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So in the most critical period of the Catholic blogging year…… October 26, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in abdication of duty, Admin, disaster, episcopate, error, foolishness, General Catholic, sadness, scandals, secularism, SOD, Spiritual Warfare, the struggle for the Church.

……..I totally let you down.  I was away from the blog almost all Thursday (just a few low-time posts out) because of a major problem at work and all Fri-Sun.  I did read other people’s stuff a bit over the weekend but I had no time to blog. I had to work from home on Friday because my truck transmission went out.  Terrible design by GM – the HD trucks have a separate trans cooler in front of the radiator, but the boneheads routed the brazed copper pipes THROUGH the radiator.  They are thus subject to horrendous swings in temp as the coolant heats up, and they are notorious for failing over time.  Then you have the wonderful effect of getting trans oil in the coolant – and even worse, coolant in the trans.  I had to get a new radiator (for the second time) installed about 2 weeks ago because I had oil in the coolant again, but I did not check to make sure the transmission didn’t have water in it.  Guess what?  It did.   So over the course of last week my trans started acting worse and worse, until it finally crapped out completely on Thursday afternoon.

So, after two complete drains and refills with oil, at least some of the water is out.  It’s acting better.   The problem is, once you get water in the torque converter, it’s almost impossible to get rid of it all without taking the thing apart, and for that price you may as well get a new one.  I haven’t, yet, but I know there is still some water in the trans and even though it’s acting better with mostly oil now, it’s still probably going to be a problem.

That, and satan seems to be going after me hammer and tongs lately, I’ve had all manner of health problems that have caused my focus to be elsewhere. You know about my head injury – that came to naught, thank God – but my heart arrhythmia has been acting up quite a bit, too, and I had a nasty cold last week that is still lingering.  So, I did not mean to leave you in the lurch, I find when I’m at home I just have too many things going on to ever blog much.  I have to go to work to have some peace and quiet.

I hope to get a post out on the Synod today with various reactions.  It seems the neo-Catholics – a term I’ve always avoided using, for a variety of reasons, though I’m coming to see the distinction more and more – are bending over backwards to find the good in the final document, while those who bend more traditional are seeing very little good in it, and much that is horrendous.  It seems a replay of Vatican II in miniature, with a severe weakening in terms of discipline and application of Doctrine, which will likely lead to an even further wholesale collapse in the practical, lived experience of the Church’s moral doctrine by the vast majority of souls.  IOW, very, very bad news.

More on that in a bit, God willing.



1. Baseballmom - October 26, 2015

Prayers for you TB….

2. Elizabeth - October 26, 2015

Nice to have you back. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of stuff to read and view but in case this slipped your notice, it’s well worth a viewing:

3. Sir Louis - October 26, 2015

Yeah, we found a leak in the oil pan gasket of our Chevy truck. The gasket costs about thirty bucks, the labor to fix it … get ready … $1,300! Seems the only way to get at that gasket is to remove the motor. Is that really sensible design? That was the cheap estimate, by the way; the high one was $1,700.

Very glad your head was not damaged. It’s hard to see how you were preserved except by prayer.

The synod was Francis’ baby all along. His apparently desired outcome was not quite stillborn, but if Francis does nothing to follow up, the synod will be dead. If he does something significant, it will be almost entirely his own. The synod relatio may give some opening for him, but no real support.

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