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The most discernibly Christian voice at the Synod was from a Russian Orthodox Metropolitan? October 27, 2015

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That’s the claim of Tancred at Eponymous Flower in presenting us with this piece from the German site Katholisches.  It’s a rather interesting claim, given how many times progressive bishops at the Synod pointed to the Orthodox history of caving on divorce and remarriage, at least once, in giving a “do over” pseudo-marriage ceremony if a divorce has occurred.  A few years ago, I had a brief period of infatuation with the Orthodox, but they are no solution.  Their approach causes far more questions than any answers they provide, even if, of course, Orthodox Masses are valid and the Orthodox have always had very holy souls capable of great spiritual wisdom.

Nevertheless, let’s see what the often combative Metropolitan Hilarion has to say (emphasis from Eponymous Flower, my comments, I leave out opening/closing fluff)

In our turbulent and unsettling world, man needs solid and unshakable foundations on which he can rely in order to fully trust to be able to build  their  lives on them. The secular society that is geared primarily to the satisfaction of individual desires can give mandownload (21) no clear moral orientations. [In fact, I would say society leaves men mired in misery] The crisis of traditional values ​​that we experience in the consumer society leads to a contradiction between the different preferences, even in family relationships. When on the one side,  extreme feminism  sees in  motherhood an obstacle to  the self-realization of women who have children, on the other hand, more and more regard children as a right that can be realized by any means. Increasingly, the family is seen as a connection between two people, regardless of their gender, and it is believed that the individual can choose the affiliation to one or the other sex according to his personal taste. [Now here I’d like a clear condemnation from Sacred Scripture, Old and New Testaments, of this evil, but we’ll continue on]

On the other hand, new problems occur that directly affect the foundations of the traditional family. The armed conflicts of the modern world causing a mass exodus from the war-affected regions towards the richer countries. Emigration often leads to breaking of family ties while creating a new social environment, creating  connections that often have an interethnic and inter-religious character.

These challenges and threats are, for all Christian churches alike, the need to look for the answers, by relying on the order entrusted to them by Christ,  to lead the people to salvation. Unfortunately, we often hear in Christian circles, voices demanding that there be a

They do have impressive vestments

They do have impressive vestments

“Modernization” of the Church’s conscience, thus the rejection of the apparently Christian apparently obsolete doctrine on the family. Nevertheless, we must not forget  the words of the Apostle Paul to the Christians in Rome: “conform  not on this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God: what He desires, is what is good and perfect.” [Solid. There are other quotes that might be even better]

The Church is called to be a light and a beacon in the darkness of this world, and Christians are called to be the “salt of the earth” and “light of the world”. We all need to remember the harrowing admonition of the Savior: “If the salt loses its savor, wherewith shall it be seasoned? It is good for nothing; it is thrown out and trampled by men.”  (cf.. Mt. 5:13 to 14). Such a salt that has lost the power of its own taste, are in our time what some Protestant communities who call themselves Christian but preach moral ideals  that are incompatible with Christianity. When a community of this kind, introduces the rite of blessing  homosexual unions, and a lesbian woman who describes herself as a “bishop”, who prompts her churches to remove the crosses from the steeples and replace them with Islamic crescents, can such a community may be called “church”? Before our eyes is Christianity is  betrayed by those who are willing to play the game of secularized, anti-clerical and Godless society. [And thus quite a warning to the Church’s progressives, whose aims, as the 13 cardinals pointed out, seem indistinguishable from those of liberal protestantism, which first fell to modernism during the course of the late 19th and early 20th centuries]

The leadership of various countries of Europe and America, despite numerous protests, even by the Catholic faithful, continue a policy aimed deliberately at destroying the understanding of family. Not only are homosexual connections made legally equivalent to marriage. One goes so far as  to prosecute those who because of their Christian faith, refuse to register these connections. [Quite valid criticism. Who would have thought, 30 years ago, that RUSSIA would be the download (22)beacon of Christian morality and cultural sanity!  It shows how fast things can change.  That’s one major reason we must not give up hope for our Holy Mother Church, ever.] Immediately after the end of the visit of Pope Francis, the American president Barack Obama openly declared that the rights of homosexuals are more important than religious freedom. This clearly shows the intention of the secular authority to continue the attack against the healthy forces of society who defend  traditional family values. The Catholics are in the front line in this fight, and just against the Catholic Church, there is a veritable campaign of discredit and lies under way. [Wow. These are about the best words I’ve seen in defense of the Church’s traditional Doctrine of late. Even those on the “conservative” side in the Synod did not stress the point that it is only the Church that can and must fight this battle, even if we must do it alone, as Bishop Sheen said.] Therefore, the force in defending the Christian conviction and fidelity to the tradition of the Church today are particularly necessary.

