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Quick service message: watch out for fake MASONIC Miraculous Medals! October 28, 2015

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Via reader KK.  I’ve checked mine and their clean.  I doubt this is a very common problem, and to the extent it is I tend to imagine it’s focused more in Europe and Latin American countries, where masons tend to behave with a lot more nastiness, but nevertheless, something good to check out:

If you haven’t heard, the Freemasons have been making blasphemous versions of the miraculous medals by replacing the 12th star from Our Lady’s crown with a Masonic compass. This may or may not be news to my viewers, but regardless: this must be put in the public.


I think the more oval shape of the medal and the dual hanging ports are sort of a giveaway.

Most of our battles are with principalities and powers, it is true, but we also have to deal with wicked men who for centuries have sought the destruction of Holy Mother Church.  They love to play nasty little tricks on souls through things like this. Hopefully no one will find an affected medal.


1. tg - October 28, 2015

Thanks for letting us know. I get mine from the Association of Miraculous Medal.

2. kuklakevin - October 28, 2015

🙂 I am sure Angela told you, I will be seeing you in a little over a week. It’ll be good to catch up.

Sorry we never went back out for breakfast.

Christ’s peace, Kevin

Tantumblogo - October 28, 2015

It’s OK bro! Yes I know. It will be great to see you. I need to talk to your boss, too. I owe him an e-mail.

3. Baseballmom - October 28, 2015

Wow. Thank you!

4. A Poor Knight - October 28, 2015

Thanks for the heads up. As a way of returning the favor I’ve ordered every book on Kolbe I can get my hands on from Angelus Press. Does anyone know if you can enroll in the militia if you don’t attend an SSPX chapel?

Tantumblogo - October 28, 2015

You can. Louie Verrecchio is one.

5. Michelle - October 29, 2015

I am not bothered by degrees of “ovalness,” as Our Lady simply said make it oval, right? However, I did find one on a masonic shopping site that has a funky shape…but.. I could only see the front side…couldn’t see the back. Don’t think it was posted. Plus it was over $40. So evil that they would do such a thing…but guess not surprising. Thx for passing the word!

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