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Houston voters reject transgender bathrooms, pro-sodomite “rights” legislation November 4, 2015

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The article at the link is calling the victory against Houston Mayor Anise Parker’s transgender bathroom proposal huge, a stomping, but I would hope that more than 61% of the people could see through the sodomite-sexular pagan rationale and find it hideous.  But so many souls are lost in sins of sexual immorality themselves these days.  About 15 years ago, Texans passed a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage 75-20.  Now a similar issue is down to 61%.  Still good, but not near where it should be.

And this proposal was really, really nasty, as the text below explains:

An ordinance in Houston that provided far-reaching nondiscrimination rights for gay and transgender people went down in flames on Tuesday night — and it wasn’t remotely close.

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance — Proposition 1 on the local ballot would have extended bans on employment and housing discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national original and other classifications to gay people, bisexual people and transgender people.

Foes of the law focused like a laser beam on the transgender aspect of the law. They characterized it as the “bathroom ordinance,” saying it would allow men who wear women’s clothes — and sexual predators — to use public women’s bathrooms. They also said the ordinance would conflict with religious liberty and generate a raft of litigation against Houston’s small businesses.

By the wee hours of Tuesday morning, 95 percent of the ballots had been counted and 61 percent of voters opposed Proposition 1, according to The Texas Tribune.

Proposition 1 found its way onto the ballot in America’s fourth-largest city this summer when the Supreme Court ruled that the expansive law — which had been briefly in effect — required the say-so of the actual citizens it would affect.

The Texas Supreme Court reached its decision because five pastors had brought a lawsuit after Houston’s taxpayer-funded city attorneys, led by Houston Mayor Annise Parker, attempted to subpoena their sermons…….

……..Proposition 1 found its way onto the ballot in America’s fourth-largest city this summer when the Supreme Court ruled that the expansive law — which had been briefly in effect — required the say-so of the actual citizens it would affect.

The Texas Supreme Court reached its decision because five pastors had brought a lawsuit after Houston’s taxpayer-funded city attorneys, led by Houston Mayor Annise Parker, attempted to subpoena their sermons.  [Among other acts of chilling repression. And yet I just love it when our proggie friends tell us how their sodomite agenda hasn’t caused even one Christian even the slightest inconvenience.  As with everything else, they lie.]……..

…..George Washington Law School professor John Banzhaf noted that Houston’s attempt to grant the right of bathroom choice to transgender individuals infringes on the privacy rights of everyone else who wants to use the bathroom. [As well as being hideously immoral and disgusting!  For MANY reasons I don’t want to find women in the restroom with me!]

“Many women would feel very uneasy, and suffer what they regard as an invasion of their sexual privacy, if they were forced to share restroom, shower, and other facilities with anatomical men, regardless of what the men claim,” Banzhaf told The Daily Caller. [And it is shattering to think we actually have to debate this, to vote on it!  We treat ourselves and each other like cattle. That’s what hundreds of years of anti-Christian rationalist, endarkenment thought have reduced us to.  Animal rutting and such a total loss of reason that we have to fight about whether even the most private acts must be sacrificed on the altar of sexular paganism!]

“According to what my students tell me, the problem with coed restrooms isn’t privacy as much as it is physical safety,” the law professor explained. [Well then your college students are insane, but go figure] “Female students who might not hesitate even a moment to share a restroom with male students during heavy-use time during the day are concerned that, if they have to go at night, a guy could be lurking there — completely lawfully under the Houston ordinance — intent on sexual assault or rape when she could literally be caught with her pants down. With traditional men’s and women’s rooms, the woman would immediately exit the restroom she was entering if she saw a man inside, and probably call the police. But, under the new ordinance, nothing could be done if the man claims that he believes himself to be a woman trapped in a man’s body, and so she would have no choice but to share a restroom with a male stranger.” [And in fact her registering of a complaint could get HER prosecuted for discrimination.  But sheesh are these college kids wacked out today if college girls think sharing a bathroom with men is just A OK!  Do we really want to know this much about each other?!?  I’m as straight as they come but the thought of sharing a bathroom with a woman is just like blech!  There is absolutely no sense of propriety and decency anymore.]