Society today comes to resemble more and more  the foolish man, “who built his house on sand” (Mt see. 7.26). It is the duty of the Church, to remind   society of its established foundation – the family as a union between man and woman, who has the birth and education of children as its goal. [Metropolitan Hilarion, your own church could do better in this

"I hate druids"

“I hate druids”

regard. When will you get abortion made illegal in Russia?!?  When will you stop tolerating divorce?!?] Only such a family, established by the Lord at the time of the creation of the world itself, is able to prevent the release of modern society into the abyss of moral relativism, or at least slow it down.

The Orthodox Church, like the Catholic, has always followed the Holy Scriptures and Holy Tradition in their teaching about the family and established the principle of the sanctity of marriage affirming that  based on the words of the Savior Himself (cf.. Matt 19:6 ;. Mk 10:9) [Well, not quite always. You do allow that do-over. You were the first to break. And you have abandoned Scripture in a handful of other areas, too, including the plainly sensical filioque.] In our time, this position must be united and unanimous. We must work together to defend dialogue with the legislative and executive powers of each country and at the level of international institutions such as the UN and the European Union. We can not only limit ourselves to exhortations. We need to ensure the legal protection of the family completely.

I agree, it’s pretty strong.  I’d be hard pressed to find a better defense of Catholic moral doctrine from the synod itself.  I think it is probably more effective in presenting a cohesive defense of Christian morality than the letter of the 13 Cardinals, which was good but much focused on inside baseball.  It was not intended to speak to the outside world.

I do tend to agree with Metropolitan Hilarion on one level, however: he has argued in the past that the real divide among Christians is less Orthodox Catholic or even Catholic Protestant, but more traditional/orthodox/believing and liberal.  Yes there are HUGE differences with protestants, but they are less in many cases than with our self-described Catholic modernists like Fr. James Martin, SJ, who’s just been spastic with joy over the Synod and its outcome.

Not that I think some Catholic-Orthodox-protestant confab of conservatives is any real solution, but there may be times when collaboration between like-minded groups can be not just prudent but necessary.

I’m babbling.  What do you think of his address?


Dear Lord Have Mercy: “Church of Lucifer” starting in Spring, TX October 27, 2015

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When the Church retreats, the vacuum created does not stay empty for long. Man was created by God to be an inherently religious creature.  If true religion disappears, false religions run in to take up the space vacated.  The worst of the false religions is out and out satanism, which has seen a major resurgence in the decadent, post-Christian West since the latter half of the 1960s.  Now the satanists are sufficiently emboldened, and feel their place in society sufficiently normalized, to open public “churches” instead of skulking about in the dark as they have done for centuries.

Dear Lord, have mercy on the poor souls who fall into this nightmare, so difficult to escape:

“We’re the first ever of our kind to be very open about this,” said Jacob No (not his real name), among the organizers of the international organization’s Houston branch.

While the Greater Church of Lucifer is certainly a first for Spring, a suburb north of Houston, No maintains that its open doors are a first in worldwide history.

“This is the first building in the history of the church that’s open to the public,” he said Wednesday in a phone interview.

Grand opening is scheduled for the evening of Oct. 30 at 310 Main in Old Town Spring. No declined to give the exact time, to discourage trouble.

“My main concern is picketers and people with guns,” he said. “We’re getting a lot of hate, but we just want to coexist.”

The group’s name may be misleading, since it does not refer to Satan.

“We are not devil worshipers in any form of the word,” he said. “We’re not a scary people. We’re very nice people.” [What a load of garbage.  In this interview (major link warning),  you said you ARE satanic.  More info that shows this is clearly satanic.  Could not the reporter have been bothered in the slightest to do a little research, rather than give this wide-eyed, fawning coverage?]

Lucifer, he said, is Latin for “morning star” or “bearer of light,” so the Greater Church of Lucifer roughly translates to a “gathering of people of like mind who seek the bearer of light or the light.” [Oh BS.  What a load of crap.  If this is such an innocuous thing, why is this the first such house of the diabolical ever open to the public?]

