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Something uplifting for a change – great videos of Chartres pilgrimage October 28, 2015

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I’ve been waiting for this!  JMJHFProductions – a small Catholic apostolate most deserving of support, in my estimation (you can donate to them here) – accompanied the Remnant Chartres pilgrimage this year.  They filmed a great deal of footage in HD.  Just a couple days ago, they uploaded their 1 hour summary video of the 3 day pilgrimage.  There is so much to find uplifting and edifying in this footage!  So many people, but especially young, taking part in a time-honored devotion and witness to our Faith!  So many assisting devoutly at the Traditional Latin Mass!  Such inspiring art and architecture!

The Chartres pilgrimage is an overwhelmingly traditional phenomenon.  What a blessing to see so many souls willing to undertake this arduous hike in all kinds of weather.

I really do appreciate these videos. I have been on edge since late last week for a number of reasons – the Synod, we’ve all been sick, work suddenly decided to go crazy – and I’ve needed something to settle me down.  This ought to fit the bill very nicely.  It also fills me with desire to assist at a Chartres pilgrimage someday before I die, even though I am not a big traveler.

I pray you find this as enjoyable as I did.  You might find yourself recognizing a few faces, as I did.

Now a few more brief videos also from the pilgrimage:

And finally a repost of the incredible light show from the Chartres Cathedral at the conclusion of the pilgrimage:

If you haven’t subscribed to the JMJHFProductions Youtube page, you should!  I’m certain they’ll be uploading more videos from the Chartres pilgrimage and the rest of the Remnant’s summer Euro-tour in the coming weeks.  The folks who run JMJHF are just regular Catholics like you and I.  They operate off donations from other generous Catholics. If you find their work edifying, I might again impugn on your charity by supporting them. Every little bit helps.

God bless!



1. skeinster - October 29, 2015

So, is the Remnant all-SSPX, all the time, or is it more general in scope? If the latter, I would consider subscribing/reading.
Prayers, as always, for you and your family.

Tantumblogo - October 29, 2015

I really don’t read the Remnant that often. I just now these JMJHF guys and try to support them whenever I can. But in my limited experience, no the Remnant online (I’ve never read the print) is not nearly all-SSPX, I’d say far more often than not they are not mentioned at all. You might check out their website for a while before subbing or anything, to see if agreeable.

Just to be clear to everyone, JMJHF is in an independent little Catholic video production company that makes all kinds of good videos. They went on the Remnant tour this year, but that doesn’t meant they’re part of the Remnant. Not at all. They are very good friends of Fr. Rodriguez and a bunch of good El Paso Catholics. I love their work. I was in a really dark mood yesterday, listening to music I haven’t listened to in probably 10 years or more, and they just lifted me right out.

Tim - October 29, 2015

It is supportive of the SSPX, FSSP, ICK and Diocean Traditional efforts. SUBSCRIBE!!!!

Tantumblogo - October 29, 2015

Yeah, I’d have to say that’s true. Mr. Matt has really bent over backwards to promote unity among all variety of trads. I have joined him in that effort. So I’d say check out their website but I think overall they do a very good job, and are not fairly treated when called “spiritual pornographers.”

2. tg - October 29, 2015

I hope you and your family get better. I’ve been in a grouchy mood too the last few weeks. The Sinnod affected me. Even at Mass, I was distracted. All the things that annoy me like the Protestant sounding hymns or changing the tune of the Gloria and the visiting priest with the clapping all really got to me. I feel like all the novelties of this NO Mass detract from the Eucharist. The devil really uses it against me.

3. Tim - October 29, 2015

All these look wonderfully familiar!! My family was blessed to be able to go in 2013 and 2014. If you ever get the chance……GO!!!

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