the groupies running the show, probably.  Among the rank and file…….I’m dubious]

Bishop Semeraro belongs to a circle of confidants around the Pope. His outburst is difficult to separate from his job in the Synod. He belongs to that group of whom the Cardinals had been directly critical. Semeraro is a member of the ten member editing committee of the  Relatio finalis, whom Pope  Franziskus named publicly on the 2nd of October. [So he was indirectly criticized in the letter.  No wonder he took offense.  Recall that this group was stood up before the Synod even began and works outside and separate from whatever deliberations are going on.  Given its makeup, progressive from head to foot, those 13 cardinals were quite right to be very concerned over what product might come out of the Synod]

The Cardinals had criticized in their letter  that the membership of the committees gave a “decisive majority” to the  partisans of the “new mercy”, as  Vaticanista  Sandro Magister noted. Cardinal  Napier, one of the signatories of the letter said, “We preferred not to see the same kind of person there, who had already caused us pain previously.“ What was meant were the passages on remarried divorced and homosexuality in the middle report and in the final report of the Synod of 2014.

Semeraro’s  provided  evidence that the  Cardinal’s criticism was understood. The bishop chose offense as the best defense and was encouraged [attempted?] to downplay the significance of the critique.  By showing disapproval of form and procedure, he  distracted from the vital content.

To make the complaint letter public had  “not been  proper,” and did not “serve a noble purpose,”  says Semeraro. [This from the party of Vatileaks.] It really looked like a, “disruptive action.” The critic pointed his finger at the Vaticanista  Sandro Magister, without naming him, but he really meant the signer of the complaint letter, no less than  Gerhard Müller, the Prefect of the CDF.  [It was actually the papal camp that leaked it!  Their man Andrea Tornielli was the one who leaked it!] Despite the apodoctic condemnation, the bishop clarified himself in the next sentence. “I don’t understand this letter.”….. [So, he doesn’t undestand it, but he’s against it, anyway.  Gotcha]

……As to the question of Communion for the remarried divorced  Bishop  Semeraro considers it “open,” but “there is really still no  answer yet.”  A onesided party of papal intimates, for which the signers of the complaint letter is not an open question, because the changing of doctrines “is impossible.” [I think this sentence was meant to describe opposition to the revolutionaries. Rough translation]  It is a new question and the life of the Church will not be handled on a theoretical basis.  In the direction of the critics, he said: “Above all it is to be avoided to portray those, who don’t think as I do, heretics.”

Well if the shoe, fits, Bishop!  These are the same kind of men, ecumaniacs all, who believe it just a horrible offense to call Luther or Calvin a heretic. For them, there are no heretics.  There is only endless, pointless discussion, almost always in posh settings with wonderful catering.

OK, so there’s that.  Now, Antonio Socci had this tidbit in a long editorial translated by Rorate, which is very good in itself and worthy to be read. It seems that at last year’s Synod, where Pope Benedict was present, the abdicated pontiff declared that Doctrine must be preserved at all costs:

Last week the American Vatican reporter Edward Pentin [I missed that] revealed the response that Pope Benedict gave (at the last Synod) to a German prelate who asked him what should be done faced with the storm raging in the Church: “Halten Sie sich unbedingt an die Lehre!” (Remain absolutely firm on doctrine!)

It seems the Pope Emeritus doesn’t have a great deal of influence over the pontificate of his homeland. There are a handful of fair German prelates, but the vast majority are thoroughgoing modernists just spoiling for a chance to bask in their riches unhassled by petty little things like Truth and Catholicity.  Just think how well they could get on if they could shuck even the outward appearance of priestly simplicity.  They have billions!  They could live like the Renaissance princes they so desire to be.

Having said that, one wonders if Pope Benedict is playing any role at this Synod?  I know it’s supposed to be one of those things that just isn’t done, I know the media would lose their minds, and I know it would probably resulted in that hated n’ feared division…..but still would there not be some enormous benefit to hear the Pope Emeritus speak out if push comes to shove as we all fear it will in the coming weeks?

Eh, I won’t hold my breath.  That’s the thing about the Church and the world, the modernists/progressives/freemasons get to be as wildly amoral as they like, but we Catholics must obey virtue at all times.  We must trust that God will work all this out so long as we do our part.  In His good time, I know He will.


1. Mrs. Maureen Avila - October 15, 2015

One of the things I do not understand about the letter is that one of the signers was supposedly Cardinal Dolan of NYC, who has been covered well by Voris of Churchmilitant.com, and more closely resembles Pope Francis in his views and video clip actions than he does Cardinal Muller of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.
So was signing the letter, if he actually did so, just another political maneuver on Dolan’s part?

2. Brian E. Breslin - October 16, 2015

With wonderful catering- you are a trip, Tantum. Hey Maureen, happy feastday, sorta.

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