Banzhaf also observed that Houston’s failed law would not provide equal treatment but, instead, an affirmative accommodation. [And this is the key, behind all the pro-sodomite ordinances and laws of late]

Blacks, Jews, and even gays do not require or even seek separate restrooms or other different treatment; they ask simply to be treated like everyone else,” he told TheDC. “But transgender people demand a special accommodation, not available to others, because of how they feel, and regardless of how typical women might feel about a person with a penis sharing their restroom.” [Well sodomites arguing to be “treated like everyone else” is false, too, because they’re not like everyone else, are they? They are a tiny minority practicing acts that have long been considered – in almost all societies – absolutely shocking, even unmentionable. And yet they, with the backing of their powerful leftist friends, insist on changing, and likely ruining, the fundamental building blocks of society so they can get that affirmation they so desperately crave, but which never quite comes, no matter how many “victories” they win.  And saying that pagan Greece and Rome tolerated sodomy (which examples are overwrought by a huge measure, generally) as some kind of example is hardly an uplifting example, is it?  Those societies were just one level removed from barbarism themselves.]

The vote on Proposition 1 brought national attention to Houston. Politicians including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden urged residents to vote in favor of the ordinance. Religious figures and some famous athletes urged Houstonians to reject it.

Well, thankfully they did, but I fear the younger generation – the “Millenials,” or whatever – has been so thoroughly indoctrinated in sexular paganism, left so thoroughly unable to think for themselves, and is so given over to porn use, self-abuse, and base animalistic rutting, that I have little confidence we shall be able to stave off further advances down the road to out and out debauchery and publicly endorsed (and quite likely, enforced) immorality of the basest kind. The quotes above certainly don’t give me much hope.  Young people are not just morally lost, they are completely without a moral compass whatsoever, by and large. They cannot distinguish right from wrong on any other basis than “if it feels good, do it” and the basest kind of sentimentality.  They are more than half-barbarian themselves.

Forgive my negativity, but barring an enormous moral and cultural miracle, I don’t see a happy ending to any of this without a civilizational collapse occurring first. Then it will simply be a matter of 5 or 10 centuries of rebuilding, after the utter insanity of the leftist paradigm has been made too obvious, by ruin, suffering, and death, to ignore.

So Houstonians, did the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston or any priest down there bother to make a statement against this ordinance, to your knowledge?

Another religious order to avoid: Salesian Missions November 4, 2015

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The Lepanto Institute – an arm of the American Life League – has done some research on the Salesian Missions organization, which frequently hits up faithful Catholics for donations. One of my frustrations of giving to the Church is the regular selling of donor lists that goes on between various religious orders and groups, so that a donation made in good conscience and with charity to one group can result in being inundated by requests from other groups of unknown provenance and adhesion to the Faith.  That is to say, you get hit on by a bunch of dying progressive religious order.

The report Lepanto has produced is most devastating. It appears the Salesian Missions – for some bizarre reason – runs a program called “Life Choices,” and that program is so radically immoral it may as well have come from Planned Barrenhood.  Actually, the reason is not that bizarre, since these “Missions” are overseas aid organizations, and receive the bulk of their funding from the amoral US government and especially the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and since the US government has gone full bore into the spread and encouragement of the most incredibly immoral acts possible, and demands all of its “partners” (recipients of funding) to do the same, this is not such a surprise after all.  It’s CRS all over again:

The Lepanto Institute was recently asked by a supporter if the Salesian Missions was a “safe charity” to donate to.  Not knowing the answer, Lepanto Institute conducted an investigation of the Salesian Missions’ program called “Life Choices,” and discovered that this program is quite similar to just about anything Planned Parenthood would publish.  The program recommends masturbation, encourages condom use, employs emotionally dangerous “role-play” exercises, promotes contraception (including abortifacients like the morning after pill), and even provides contact information for teens to acquire condoms and contraception.  According to the Salesian Missions’ website, over 375,000 kids have been exposed to this program.  Click here for the full report in PDF format.

The Salesian Mission Office, under the guidance of the Eastern USA and Canadian Salesian Province, seeks to provide for the material and spiritual needs of poor and abandoned individuals, especially the young.  The Salesian Missions belong to the order started by St. John “Don” Bosco, the Society of St. Francis de Sales, commonly referred to as “Salesians.  Given what has been discovered, imagine what St. John Bosco would think with the order he founded contributing, not to the sanctification of youth, as was his own mandate, but to their corruption with these immoral programs.

In 2007, PEPFAR reported granting the Salesian Missions $56,599 for HIV prevention programs. Page 259 of this report shows that the Salesian Missions were responsible for providing information on condom use……..

………The following information will come directly from the Salesian Life Choices, “Youth Friendly HIV Counseling & Testing” manual. In this 65 page manual, the word “condom” is mentioned 71 times, and always in promotion of condom use.