Several things from the extensive photo spread (which I won’t include in my post, for obvious reasons) that were not included in the main text of the article, which gives an obviously favorable slant to the coverage:  This church uses all the symbols of satanism, inverted pentagrams in circles, statues of Baal/Moloch, satanic black and blood red vestments, the building is lit at night in a blood red floodlight, and an altar for the conducting of black masses.  In addition, the founder of this satanic sect claims that he and his fellow believers preach the “importance of self-liberation from restrictive beliefs and the study of occult ‘wisdom’.”  But no, they’re not satanists!

You know I’m insanely proud to be a Texan, but I find it rather unsettling that both Texas and Oklahoma – two of the most conservative states in the country – have played major roles in this resurgence in satanism.  We had the horrific black mass last year in Oklahoma, and now this satanic temple is opening to the public, surely with a carefully sanitized production to avoid revealing what they really are.  Even though these two states are widely known for their conservatism, the vast majority of souls within them hold certain radical, post-enlightenment beliefs regarding individual liberty and disordered “freedoms.”  Politically conservative (for the US in 2015), from the moral standpoint, many, many citizens of these states are profoundly radical and immoral.  They are thoroughly disconnected from the heritage of Christendom.  Thus, it is not surprising to me that these states would see the most public emergence of even open satanism.  Incredible, but true.

It should be known that a protest is planned for this den of evil’s opening day: October 30.  Go figure, the day before All Hallow’s Eve.  This is surely an attempt at a commercial venture, thus the publicity.  The protest will run from 5:00-6:30.  If you want to join, the new satanic sect building is in Old Town Spring.  They are being very cagey about their address – I could not find it.  But Old Town Spring is not that large, and I’m sure if you want to join, you could contact the folks at the link above and they can give you pointers.

This item is starting to get a lot of play, I do hope a very good crowd turns out to witness against the steady rise of satanic evil in our culture.

A little more on the beliefs of this group, which shows the very tight relationship between new age and satanism:

“There is a problem in following through blind faith. This is about self-empowerment and seeing oneself in a positive way.”

“The goal is to usher in a new age for the progression of mankind without the slavery of dogmatic thought,” said No. “We are all gods and goddesses of our own life. We are the captains of our own ship and have the right to control our actions.”…..

……BlackMass Incubus, the other name registered by Thomas, is a Web-based retail outlet for church of Lucifer related books and products.

I’ll say this: our Church leaders bear a huge debt of responsibility for this resurgence of satanism.  They have left hundreds of millions of souls spiritually starved and desperate for anything they find meaningful, and a few lost souls even turn to this kind of evil in their casting about for spiritual sustenance.

Has Cardinal Di Nardo or any local priests spoken out against this?  Do they plan to organize protests, or is it up to lay people again to lead where clergy should be?

What a crying shame.

With the Synod, there is a lot of blame to go around October 27, 2015

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I’ve seen a fair amount of talk on the Catholic intrawebs about a recent video that casts blame for the Synod at the feet of Pope Francis’ predecessor.  The argument is this: Pope Benedict, by choosing the incredibly novel route of abdication (whatever the threats against him were, and they appear to have been legion), paved the way for the election of Pope Francis and everything that has come in its train.  It’s nice to see this apostolate recognize publicly, if belatedly, that yes, this pontificate is seriously off the rails. It’s also good to see that they recognize that criticism of the papacy does not mean the instant mark of damnation, but that’s beside the point.KARDIN~1

Look, folks, anyone who has studied recent Church history knows there is TONS of blame to go around at all levels of leadership and going back at least 100 years. Before I begin, bear in mind I am speaking in the broadest of brush-strokes and am ignoring many valid arguments for reasons of brevity.

Pope Benedict XV dropped the ball severely by failing to follow-up on Pope St. Pius X’s demands to his successors to continue his searching
vigilance against the modernists, many of whom Pius knew had simply gone underground.  Of course, Pope BXV did have a little thing called WWI, or the suicide of Christian Europe, to distract him, but he is not widely known as a fiercely orthodox pope along the lines of Gregory XVI, Pius IX, or Pius X.  Pius XI greatly accelerated the process started under Leo XIII of recognizing liberal “democratic” government as legitimate, seeking an accommodation with same, and even undermined the traditional Catholic reaction in Spain, Mexico, and other locales in many ways.  He did, of course, give us the great gift of Quas Primas and the solemn proclamation of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, whereby Christ must be seen as the visible head of every government (and all government submitted to His Truth), but Pius XI also started a trend of seeking an accord with the entrenched Revolution.

