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More disastrous statements from another disastrous Jesuit bishop October 19, 2015

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These guys are really coming out of the woodwork, aren’t they?

So my local diocesan newspaper – generally unremarkable for its somewhat liberal bias – ran a front page article on the Synod of Bishops.  That article featured quotes from Bishop George V. Murry, SJ, of Youngstown, OH, and Archbishop Martin of Dublin, Ireland.  The viewpoint presented is very biased.  It fails to mention in any detail the enormous division in the Synod nor the rapidly growing reaction to its more liberal promoters.  I can only describe this piece as promoting a radical change in Church practice and Doctrine.

See what you think. The entire article was ripped right off the web (I, however, only copy portions of it):

Just like a family, the Catholic Church should challenge members to grow and behave better, but also like a family, it should not exclude those who still have some growing to do, said Bishop George V. Murry of Youngstown, Ohio…….. [So, then, unrepentant murderers, rapists, robbers, and, God forbid, grasping capitalists and polluters are now all welcome to receive the Blessed Sacrament?  Why condemn Mafioso when “all are welcome?”  Or is it only portions of the sacred progressive coalition, advocating the kind of sexual license progressives practice/prefer, that are welcome?”]

…….The Youngstown bishop told the assembly that while there are many “effective, traditional families” among Catholics in the United States, there are also single-parent families, divorced couples, blended families, families separated by migration and many others. [Almost all of which have one thing in common: they are all the result of personal acts of the will.  Women don’t just walk down the street and are somehow afflicted with single parenthood like a cold.  It results from deliberate acts of the will.  Yes there are many women unfairly abandoned by men, just as there are many men unfairly abandoned by women.  That doesn’t mean we should gravely undermine marriage and the family by politicizing the Blessed Sacrament and using it as a reward for bad behavior.]

“Many of these adults and children feel left out of pastoral care,” Bishop Murry said. [HOW MANY HAVE EVEN TRIED TO GO TO MASS OR CONFESSION IN DECADES?!? WHERE ARE THESE POOR, FRUSTRATED SOULS?  How many have had even a modicum of involvement in the Church in years?  Does the experience of the protestants indicate that mass liberalization will attract souls, or turn them off?]

“One universal and distinguishing feature of all families is that family members, regardless of how errant they become, are not rejected from the family,” the bishop said. “For them, the light is always on; the door is always open. Good families use ‘tough love’ among themselves to challenge each other to grow, but they never exclude.” [I can think of over a dozen examples of how false this is just off the top of my head.  This is not even remotely serious discussion, this is emotional pablum for the uninvolved and uninformed.  IOW, par for the course with the intellectually denuded Jesuits of Loissy and de Chardin]

The Catholic Church, he said, must continue to advocate for traditional families and explain the Scriptures that present them as God’s plan for human beings.

At the same time [obliterating what came before] Bishop Murry said, “we also intentionally should reach out to those families that do not fit into traditional categories. We must help them to see the benefits of following Jesus Christ. That requires that we welcome them, be open to listen to their needs, walk with them and be courageous in inviting them into the fullness of the truth of the Gospel.” [This is exactly the same failed program of the past 50 years, only this time, they intend to destroy the Doctrine formally, rather than simply ignore it]

Many of them, he said, will disagree with the church’s teaching on morality, but Catholics cannot be faithful to the Gospel while allowing “these new families to continue to be alienated from the church.” 

WHAT?!?  WHAT?!?  Catholics cannot be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ without allowing that Gospel to be reduced to a mockery, a laughing stock, a complete sham?!?   What kind of manipulative junior high girl talk is this? What about: “Be holy, because I am holy” (I Pet i:16)?   What about “Be ye perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect?” (Mt v:48)  We continue to see the Faith stood on its head, and it’s replacement, a worldly bizarro-world version of the Faith advocated in its stead.

That’s about all that was in the print article in my local paper.  But the CNS article went on and included these even more troubling quotes:

Like Bishop Murry, Maltese Bishop Mario Grech of Gozo told the synod Oct. 10 that some families feel “discouraged in the church because they sense that some of us give more importance to principles than to the person in his or her concrete situation.”……. [“Concrete situation” has become a euphemism for “Do whatever you want”]

…….Bishop Grech pointed to the Orthodox churches’ [completely novel, Biblically contradicted] principle of “oikonomia,” meaning economy or dispensation, which is at the basis of their permitting, in some cases, a second church marriage. The Orthodox recognize marriage as indissoluble and see the breakdown of a marriage as a result of sin, but through “oikonomia” they give people a second chance, although the liturgy for a second marriage is different and includes penitential prayers. [So now the schismatic Orthodox are our betters?  This “second marriage” directly contradicts Scripture and is a strong indication of the kind of error that occurs when one is divorced from the See of Peter. Or it used to be such an indication.  This is only being cited because it supports this Grech’s liberalism, I doubt he would want to emulate Orthodox Advent or Lenten fasts, for instance]

The Orthodox principle, Bishop Grech said, is similar to a Catholic insistence on a relationship between “justice — understood as observance of the law — and pastoral mercy. These are not two aspects in opposition, but two dimensions of one reality.”