Page 9 of the Youth Friendly HIV Counseling and Testing manual makes the intention of the manual clear with regard to the promotion of condoms, saying that “it is crucial that counselors change the stigma around condom use.” Page 36 calls on teens to “condomise,” which means to use a condom every time they have sex, including “anal, oral, vaginal, male-to-male, and female-to-female.” Note the word “choice” on the pictures of condoms. On the same page, a note says they encourage youth to use condoms, “not based on moral reasoning,” but “purely good sense.” It also encourages dental dams for oral sex and finger condoms for mutual masturbation.

It goes on, at length.

Poor St. John Bosco. He deserves better than this.

It makes me so sick, the way Catholic organizations – under agendized, politicized, leftist religious leadership – abuse the good names and trust their founders and pious past engender, to advance revolutionary leftist shibboleths like HIV prevention (really, encouragement of fornication) and “family planning” (abortion and contraception).  All of these organizations deserve the death they dying as the result of their unfaithfulness.  The problem is, many of these dying progressive orders and transitioning to a model of lay-ownership and direction, so that they may live on, continuing the Revolution, decades after their last radical member dies.  It will be a long time before we are rid of them.

In the interim, not one dime. That’s my motto.

h/t MJD

Pope Pius X on the dire need for better catechesis November 4, 2015

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That great pastor of souls and true shepherd of the flock, Giuseppe Sarto, knew the troubles of his times. In the first 4 years of his pontificate he composed 11

Proper gravity

Proper gravity

encyclicals dealing with problems and threats facing the Church.  Of course, the capstone of this great effort of catechesis was the deservedly famous Pascendi Dominici Gregis, St. Pius X’s brilliant condemnation of modernism.  Many traditional-leaning Catholics have read and re-read this encyclical, so important it is not only for reasons of catechesis, but also for understanding and responding to the crisis in the Church.

However, Pascendi was hardly the only worthy encyclical from this holy pontiff.  Another, less well known encyclical on teaching Christian doctrine, Acerbo Nimis, is equally edifying and, even more, badly needed in our time.  If good Pope Pius X thought catechesis was in need of great improvement in his own time, one can only imagine the great pain the Saint would feel if he knew the utterly deplorable state of catechesis in the Church today.

I just highlight some excerpts below, I strongly recommend reading the entire encyclical, which I know few may be inclined to do, but I think if you take the time to do so you will be very pleased you did (my emphasis and comments):

download (1)It is a common complaint, unfortunately too well founded, that there are large numbers of Christians in our own time who are entirely ignorant of those truths necessary for salvation. And when we mention Christians, We refer not only to the masses or to those in the lower walks of life — for these find some excuse for their ignorance in the fact that the demands of their harsh employers hardly leave them time to take care of themselves or of their dear ones — but We refer to those especially who do not lack culture or talents and, indeed, are possessed of abundant knowledge regarding things of the world but live rashly and imprudently with regard to religion. It is hard to find words to describe how profound is the darkness in which they are engulfed and, what is most deplorable of all, how tranquilly they repose there. They rarely give thought to God, the Supreme Author and Ruler of all things, or to the teachings of the faith of Christ. They know nothing of the Incarnation of the Word of God, nothing of the perfect restoration of the human race which He accomplished. Grace, the greatest of the helps for attaining eternal things, the Holy Sacrifice and the Sacraments by which we obtain grace, are entirely unknown to them. They have no conception of the malice and baseness of sin; hence they show no anxiety to avoid sin or to renounce it. [All this should make obvious that the crisis in the Church has been a long time coming. There have always been weak and impious souls, even in the Church’s days of greatest glory and influence, but I am

Autographed photo!

Autographed photo!

quite certain that our current day is enduring a nadir of faith and piety rarely seen in the Church’s long history] And so they arrive at life’s end in such a condition that, lest all hope of salvation be lost, the priest is obliged to give in the last few moments of life a summary teaching of religion, a time which should be devoted to stimulating the soul to greater love for God. And even this as too often happens only when the dying man is not so sinfully ignorant as to look upon the ministration of the priest as useless, and then calmly faces the fearful passage to eternity without making his peace with God. And so Our Predecessor, Benedict XIV, had just cause to write: “We declare that a great number of those who are condemned to eternal punishment suffer that everlasting calamity because of ignorance of those mysteries of faith which must be known and believed in order to be numbered among the elect.” [And these are not only theological mysteries, but those of the moral order, too.  This statement strongly hints that ignorance of Church belief is not a “get out of hell free” card.  Thus the enormity of the crime being perpetrated on souls in the name of a false, really diabolical mercy, wherein they are assured that their sin is not so bad, and are even encouraged to heap sin upon sin in sacrilegious reception of the Blessed Sacrament and much more besides.]

