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Don’t believe the lies! Texas is a horrible, terrible place to live! October 29, 2015

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I don’t know whether to be proud or miffed. It seems Texas cities make up almost half of the top locations of GDP growth in the year 2014.  I know I live in the greatest state in the union, I am a native Texan through and through, but at the same time every time I drive to work I get reminders of how many people are flooding here from abroad.  I can’t drive to work without seeing Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and, Heaven forfend, California.  I have read that since 2005 500,00 out of staters have moved to the DFW area.  Now surely I hope some of those folks are good, moral Christians who will become good Texans, but I know many of them are not. They simply cannot be.  And so I fear this state will get overrun – Californicated, if you will – by people fleeing the very states their leftist beliefs and voting patterns have ruined.

It happened to Colorado.  It happened to Nevada.  It could sure as heck happen here.  And we know the left is actually working to try to make this happen.  If Texas becomes a purple or blue state, we’re finished.


1. Table of the Day (above). Based on data released a few weeks ago by the BEA, the table above shows the 20 US metro areas with the fastest GDP growth in 2014. Interestingly, 5 of the top 10 fastest growing metro areas, and 9 of the top 20, were in just one state — Texas. Also interesting, though not unexpected, is the fact that energy is largely responsible for the strong economic growth in the top 5 fastest growing metro areas in 2014, and in all of the top 13 fastest growing metros except maybe Dallas and San Jose. Carpe oleum.

So before any of you wild eyed leftists get ideas of coming to Texas, dreaming of enjoying riches while spreading the gospel of socialist sexular pagan misery, let me tell you a few things:

We’re mired in a horrible depression here in Texas. Yeah, 2014 might have been good, but with the Saudis flooding the market, the shale boom is over and folks are getting fired left and right.  Midland, Odessa, Tyler, Victoria, Beaumont -ghost towns, all of them. The few remaining people are flat broke, destitute, lying about on dusty streets covered with scorpion stings and rattlesnake bites.  Oh yeah, they’re everywhere. I don’t care if you buy a $5 million condo on the 40th floor in downtown Dallas, it will be infested – with roaches the size of rats, rats the size of cats, and cats the size of really, really big cats.  It’s just how it is here.  Vermin everywhere.  It’s the worst possible place to live you can imagine.

Why am I proud of the place, then?  Well, it takes a pretty tough hombre to hang here in this state, where it’s constantly at least 90 degrees (on Christmas) and it never rains except when it rains 24 inches in a day, right, Corsicana?  So you could call it a kind of perverse pride held by those who can tough it out.  But Californians?  They die by the truckload within days of coming here.  We just dump ’em in the old exhausted oil wells.  All those Yankees, too.  Dead.  Either the heat gets them, or the rattlers, or the giant spiders, or one of us crazy gun nut Texans.  And sometimes at night, when the cops helpfully look the other way, we run you down with our giant lifted trucks.  Just for sport.  Have you seen what a set of 37″ tires can do to a pedicured metrosexual in skinny jeans?  Yeah……it’s not pretty.  The only thing left is a few of his oh-so-trendy beard whiskers ground into the pavement.


At the same link, I found this gem:


Pretty good.

Oh do I have an awesome Flightline Friday lined up for tomorrow! I hope I have time to do it!

Some Random Good Quotes from a 19th Century Catechism October 29, 2015

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OK, the version I’m quoting was actually updated about 1905, but the bulk of the book was written in the 1880s.  I simply don’t have time to post any long excerpts right now – though I sure have some good material I’d like to upload – so I’m just going to put out some random quotes from The Catechism Explained by Spirago-Clarke as I wind up reading the book.  It’s as good a Catechism as I’ve read in many regards, though I’d say in certain areas This Is the Faith by Canon Ripley and My Catholic Faith are better.

Anyway, I’m running out of time (work again), so here goes:

Confession is profitable to the individual insomuch as he derives form it self-knowledge, delicacy of conscience, interior peace, strength of character, and moral purity.