If theology and church practice are reduced to a “‘closed system’ theology becomes an ideology” and is no longer Christian, he said. [SAYS WHO?!? ON WHAT BASIS?  DEFEND THAT PROPOSITION FROM SCRIPTURE AND TRADITION?!?  Please include quotes from Saints and Church Fathers?  This is just a made up tagline, it’s just leftist will to power speaking.] “We must be careful that knowledge of Jesus is not transformed into an ideological and also regulatory knowledge and that we close the doors with many rules.”

So when I teach the Faith to my children I “close the doors with many rules?”  This kind of frankly stupid, broad, sweeping judgment could be used to promote anything.  It is also verbatim from any of dozens of modernist/leftist texts from the past 100 years.

It appears my diocesan newspaper supports only the most heterodox elements at the Synod. There was absolutely no orthodox rebuttal nor mention of the titanic struggle ongoing.

Am I to understand that this, then, is the position of Bishop Farrell on the Synod?


1. Joseph D'Hippolito - October 19, 2015

As I’ve said before, these bishops are concerned with their careers and their contacts in the non-Catholic world, nothing else. I want to add one other thing: These bishops have not been “formed” in the fundamentals of the faith. I would love to know how much they studied Scripture or Church history in the seminary. This has nothing to do with being “progressive” or “orthodox.” Absp. Chaput embarrassed himself several years ago when he called Supreme Court Justice Scalia a “cafeteria Catholic” on the level of Frances Kissling (president of the pro-abortion Catholics For A Free Choice) for daring to question JPII’s arbitrary revisionism on capital punishment. At the time, I thought Chaput either was pathetically ignorant or cynically promoting himself to Rome (JPII was still Pope at the time). In either case, I lost any respect I had for him.

2. Astrid Terrazas - October 19, 2015

No da miedo prro tiene musica medio fea. I probably wouldnt reccomend it for children.. You see it first

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3. Margaret Costello - October 20, 2015

I love how all the rejection and blame is always on the faithful and good people while the ones who destroy, commit evil and are narcissistic jerks are doused with sympathy, mercy and compassion. The family member who is an unrepentant sinner rejects US…rejects Our Lord…rejects goodness, truth and beauty for their own evil and selfish ends. If someone is a properly evangelized, catechized and sacramentalized Catholic, Scripture and Tradition tell us to separate ourselves from them for our good and theirs. A wake up call to the possible eternal rejection that is coming their way if they don’t repent. It is the sinner who rejects…not us. We just ratify their decision.

What do they think happens when God rejects unrepentant sinners and throws them into hell for all eternity. Again, it is the SINNER who does the REJECTING. They just want their cake, want to eat it, and drag all of us to hell with them. Sorry, but that is not love. Eternal family trumps blood.

God bless~

Estella Careaga LeBlanc - October 20, 2015

Great comment, Margaret! And I completely agree. Thank you. Repentance and an amended life are key, as our Lord said, “Go and sin no more”.

Woody - October 20, 2015

Yes, misery loves company!

Tim - October 20, 2015

One of the best and straightforward comments I’ve seen. Thank you!

4. Marguerite - October 20, 2015

Thank you Tantumblogo for defending the Faith in truth. I wish I were as articulate and courageous.

5. RC - October 20, 2015

You’re right Tantum, these guys are coming out of the (worm)woodwork and have been for the last 2 years, thought it has sped up as of late.

At the same time there have been some excellent rebukes against them. Most notable for me has been Cardinal Müller, I remember a lot of ppl, including myself, aghast at his appointment to the CDF and he has come out in my opinion as an excellent defender of orthodoxy in a sea of heretics.
My hope, and I could be very optimistic here, is that this is the Holy Spirit is working and bringing all these evil prelates into the light so that they can be struck down. I often think to myself that Cardinal Burke or Sarah have a little notepad with all these prelates names on them so that they can be excommunicated if one of these two guys are elected to the papacy, overly optimistic? Probably, but it’s how I’m keeping sane, cause as we all know, the Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways, wasn’t Arius struck down in a most unpleasant way?

We will find out come this wknd what exactly is going to happen, I think there will be more serious talk put into question about the legitimacy of th Bergiglio papacy and how he was elected, yet another think that has come out of the woodwork, is the timing coincidental?

6. Jim the Tim - October 20, 2015

Francis is always on about helping the poor ,well he’s certainly creating plenty of poor in Spirit . Just a we thought wonder how much his little getogether with all those Protestants cost.

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