There is then, Venerable Brethren, no reason for wonder that the corruption of morals and depravity of life is already so great, and

With right hand man, the excellent Cardinal Merry Del Val

With right hand man, the excellent Cardinal Merry Del Val

ever increasingly greater, not only among uncivilized peoples but even in those very nations that are called Christian. The Apostle Paul, writing to the Ephesians, repeatedly admonished them in these words: “But immorality and every uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as become saints; or obscenity or foolish talk.” [That pretty much blows the Synod out of the water right there, doesn’t it?] He also places the foundation of holiness and sound morals upon a knowledge of divine things-which holds in check evil desires: “See to it therefore, brethren, that you walk with care: not as unwise but as wise. . . Therefore, do not become foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” And rightly so. For the will of man retains but little of that divinely implanted love of virtue and righteousness by which it was, as it were, attracted strongly toward the real and not merely apparent good. Disordered by the stain of the first sin, and almost forgetful of God, its Author, it improperly turns every affection to a love of vanity and deceit. This erring will, blinded by its own evil desires, has need therefore of a guide to lead it back to the paths of justice whence it has so unfortunately strayed……

……. All this becomes evident on a little reflection. Christian teaching reveals God and His infinite perfection with far greater clarity than is possible by the pio_x4human faculties alone. Nor is that all. This same Christian teaching also commands us to honor God by faith, which is of the mind, by hope, which is of the will, by love, which is of the heart; and thus the whole man is subjected to the supreme Maker and Ruler of all things. The truly remarkable dignity of man as the son of the heavenly Father, in Whose image he is formed, and with Whom he is destined to live in eternal happiness, is also revealed only by the doctrine of Jesus Christ. From this very dignity, and from man’s knowledge of it, Christ showed that men should love one another as brothers, and should live here as become children of light, “not of revelry and drunkenness, not in debauchery and wantonness, not in strife and jealousy.” He also bids us to place all our anxiety and care in the hands of God, for He will provide for us; He tells us to help the poor, to do good to those who hate us, and to prefer the eternal welfare of the soul to the temporal goods of this life. Without wishing to touch on every detail, nevertheless is it not true that the proud man is urged and commanded by the teaching of Christ to strive for humility, the source of true glory? “Whoever, therefore, humbles himself. . . he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”………

654699………We by no means wish to conclude that a perverse will and unbridled conduct may not be joined with a knowledge of religion. Would to God that facts did not too abundantly prove the contrary! But We do maintain that the will cannot be upright nor the conduct good when the mind is shrouded in the darkness of crass ignorance. A man who walks with open eyes may, indeed, turn aside from the right path, but a blind man is in much more imminent danger of wandering away. Furthermore, there is always some hope for a reform of perverse conduct so long as the light of faith is not entirely extinguished; but if lack of faith is added to depraved morality because of ignorance, the evil hardly admits of remedy, and the road to ruin lies open.

How many and how grave are the consequences of ignorance in matters of religion! And on the other hand, how necessary and how beneficial is religious instruction! It is indeed vain to expect a fulfillment of the duties of a Christian by one who does not even know them.

We must now consider upon whom rests the obligation to dissipate this most pernicious ignorance and to impart in its stead the APA-F-00P270-0000knowledge that is wholly indispensable. There can be no doubt, Venerable Brethren, that this most important duty rests upon all who are pastors of souls. On them, by command of Christ, rest the obligations of knowing and of feeding the flocks committed to their care; and to feed implies, first of all, to teach. “I will give you pastors according to my own heart,” God promised through Jeremias, “and they shall feed you with knowledge and doctrine.” Hence the Apostle Paul said: “Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel,“[10] thereby indicating that the first duty of all those who are entrusted in any way with the government of the Church is to instruct the faithful in the things of God.

We do not think it necessary to set forth here the praises of such instruction or to point out how meritorious it is in God’s sight. If, assuredly, the alms with which we relieve the needs of the poor are highly praised by the Lord, how much more precious in His eyes, then, will be the zeal and labor expended in teaching and admonishing, by which we provide not for the passing needs of the body but for the eternal profit of the soul! Nothing, surely, is more desirable, nothing more acceptable to Jesus Christ, the Savior of souls, Who testifies of Himself through Isaias: “To bring good news to the poor he has sent me…….

……… For this reason the Council of Trent, treating of the duties of pastors of souls, decreed that their first and most important work is the instruction of the faithful. [And yet it is in this duty, more than any other, that our pastors have failed us over the past 50+ years.]

———–End Quote———-

image02So that’s roughly half the encyclical, and since this post is now coming up on 2000 words, that’s enough.