By comparing all that he has done or left undone with the low of God’s commandments, the penitent learns to know his own heart. His conscience also speaks more clearly.  By frequent confession the Law of God is more deeply impressed on the heart of man; when tempted to sin, the commandment he is about to break presents itself to his mind.  The mere thought of confession also acts as a deterrent from sin; some persons abstain from sin because they could not bear to tell it to the priest. [I know that works with me! That’s a powerful argument in favor of having a regular confessor]  Experience proves how great a relief confession is to the mind of one who has committed a grievous sin.  The impulse to confess one’s misdeeds is inherent in human nature; confession answers to this feeling, and the assurance of pardon affords the greatest consolation. Confession also increases strength of character, for by it we learn to overcome ourselves. Moreover the Holy Ghost enlightens our understanding and fortifies our will, and the more steadfastly the will is inclined to what is good, the more strength of character we shall possess.  Confession, being it itself an act of humility, cannot fail to make a man humble, and humility is the foundation of all moral perfection.  Proud people have the greatest aversion to confession.  It is a means of freeing ourselves from the fetters of the devil, for by telling the truth when it would be so easy to deceive, and the temptation to conceal is often experienced, we throw off the yoke of the father of lies, and turn to Him Who is eternal Truth.  And the less power the devil has over a man, the more easily he will draw nigh to God. The first step in amendment of life is to go to confession.  “Before applying thyself to good deeds,” says St. Augustine, “confess thy misdeeds.”

If anyone should relapse into mortal sin, let him forthwith repent and go to Confession; for the longer penance is delayed, the more difficult, the more uncertain conversion will be. [And the longer we remain with a number of venial sins on our conscience, and allow those sins to gnaw at our character, the greater the chance of falling into mortal sin]

It is the opinion of the Fathers that as almighty God has appointed beforehand the number of talents to be confided to each individual, so He has fixed the number of sins which shall be forgiven to each; when this number is complete, there is no more pardon to be found. St. Augustine says that the long-suffering God bears with the sinner up to a certain point; after that he cannot obtain forgiveness. [Both St. Thomas and St. Alphonsus, perhaps the two greatest moral Doctors beside Augustine, say exactly the same]

“The Christian,” says St. Augustine, “will be questioned not about the beginning, but the end of his life.” 

The more good work we have done, the less we must fear damnation.

Unremitting prayer is an excellent means of persevering in justice.

An indulgence is by no means a remission of mortal sin and the eternal punishment due to it; these must already be remitted before an indulgence can be gained. It is not absolution from sin, but the remission , partial or plenary, of satisfaction due to sin.  It is not a means of evading the Sacrament of Penance and rendering sin easy; on the contrary, it obliges us to a real conversion of life. 

Without suffering no man can be saved; even the Immaculate Mother of God, who was free from all sin, had no small measure of suffering as her lot on earth.

Confession should precede Extreme  Unction, because the recipient of the Sacrament should be in the state of grace. Extreme Unction is a remedy; and as medicine is for the living, not the dead, so this Sacrament is of no utility to those who are spiritually dead.  [Which causes me to shake my head at how the “Sacrament of Anointing” is received en masse by every single person at these regular communal services so many parishes have these days. How many of those receiving this Sacrament are in reality spiritually dead?  Does anyone call for Confession before the reception of this Sacrament, which is handed out in a manner strikingly similar to the abuse of the Blessed Sacrament, with long lines and indifferent reception?]

All men cannot be priests (Eph iv:11, I Cor xii:29).  Yet we frequently find all the faithful spoken of as priests (I Pet ii:9), inasmuch as they ought to accomplish to the glory of God good works which are in a certain measure a spiritual oblation; they are priests insofar as they immolate themselves in the service of God as spiritual victims.  In the same sense the faithful in general are spoken of as kings, because they ought to rule over their fleshly lusts.  [We hear progressive priests and others in the Church call for the diminution of the sanctity of the priesthood and the devolving of sacred roles – like distributing the Blessed Sacrament – to lay people under this mistaken notion of the “common priesthood of the people of God.”  This explanation explodes that myth.]

