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Persecution? Nah. We just can’t let children be exposed to your hateful ideology October 26, 2015

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So said the great? State of Kentucky to Christian chaplains who have counseled juvenile prisoners for years:

A number of chaplains and other religious volunteers received letters from the State of Kentucky dismissing them from work inside prisons and detention facilities because the volunteers refuse to stop calling homosexuality a sin.

Chaplain David Wells is no longer allowed to work with underage inmates at Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center over the issue. Wells, an ordained minister, has been a volunteer chaplain at the center for 13 years. Wells said his ministry ended when he was told to sign a state document vowing he would never tell inmates that homosexuality is a sin. [Of course, readers know how prison is.  They are rife with sodomy.  Thus, this is a very pertinent topic.  But apparently, while 13 year olds being brutalized by near-adults is just fine, preaching that hate-filled Christianity will not be allowed.  I hope people are figuring out leftism is about hatred of Christianity first and foremost. This sodomite focus is just the best weapon they’ve found yet]

…….The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice stated in termination letters sent to Wells, other volunteers in his church, and those in a Baptist church in the community that they cannot comply with state requirements for treatment of gay and lesbian youth due to their religious convictions.

Specifically, DJJ Policy 912 states that volunteers “shall not refer to juveniles by using derogatory language in a manner that conveys bias towards or hatred of the LGBTQI community. DJJ staff, volunteers, interns and contractors shall not imply or tell LGBTQI juveniles that they are abnormal, deviant, sinful or that they can or should change their sexual orientation or gender identity.” [Now how on earth have we gone from “you can <fake> marry, to THOU SHALT NOT BREATHE A NEGATIVE WORD?!? Because crushing Christianity has always been the end goal]

Wells was told that would mean they couldn’t preach that homosexuality was a sin. Neither could they read Bible verses regarding homosexuality. The minister said he has never used hateful comments when faced with a troubled youth.

“They are defining hateful or derogatory as meaning what the Bible says about homosexuality,” Wells said. [Leading sodomite activists have said, only one will remain: Christianity, or their perversion]

You think they’re going to let us keep our kids out of their indoctrination centers schools when we’re filling their heads with such hate?  Yeah……not for long.  New UN guidelines may make homeschooling impossible.  I pray every day we’ll be able to homeschool our soon to be baby through 18 years or whatever.  I’m far from sure we’ll be able to.

How long will our girdle-wearing pedicure-getting pansexual Church leaders resist a culture this hostile?  Yeah…….exactly.

Too much of a downer today?  Well, I’m out, another problem with the 4-ton monster is a bunch of busted welds in the dual exhaust.  Some overexuberant offroading led to that. I gots to get, have a good day, pray tomorrow is as good or better than today, God bless you all.

Here you go, make you feel better over the Church and world:

Really I’m much more like Disposable Heroes but I’m sure you’d disapprove.





1. Baseballmom - October 27, 2015

My grandkids are homeschooled too…. They have 12 years left… I doubt they will be able to finish those 12 years free from state intervention.

2. Steven Cass - October 27, 2015

Hey! Weren’t you the one lecturing us on anti-Catholic books? Now you post a link to Metallica? What gives?!? …

…I understand. Just the other day I was in a garage that had a rock station on, and “Fade to Black” started playing on the radio. I think I sighed, in remembrance. I know my friend laughed at me, because I started doing the air guitar thing- duh duh DUH-duh- duh duh duh-DUH-duh- duh duh DUH-duh -nn- nn-NN nn-nn-NN-

I’m sure that’s explicable only to me.

Anyways. The post… I work at a state hospital in South Dakota. Specifically I work with adolescents, but we have a large adult population. Adults are the mentally ill- schizophrenics and such- but the kids are generally ones that come from terrible home situations. I have long suspected that though I love the job, and have been told by several supervisors throughout the hospital that I am very, very good what I do (not bragging, just saying because…), that I will have to quit because the state will require us to sign something giving our assent to, or saying we will never speak against, sodomy and sodomite “marriage”. South Dakota immediately capitulated in the wake of “Obergefell” so I believe that day is coming. As it is right now, the kids usually have a lot of abuse/drug use/grief and loss that we have the kids do treatment work on, and we don’t allow any relationships between patients, so sexuality rarely is dealt with. At least, not in the years I’ve been here.

Oh well, I guess. I can turn a wrench pretty well, though that’s something I prefer to do on my free time, not for my work.

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