Pius XII was a great leader in many respects, but he allowed modernism to come out from underground and began the liturgical revolution.  Again, he was focused on events like WWII and stopping Western Europe from falling to communism after the war, and achieved a very great deal to those ends.  But he set the stage for what followed.

Bl John XXIII 4Which brings us to John XXIII.  Much like Pope Francis and Pope Paul VI, the election of John XXIII was orchestrated by a modernist cabal, many of whom were promoted to positions of great influence by Pope Pius XII, with the plain end in mind that the new pope of 1958 would call an ecumenical council, and that council would be the vehicle for the unleashing of modernism on the Church.  Cardinals Suenens, Alfrink, Dopfner, and Bea, among others, were all involved in this plot.  They knew John XXIII would be a short term caretaker pope, to be followed by a younger man who would consolidate the and entrench the gains expected at the Council.

I don’t think I have to go into detail on Paul VI.  This post may help.  He was a truly unprecedentedly novel pope in many, many respects.  He introduced the gravely problematic ideals that came from Vatican II into the Church, and even more, waged a veritable war against Tradition and especially the Traditional Mass.  There was no real reason to pretend to abrogate the TLM, save the fear that doing so would prevent the success of the liturgical revolution.  This, in spite of heavy criticism from the bishops and a good number of cardinals.

John Paul I served so briefly as to have no effect.

John Paul II, however, while in many ways more conservative than Paul VI, also embraced the post-conciliar ethos with great gusto, giving it a Pope John Paul II Kissing Koranpatina of orthodoxy and ensuring the progressive caucus in the Church would persist – and advance – for decades.  Most of the men who just voted for the synod’s final document, with all its myriad problems, were appointed by JPII.  With regard to the novelties he introduced, one cannot pass over Assisi, kissing the Koran, taking ecumenism and interreligious dialogue to a whole nother level, and causing the papacy to be turned, in may respects, into a sort of mass media sensation and furthering the papal cult of personality, which this current Pope has exploited to great effect.

Which brings us to Pope Benedict. Certainly, Pope Ratzinger desired to return the papacy and the Church to more historic norms.  He knew from the start he would encounter vehement opposition from the deeply entrenched, probably majority progressive elements.  He asked for prayers not to flee the wolves. In the end, under what was probably  unprecedented pressure, he may have done just that.  Knowing what we novamissado of the horrific St. Gallen group of modernist cardinals, we know there was a similar cabal operating to that which resulted in the elections of John XXIII and Paul VI.  We can very strongly suspect that this scheming was the direct cause of Vatileaks, the threats to leak dossiers on the nocturnal activities of the priests of the Diocese of Rome to the press, and the virtual shutdown of the Vatican’s finances (among other things, I’m sure).  In the end, instead of taking his cause to the people, trusting in their faith in him and their outrage at his persecutors, he chose, probably after being falsely told that a like-minded replacement was assured, to leave the office of the papacy in a truly unprecedented fashion, which act led directly to where we are today, after Synod II, The Deathening.  Yes yes, he was old, he may have been sick, he probably DID feel that the persecutions he was enduring were beyond him, that he could no longer effectively govern the Church……and yet the fact remains he was the first man to so abdicate in 700 years, and only the second in the history of the Church.

And I haven’t even touched on the dread effects of too many cardinals, bishops, and priests to list.

I generally agree with Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton……the Church has been cursed with sub-par popes since Pius X.  Vatican II didn’t just happen.  It wasn’t exactly a “surprise.”  And, of course, Russia remains unconsecrated.

Until Russia is consecrated, and the problematic aspects of Vatican II start to be formally refuted, or at least replaced with formal pronouncements of an orthodox nature and contrary to Guadium Et Spes 24 or pretty much all of Dignitatis Humanae (and much more!), the Church will not be restored.  I tend to think this is going to occur as a bottom-up rebuilding of a much, much smaller Church after the current generations of modernists pass from the scene.  Or, it could occur through a particularly charismatic, orthodox, faithful, unconcerned-with-the-world future pope who acts with strength and decision.

