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The miracle that made Louis and Zelie Martin saints October 20, 2015

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I have a deep devotion to the Martin family.  Who doesn’t love little Therese?  Well, actually, I’ve seen some really extreme types who reject all Councils back to Florence say she was a heretic, but discounting them.  I have a particular admiration for the parents, now Saints Louis and Zelie Martin.  I need to re-read this excellent biography of their family.

I am gratified that these two Saints, such great exemplars of Catholic parentage and guiding souls to heroic virtue and aiding them in the path to exalted holiness, were canonized according to standard procedure, with a second miracle attributed to their intercession verified.  We have seen recent canonizations where the process was so modified for political purposes that it has cast a shade of doubt in some minds over their validity.  Of course, the circumstances of this canonization, in the midst of this ostensible Synod on the Family were also quite political, but popes have used canonizations to make political statements for centuries.  What is consoling is that it appears the process was adhered to.

Regarding the second miracle that made Louis and Zelie Martin saints, this website is a gold mine of data on the two Saints and that miraculous intercession.  There is even a very good video in English on that miracle, seen below:

I’m happy to present, for the first time in English, “Miracle of Life in Valencia,” the video (15:35) of the healing of little Carmen Perez Pons of Valencia, Spain, which was accepted as the miracle for the canonization of Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin.  This documentary was filmed on location in Valencia.  It shows little Carmen and her family and the hospitals where she was treated as a newborn.  Interviews with the Discalced Carmelite nuns of Serra tell the story of how Carmen’s father, Santos, came to their monastery seeking prayers for his desperately sick baby daughter and of the sudden healing that followed.  The documentary includes film footage from the opening in January 2013 and the closing in May 2013 of the diocesan tribunal that evaluated the miracle and submitted it to Rome.  Carmen and her family attended both sessions.  This documentary was completed while the Congregation for the Causes of Saints examined the miracle.  For the rest of the story, read “Pope Francis today approved the decree recognizing the miracle for the healing of Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin – March 8, 2015: new details about the healing of little Carmen,” a communique from the Shrine at Alencon.

I thank the producers, AVAN (Servicio Audiovisual Diocesana of the Diocese of Valencia) for permission to translate the documentary into English.  My special thanks to Teodolinda Garcia of Panama, whose devoted work as a translator has permitted me to report on this healing since it was announced in 2012. Teo worked with me to produce an English transcript of this documentary, and I had the joy of creating the English audio you will hear.  On the eve of the announcement of the canonization of Louis and Zelie Martin, may the story of this real-life family’s faith bring hope to many others.

Saints Louis and Zelie Martin, parents of so many holy souls including a great Doctor of the Church, pray for the Synod Fathers and Pope Francis that they may not weaken Church belief and practice on the family and the sanctity of marriage in any way, but may instead greatly strengthen and boldly proclaim that sacred Doctrine in such a convincing way that millions of souls are edified and huge numbers abandon their sinful way of life and return to the bosom of Holy Mother Church!  Please pray for all of us parents that we may emulate your heroic virtue and dedication to live at all times and in all circumstances in union with the will of Jesus Christ for us.



1. Baseballmom - October 20, 2015

Have been seeking their intercession for years, this was blessed news indeed. They fully understood the Faith, and the purpose of marriage. Role models for all of us.

2. tg - October 20, 2015

Thanks for this post. I’ve been asking for their intercession too along with their daughter. These are two saints I don’t have a problem with. Same with Father Serra. With all the scandals going on, I didn’t read much about him. I don’t know what miracle happened thru his intercession.

Tantumblogo - October 20, 2015

How about making California Catholic! That was quite a miracle!

I don’t have any problem with the Serra canonization nor with 3 of the 4 done yesterday. One of them was mighty quick, the nun died in 1998, but that’s how they do things nowadays.

Amos - October 20, 2015

Which nun???

I am not really sure I can trust any canonizations or beatifications anymore. Not that they don’t carry authority or anything like that. This isn’t a post to stir up trouble, it’s just that with some of the recent sainthood processes going on, or have been completed, I simply can’t trust anything.

Every time this happens I don’t know what to think, I just ignore it all and stick to traditional Saints. If the Martins are traditional Saints then that is fine by me, but what is this nun you speak of?

3. H-town - October 20, 2015

Who doesn’t love little Therese? Well, I never really understood why her book was such big deal, especially enough to make her a Doctor of the Church. Seriously a Doctor? Anyway, it just didn’t appeal to me. But God bless her parents for raising up a saint.

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