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Horrific anti-Catholic Amnesty International ad in favor of Irish abortion October 22, 2015

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The anti-Catholic hatred is ramping up worldwide.  Even in formerly Catholic Ireland, Amnesty International now feels sufficiently emboldened to release this hideous diatribe against not just the Church’s stance on abortion, but against pretty much everything the Church stands for:

Pure anti-Catholic bigotry. Note that the ad goes far beyond merely advocating for abortion legalization, it equates the Catholic Church with backwardness, repression, even evil. It is a satanic inversion of reality, and clearly demonstrates the anti-Christian animus behind so much progressive agitation.  What an incredible indictment of the fall of Catholicism in Ireland, that Amnesty International thinks this kind of advertisement will get them the kind of response they want.

What a nasty creature Liam Neeson is.  I’ve never liked the Narnia movies, I’m ready to trash them all.

This is a giant F U to the Church and all who recognize the sanctity of life. This is beyond mere opposition towards Christianity, this is out and out hate-filled prejudice.

And no, it’s not a “choice,” or a “fetus,” or a “blob of cells” (do I feel that “blob of cells moving and kicking in my wife’s belly at 20 weeks?), it’s a child, worthy of all the rights and dignities accorded to those who make it out of the womb. Already pro-aborts are arguing for infanticide and child murder after birth, up to some arbitrary age, because why not? The logic is the same. If an infant in the womb is worthy of killing because it’s inconvenient, then why not a 6 month old, or five year old? Leading pro-aborts like Peter Singer are arguing for this now, because they recognize the distinction between killing a child in the womb or out is totally arbitrary. So now they advocate even more brazen child-killing.

Of course, so long as we arrogate to ourselves the false right to murder the inconvenient or unproductive, pro-aborts may be hoisted on their own petard when they become aged and infirm. “Involuntary euthanasia, ” heretofore called murder, is commonplace in the Low Countries and spreading across Europe. Many abortion supporters may come to bitterly regret their helping establish such a mechanistic, utilitarian view of human beings in our increasingly barbaric society.  God allows our own sins to be our punishments, and there may be a good number of pro-aborts who later in life fall victim to their own ideology.

At least until the Muslims declare European liberalism an offense to allah and tear it all down. Enjoy your burqa.

I have a few Irish readers, is this effort to repeal the constitutional ban on abortion expected to be approved?



1. Observer - October 22, 2015

I’m surprised bonehead Bono didn’t appear in the offensive ad, he can usually be relied upon to support liberal nonsense. Ireland and its people are under the control of the media bosses. So long as the majority avidly read newspapers and watch television there appears little we can do to brake the hypnotic trance.

Tantumblogo - October 22, 2015

Is he pro-abort? I thought not?

Observer - October 22, 2015

No, he isn’t pro-abort, but he always keeps popping up dispensing his ‘wisdom’ on a variety of issues dear to the hearts of assorted liberals.
I probably let my dislike of him influence my comment.

camper - October 24, 2015

One good thing about Bono that is conservative: he has pointed out that Africa and other poor places need to make their economies competitive so that they can feed and take care of themselves.

2. Tim - October 22, 2015

Once Ireland and Europe are conquered…..get ready…the USA/Canada are next.

Tantumblogo - October 22, 2015

Eh, he’s been far from my favorite since 1991 anyways. He’s become a caricature of his younger self.

Plus, really, rock artists, please hang it up once you hit 40 or so. All That You Can’t Leave Behind was a great swansong to go out on, but no, you just had to try to stay in the limelight. You may get even filthier rich, but you look darn silly doing it.

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