I know it is uncomfortable to take a critical eye to the effectiveness of various papacies.  But I firmly believe that if the Church is to be restored – aside from the Grace stemming from prayer and penance that are the bedrock for all hope in the Church – we’re going to have to come to grips with the recent history, and failings, of much of the Church’s leadership.  Without a clear understanding of how all this has come to pass, it will be very difficult to undo any of it.  We need to understand clearly that there have been failures in leadership in confronting the most diabolically motivated, organized, and effective enemies the Church has ever faced.  We need to be willing to recognize that these failures in leadership have played a substantial role in how events have unfolded over the past 100 years.

We must do this, in fact, if a future generation is going to be equipped with the knowledge and will to effect real, lasting change. Anything else, really, simply helps perpetuate the status quo and insure that millions of souls will remain mired in misery in a Church which is not herself.


A sobering assessment of Bergoglio’s tenure as head of the Jesuits in Argentina October 27, 2015

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Wow.  This apparently dates from 2013. I don’t know if the quote was obtained before or after the conclave, but I tend to imagine given the subject matter, after.  Via Rorate, a very critical view of Pope Bergoglio’s tenure as head of the Jesuit order in Argentina:

“Yes I know Bergoglio [, says a Jesuit superior from another Latin American country]. He’s a person who’s caused a lot of problems in the Society and is highly controversial in his own country.

In addition to being accused of having allowed the arrest of two Jesuits during the time of the Argentinian dictatorship, as provincial he generated divided loyalties: some groups almost worshipped him, while others would have nothing to do with him, and he would hardly speak to them. It was an absurd situation. He is well-trained and very capable, but is surrounded by this personality cult which is extremely divisive.He has an aura of spirituality which he uses to obtain power. It will be a catastrophe for the Church to have someone like him in the Apostolic See. He left the Society of Jesus in Argentina destroyed with Jesuits divided and institutions destroyed and financially broken. We have spent two decades trying to fix the chaos that the man left us.”

Paul Vallely [more here]

Pope Francis: Untying the Knots

Wow.  One might say, well, this is just another anonymous source speaking boldly, they may have an agenda, they may be disaffected, they may have an ax to grind, etc.

But given what we’ve seen in the past 32 months, with a visible and growing factionalism in the Church (which really just brought the existing factions more out into the open), and the marked contrast in Pope Francis’ behavior with regard to the various factions (showering praise and benefits on those aligned with him, frequently hotly disputing and even insulting those he apparently dislikes), it would seem to lend some credence to the claims made above.

That the Jesuits in Argentina are a mess I have no doubt.  Of course, there have been incredible problems with the Jesuits going back a century or more, ever since a number of Jesuits like George Tyrell decided to embrace the modernist heresy.  They’ve been the leading advocates for modernism ever since, especially since their “sainted” acolyte Teilhard de Chardin received such huge acclaim within the order. Worldwide, a few notable exceptions aside, the Jesuits have been a broken institution for a very long time.

I agree with Rorate on a tweet they made, too: it is well past time for a future pontiff (as it surely won’t be this one) to examine whether the Society of Jesus should be suppressed again.  It’s not just Bergoglio, it’s not just Argentina, throughout the world Jesuits have been in the vanguard of advancing the revolution against the Church.  Just last week I posted disastrous comments from another Jesuit prelate.  However, some claim that the order has already been purged of its most heretical elements.  I don’t know about that, the vision of Cardinal Carlo Martini, SJ, is being visited on the Church in this current pontificate.  And once an order develops such a well-earned reputation for heresy and revolutionary ideals, it is perhaps time to suppress it entirely and try to reconstitute it again – if needed – some decades later, after all current players are long in the ground.

Increasingly, I have come to believe the Jesuits were created by God to serve a specific need in the Church at a specific time, and while I have generally read in histories that Clement XIII’s suppression of the order was a very bad thing, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.  In addition, there are those who claim that the Jesuits, for all the good they accomplished in the Counter-Reformation, seriously imbalanced Catholic thought, and paved the way for the invasion of rationalism and modernism, with their extreme focus on reason and the intellect, and lack of embrace of emotional, spiritual side of the Church.  That’s the claim of Dr. Geoffrey Hull in a book I recommend, The Banished Heart.

In spite of the strong support he’s received from progressive quarters of the Church, I’d bet my lunch money and more besides that this will be the last Jesuit pope for a very long time.