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UK academic extols the benefits of pedophilia November 2, 2015

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Only an academic could determine that pedophiles are just ideal for roles involving continuous close contact with children:

In my studies of the Paedophile Information Exchange in the 1980s, many members admitted sexual feelings for children which they had been able to contain or turn to social good. Some gravitated toward occupations such as schoolteacher or social worker, where they could enjoy the company of children without plotting abuse. This fitted with personality profiles indicating that they were gentle, rational and not disposed to harm anybody.

It is widely known that those with pedophile inclinations gravitate towards positions that put them in close proximity with children.  So the idea that this is somehow a form of “therapy” for them where they can enjoy their perversion without destroying the soul of perfectly innocent children is perfectly asinine.  It is only in a truly sick and deviant post-Christian society that attempts to normalize placing people with exceedingly perverse and difficult to control impulses into situations where they are very likely to be tempted into acting on those impulses could possibly be printed in an ostensibly mainstream publication.  Yes the Independent is very left wing, but it is still within the mainstream in Britain.

It’s like encouraging alcoholics to work in bars, or drug addicts to transport powerful mind altering drugs.  It’s insanity.

It’s also indicative of what I have long believed to be the ultimate goal of the satanic sexular pagan agenda – unfettered sexual access to children.  To remind, this was all part of the demonic religion of the Canaanites who so frequently lured the Israelites away from God and into their diabolical religions.  Sexual access to children – with the concomitant child sacrifice (already legalized as abortion) – was a key “selling point” for this perverse religion.  Warren Carroll, among other historians of note, have posited that this religion (the worship of “Baal/Moloch”) was the most satanically evil religion to ever afflict the face of the earth – which would of course make sense, with satan using his best efforts to lure the then chosen people away from God.

In a post-Christian society, all of satan’s old tricks, so long pushed deep underground and to the extreme fringes of society, are now clawing their way back into the mainstream.  Or trying to, anyway.  Pseudo-sodo-marriage, abortion, divorce on demand (most child sex abuse occurs in homes where there are non-blood related adult males), coming normalization of polygamy and incest are all simply paving the way for the ultimate objective – the legalization and normalization of child sex abuse.

The abomination of desolation, indeed.  It won’t be long after they force the mainstream “Christian” religions to perform pseudo-sodo-marriage that the main push for legalized child rape will begin.  They’re just testing the waters now, judging reactions.  Think on it this way:  sexular pagans already argue that children are somehow mature enough to decide for themselves, with no parental involvement, whether to have an abortion or not.  They are also turning “consent” into such a confused and loaded term that no one will know what it means in a few years (see the campus rape epidemic false panic).  Both of these can be used to argue in favor of children being able to grant “consent” to being raped by adults.

And then there’s the muslim factor, which I did not even mention.

We may be praying for the end times before long.  Keep your kids as far from the state run indoctrination centers/schools as you possibly can – they will be the prime hunting grounds.


1. Baseballmom - November 2, 2015

This is the natural progression of the end of a culture…. Just not a bit surprising 😢

2. Baseballmom - November 3, 2015

Comment never went through…

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