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With the Synod, a Line Must Be Drawn October 15, 2015

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A priest from the Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul gave a very good sermon on the Synod this past Sunday.  The Remnant has uploaded that sermon for the edification of the many souls confused and scandalized by the ongoing reports from the Synod, where, it appears more and more likely, a heterodox minority is attempting to run roughshod over a (relatively) orthodox majority, using procedural schemes, manipulation of the media, and the support of those in highest authority to drive the Synod to a certain, predetermined conclusion.

I am very glad to see this video.  No matter how solid one is with their faith and grounding in Scripture and Tradition, seeing the myriad scandalous reports emanating from the Synod is surely disconcerting, to say the least.  It is incredibly consoling to know that we are not crazed extremists, turning against the Holy Ghost working through an unprecedented Pope, but that we are in fact right to be scandalized and concerned and all the rest.  Having a priest recognize our concerns as justified is so very welcome and needed right now.

I cannot emphasize how important I think this is.  I understand that many priests do not want to be seen as somehow standing in opposition to the Pope, but for Heaven’s sake this is the biggest issue of the day in the Church by far, and silence is simply not acceptable on these unbelievably important matters!  At this point, we’re more than halfway in, and the direction of at least those placed in positions of authority at the Synod is more than clear.  It is clear that Baldiserri, Forte, Rosica, Spadaro, and others desire a revolution in practice AND doctrine which they believe will irrevocably alter the Church into something she has never been, and in truth cannot be.

The time for silence is past.  Souls desperately need the edification and consolation of their priests to make clear that it is possible that the Synod could – and very probably will – cross a line that faithful souls cannot accept, and they need to know that resistance to any diktats contrary to the belief and practice of the Faith is not only acceptable, but a moral imperative.  We should be hearing the voices of priests attached to the Traditional Mass in particular rising up in righteous indignation and furious anger at the revolutionary ideals being pursued in Rome.  To my mind, this is a good priest’s minimum duty to the souls in his charge.  To do otherwise is to leave their flocks helpless and prone to despair in the face of the utterly unacceptable.

May God bless this brave priest.  May we have many more like him, and may the silence many are experiencing from their shepherds on this matter of paramount importance cease forthwith.



1. Branch - October 15, 2015

Wow! I agree with you. This is powerful and important. And I’m glad he didn’t stop short of mentioning the Pope. Thank you for sharing this. Consoling. The Truth consoles. Amen.

2. Tim - October 15, 2015
3. RC - October 15, 2015

Wasn’t it Sister Lucia who told Cardinal Caffara that the final battle between Christ and the reign of Satan would be over marriage and the family? Only an ostrich with their head in the sand would not be able to see that that is what’s going on right now at the SINod. When even the highest levels of the Church, up to and including the pope are questioning the very words of Christ, what else could be the explanation?

4. Peter - October 16, 2015

I am comforted to know at least one priest will shepherd his flock in the light of truth. How about here in Dallas … do we have such shepherds and where do we find them? I need to know where to take shelter when the storm comes, a storm that will rage far past my lifetime.

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