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No one should fear hell more than wicked, heterodox bishops October 15, 2015

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Beato-Colomba-José-Marmion-2That’s the takeaway I had from this wonderful excerpt from Blessed Columba Marmion that “Father Parochus” posted at What’s Up With The Synod.”  There is much for all of us to reflect on, but given the abject failure of episcopal leadership of the past 50-plus years, the crisis that has directly resulted, and the incredibly rigorous standards according to which bishops shall be judged…….no matter how frustrated and disappointed we may be with them at times, we really should pray for our bishops, they face a truly awful accounting (emphasis/emphasis in original):

Much, much greater is the responsibility of a bishop. He is personally responsible for the preaching and teaching of all priests and deacons who give a Sunday homily in his diocese. They cannot speak a word without the authority that the bishop-ordinary gives them. And I am only mentioning one of the many and grave duties of a successor of the Apostles.

Here is a word of Blessed Abbot Marmion, whose feast was about a week ago, that is filled with grace and a warning for us all:

Here is another terrifying aspect of the pains of hell: the lost soul is given over to the power of the demons. The nature of these spirits, which is absolutely simple, has been irrevocably deformed. They are entirely evil; their only occupation is to hate and to injure. Although, here on earth, their power is restricted, Holy Scripture describes them none the less as beings to be feared “like lions seeking whom they may devour” (I Pet 5:8). But, in hell, where the damned, abandoned by God, are given entirely into their power, into this exterior darkness, in hell the devils have free play. They cast themselves upon their prey to plague them without respite, to inflict upon them indescribable evils.

Their implacable fury is concentrated especially on the Christian, for in him they see the image of the Man-God. And if the damned soul be that of a priest, its torments will be augmented beyond all description.

In the priest, Satan sees one who formerly, in the name of Jesus Christ, had the mission of thwarting his reign among men. Formerly he was obliged to respect him on account of the priestly character imprinted on his soul. Now that the priest is fallen. rejected by God and deprived of all his power. the devil makes him his plaything.

The mere thought of being thus abandoned without any protection and for all eternity to the rage of the devil is sufficient to chill us with fear. From the bottom of my heart I appeal to you in the name of Jesus Christ: Vigilate: Be vigilant!

And if a bishop were silent before the promotion of a sin that “cries out to heaven for vengeance”? Or, if here coddling it and defending it?

The more I learn about hell, the more implacably certain I am that I absolutely do not want to wind up there.  One would think that, knowing the x-marm-1888terrible reality of hell, I would be holier than I am.  I always love your prayers.  Thank you.

Speaking of rank failures of duty by bishops, another post at WUWTS by Hilary White lists the manifest failures of uber-liberal Irish Archbishop Diarmind Martin, including a recent statement by him that “abstract doctrine” was just too darned complex for modern minds to comprehend.  Hilary notes the irony of a situation the bishops are directly responsible for (a few noted exceptions aside) – having failed to teach doctrine for 50+ years, they now claim it beyond people’s capacity to comprehend what they haven’t bothered to teach:

The refrain is getting tiresome from these loathsome men. They spent 50 years refusing to teach the doctrine that they so obviously reject and hated, and then, when no one believes any more because of their willful and culpable neglect, they sit back with a barely suppressed grin and say, “Well, we just need to dump it, because sophisticated contemporary people don’t believe it any more.”

Lord, we could desperately use a new Chrysostom, Augustine, Damascene, or Vincent right now!!  I know we I have been been sinful, I know we I have been cold, but have mercy on your Church and send her great Saints to save souls and restore some sanity in the world, and Your Church.




1. Baseballmom - October 15, 2015

Amen. Fear of hell is a great motivator to “go and sin no more!” Yet these prelates tell us that to speak of such an eternal destiny is “unmerciful” – hogwash!

2. Guest - October 16, 2015

Question, since you read traditional catechisms: is a sin committed out of passion, rather than malice, a mortal sin? I thought that consent was a needed condition to make a sin mortal. My regular confessor says that I should confess once a month, and seems to consider my sin a venial sin. But then again, he accepts Vatican II, so I don’t know who to trust anymore.

3. c matt - October 16, 2015

I think I agree with Dairy Maid Martin. Abstract doctrine is too hard – just look at the ridiculously abstract doctrine vomited all throughout the Vatican II documents, and compare that to the simple straightforward clarity of the Baltimore Catechism.

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