The bit at the end is key.  Failure to teach the orthodox faith (as opposed to a modernist simulacrum of same) hasn’t been an accident.  It’s been a deliberate part of the plan for the success of the internal Revolution against the Church.  Thus the Synod can be seen as a sort of culmination of decades of effort to leave the “faithful” ignorant and confused, in the hopes of being able to either win them over to the modernist heresy (a very successful project thus far), or to at least leave them so poorly formed as to be unable to respond, in any effective numbers, to each revolutionary advance.  They’ve been very successful in that regard, too.

But woe to them who call evil good, and good evil.  As we see from the Saint Pope Sarto, it is the highest duty of a pastor to form the souls in his charge in the faith.  The vast majority have failed, and in spectacular fashion, for decades now. Most of that failure has been deliberate, as the pastors themselves did not hold the orthodox Faith and were interested in seeing the Revolution succeed, to varying degrees.  We can imagine, then, the judgment, the recompense these men will face.  I pray they somehow convert before their death, but seeing as how most of these men reject the reality of hell, I don’t see how.  Most are very, very proud of their role in “modernizing” the Church.  They would be pitiable, if their ministrations had not inflicted the likelihood of damnation on so many other, much more innocent souls.


Pope Pius X went grey early. I have good company!

Video report of protest outside new satanic “church” in Spring, TX November 4, 2015

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A nice video from TFP on the protest outside the new satanic sect house that has sprung up in, uh……Spring, TX.  It looks like a good 100+ turned out, probably far more than will attend this new house of darkness and pure evil at any one time.  Good on all those who attended.  I know TFP tends slightly towards self-promotion, AND some folks have problems with their past behavior (most of which seems to have occurred 20+ years ago, and most of which is unsubstantiated (apparently Bishop Castro de Meyer did express concerns over them at one time)), but they also seem to be one of the few Catholic groups out there on the front lines fighting the descent of society into a neo-pagan, neo-barbaric rat hole.

Be that as it may, while I have no real affiliation with the group (full disclosure: one time my wife and I helped some of them find a place to stay when visiting Dallas) I do find value in much of what they do.

A man is interviewed relaying his disconcert at satanists belief in Lucifer, which implies a belief in God.  In truth, this is often the case, many satanists do acknowledge that God exists, many even acknowledge the Christian expression of God, but they simply, and deliberately, choose the other side, as it were.  We have reports from former satanists who make plain they knew they were siding against God and His Church, and did so with a willing heart.  They do this because these are deeply sick and wounded people, who are so screwed up they prefer a few years of “pleasure” (which rarely, if ever materializes) here, for an eternity in damnation. Now, they often twist Christian belief, turning it upside down, pretending that hell isn’t all that bad, or that they will somehow be “accepted” by satan and his fallen angels as one of their own, and thus have some kind of “power” after their death, but this is just an example of the kind of foolishness to which lost souls will descend.

Satan is a liar and a murderer from the beginning.  The souls who fall under his power don’t experience lightness and happiness, they experience misery.  There is a close correlation between satanism and heavy drug use and involvement in the drug trade.  Of course, sins against the 6th and 9th commandments figure prominently in such cases.  Most satanists have serious untreated mental illness and/or substance abuse problems.  They are truly lost souls.

I’m very gratified there were a lot of people that came out to witness for the Truth of Jesus Christ.  I pray this abomination ceases to exist immediately, and that the poor souls who have fallen under satan’s influence find the peace and contentment that comes only from resting in the loving embrace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I will say one last bit: it appears once again it was the laity leading this kind of spiritual response/warfare. For cases like this, it is really appropriate, and necessary, to see our priests leading much more often.  The same applies to the vigils souls keep outside abortion mills. Priests are seen, but rarely. I know many dioceses, likely including this one, have formal or informal policies that frown on priests spending “too much” time in such endeavors.  Our priests are primarily branch managers in a large multinational corporation, they need to focus on their business duties, don’t you know!  Shockingly, this kind of thinking really does apply, and explains, to a good extent, why priests are so rarely seen engaged in such spiritual warfare. Priests who do so are viewed as having “too much time on their hands” or improper priorities, and are often given additional, unpleasant duties to keep them occupied.  In the few dioceses where priests are positively encouraged to lead the faithful in this vital warfare, the results are most often phenomenal.

So, should the Church be “welcoming” to satanists,” look for their “positive elements” and “accompany them” on their path?  A whole new ecumenical vista may be opening before our eyes! Oh, the glorious conferences at wonderful resorts!  Oh, the endless reports and meetings!  Why, it could keep dozens of bishops and priests occupied for centuries!