Our Lord say: “Pray ye the Lord of the harvest that He send laborers forth into His harvest” (Matt ix:38).  Remember that a priest is the salvation or the perdition of his flock.  In the Old Testament we read that when other scourges were of no avail to turn the people, hardened to sin, from their evil ways, God sent upon them the heaviest scourge of all, wicked and corrupt priests. [We must be so very, very wicked.  Lord, have mercy and convert us to virtue and faithfulness!] Let us therefore make it our continual prayer, that we may have good priests.  The Ember days are appointed specifically for this purpose. [Do you observe the fasts and penance of the Ember days?] Special prayer should be offered to the Holy Ghost, for unless a priest is enlightened by the Holy Ghost we may apply to him the words: “If the blind lead the blind, both fall into the pit.”

——–End Quote——–

There is a lot of other gold I hope to get to in the coming days.  That’s all I have time for tonight.

Private sin leads to public heresy: or, explaining Cardinal Wuerl October 29, 2015

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As part of a post regarding Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s heterodoxy, Vox Cantoris describes how “private” or hidden sin influences the way self-1334cns-wuerl1.jpgweb2described Catholics, including many bishops and priests, think, paving the way for their embrace of manifest evil.  I’ve brought up this topic many times in the past but never so clearly or so well. It really ties together how the personal sins of millions have led to the cultural calamity we see around us, and even more, the collapse of the Church in opposing immorality. While I think it very edifying, I would like to stress that it does, of its nature, deal with mature themes and thus should not be read by children or those with more sensitive consciences:

A few weeks ago, just before the start of the Synod, I was chatting with a priest friend. The subject of the Synod came up and the issue of homosexuality and state sanctioned, so-called marriage, between members of the same-sex and the overwhelming support for it by Catholics. I said that it is because these Catholics who support the abomination of sodomite and lesbian “marriages” are chronic masturbators. They view pornography on a regular basis alone or with their spouses or concubines and keepers. [Full stop.  This is the key. Yes, the rest figures in, but not yet in a majority, I don’t think.  But a majority of Americans/westerners now abuse themselves regularly.  They couple this abuse with porn use. Over time, “regular” porn doesn’t do it and they have to descend into greater and greater kinks to get their thrill. That almost invariably includes sodomy.  So now you have tens of millions of people conditioned to accept sodomy as “normal,” because no one wants to think themselves abnormal. And so it goes.  M-F sodomy is the “gateway drug” to all kinds of other and worse things] They engage in adultery themselves or have an “open marriage” and engage in “threesomes.” They have experimented in the past with orgasms with someone of the same sex. They engage in sodomy in its actual and broadest sense as man and woman and as husband and wife to their own physical and spiritual detriment. [Also rampant, and a big factor] They contracept, as a couple or individual. They may have had or aided the murder of their baby in the womb [we know about half of all Americans adults have played a direct role in procuring an abortion] or they may be a closet sodomite or lesbian themselves.

They do this and they call themselves “Catholic.” They may go to Mass and if they do, they surely receive the Holy Eucharist. What they do not do is go to Confession. In addition to not accepting the above as sins because they do not see them as sins, the one sin they do accept and would never want to commit is that of hypocrisy. To them, being hypocrite would be the greater sin.

After all, “Who am I to judge,” they would ask themselves.

How does the above relate to Cardinal Wuerl?  VC includes a comment from a priest that makes the connection:

Cardinal Wuerl is the foremost spokesman for giving Communion to abortionists in public office.

All his current arguments for giving Communion to adulterers and sodomites are recycled from his many past statements in defense of giving Communion to abortionists in public office.

He pretends that Denial of Communion is a “penalty” that exists ONLY because of canon law–i.e., Canon 915. It is not, of course. It is mandated by the moral law, because: a) a minister of Communion who gives the sacrament to a person obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin is collaborating directly in the sin of sacrilege; b) the faithful are led to believe that the sin of the communicant is not a sin. By pretending that Denial of Communion is a “penalty,” Wuerl evades the REAL issue: Giving Communion to person obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin is always grave matter; i.e., a mortal sin.

By pretending that Denial of Communion is a “penalty,” he pretends that he is exercising legitimate “discretion” or “prudence” or “pastoral judgment” when he gives Communion to abortionists, adulterers, lesbians, etc. Bishops DO have discretion when it comes to the application of penalties, but Denial of Communion is not a penalty. [It’s the very worst of sacrileges]

Cardinal Wuerl’s long-standing PRACTICE–giving Communion to pro-abortion politicians, self-proclaimed lesbians (Cf. the case of Fr. Marcel Guarnizo), and gay couples (at regularly-scheduled “gay Masses in Pittsburgh and Washington), etc., is the reason that he is COMPELLED to insist now that Communion be given to people living publicly in adulterous unions.

download (23)I think that’s dead on.  The argumentation so many prelates have used to support their previous heterodox positions now veritably forces them to endorse even more extreme heresies, like pseudo-sodo-marriage.

That’s the way it is with heresy.  It never stops with one.  Heresy tends to lead to apostasy, just as Luther’s trumped up angst over sold indulgences led him out of the Church.  How many men now drawing very comfortable livings from the Church are practical apostates?  Probably best we don’t know.

There is more at Vox Cantoris, including evidence of Wuerl’s hypocrisy, but I’ve taken enough.  Do go read it, though.

Why do I get a weird mental connection of Fr. James Martin, SJ everytime I see Cardinal Wuerl?

"Such wisdom, such grace!"

“Such wisdom, such grace!”

Our Lord Told Us This Time in the Church Would Come October 29, 2015

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Something that has to be born in mind when reading Sacred Scripture, is that it is filled with types.  These types are indicators of future events.  Thus, the Exodus from Egypt is a type for our earthly sojourn.  Numerous prophecies referred to the coming Messiah.  Other events, like the sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple, were also seen in type before the event, and those events also serve as a type for the future persecution of the Church.

These types extend into the New Testament, as well.  One of those is the sublime John xv:18-25, from the Gospel reading for the Feast of Sts. Simon and Jude.  In it, our Blessed Lord excoriates the Jews (in particular, the Pharisees) for their unfaithfulness and willful blindness in their rejection of Him.  But this is also a type for our own day, when so many religious leaders in the Church refuse to accept Christ as truly Son of God, as the Source of irreformable Truth, and as the only Messiah the world will ever see, or need.  Instead, they cast around for worldly messiahs, for earthly utopias.

A truly stinging rebuke.  Our Lord obviously knew this would be a problem to afflict the human element in the Church throughout her existence:

18 If the world hate you, know ye that it hath hated Me first[The world, under the spirit of its master, has always, and will always, until the last day, hate Jesus Christ]

19 If you had been of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

20 Remember my word that I said to you: *The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, **they will also persecute you: if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also.

21 But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake: because they know not Him that sent me. [Inside the Church and out, many are deaf to Christ’s words. They love the world more than Him.]

22 If I had not come, and spoken to them, they would not have sin: but now they have no excuse for their sin. [And this applies even more so to prelates in our own time.  How many miracles do these men have to turn a blind eye to – and we know they do, men like Kasper have written volumes on how much they reject ALL the miracles in the history of the Church – to sustain their unbelief?  And not just biblical ones: Lourdes, Fatima, Akita, Saint Margaret Mary Alocoque, Saint Catherine Laboure, St. Dominic……they have to exclude SO many testimonies to our Lord’s divinity it is mind-blowing. But men have been doing exactly that for 2000 years]

23 He that hateth Me, hateth My Father also. [That’s the crux of it all]

24 If I had not done among them the works that no other man hath done, they would not have sin: but now they have both seen, and hated both Me and my Father.

25 But that the word may be fulfilled which is written in their law: *They have hated Me without cause.”

“They have hated me without cause.”  Mark that with “Woe to them that cause scandal to one of these little ones that believeth in me; it would be better for him that a great millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea” (Mk ix:42).

That is how seriously Our Lord takes scandal, and the propagation of error within His Holy Church.  It would be better that these men had never existed, says Our Lord.   Thus, they need many prayers.  It is very difficult to have charity for those who cause so much destruction, who seem so willfully perverse in their pride to upend God’s Church and send souls flying into hell in great torrents.  But it is our solemn duty as Catholics.  I am trying very hard to have more charity for these men.

“Vengeance is mine, says the Lord” (Dt xxxii:35) and His judgment is perfect.  That is a terrifying thought to contemplate.