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Video report of protest outside new satanic “church” in Spring, TX November 4, 2015

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A nice video from TFP on the protest outside the new satanic sect house that has sprung up in, uh……Spring, TX.  It looks like a good 100+ turned out, probably far more than will attend this new house of darkness and pure evil at any one time.  Good on all those who attended.  I know TFP tends slightly towards self-promotion, AND some folks have problems with their past behavior (most of which seems to have occurred 20+ years ago, and most of which is unsubstantiated (apparently Bishop Castro de Meyer did express concerns over them at one time)), but they also seem to be one of the few Catholic groups out there on the front lines fighting the descent of society into a neo-pagan, neo-barbaric rat hole.

Be that as it may, while I have no real affiliation with the group (full disclosure: one time my wife and I helped some of them find a place to stay when visiting Dallas) I do find value in much of what they do.

A man is interviewed relaying his disconcert at satanists belief in Lucifer, which implies a belief in God.  In truth, this is often the case, many satanists do acknowledge that God exists, many even acknowledge the Christian expression of God, but they simply, and deliberately, choose the other side, as it were.  We have reports from former satanists who make plain they knew they were siding against God and His Church, and did so with a willing heart.  They do this because these are deeply sick and wounded people, who are so screwed up they prefer a few years of “pleasure” (which rarely, if ever materializes) here, for an eternity in damnation. Now, they often twist Christian belief, turning it upside down, pretending that hell isn’t all that bad, or that they will somehow be “accepted” by satan and his fallen angels as one of their own, and thus have some kind of “power” after their death, but this is just an example of the kind of foolishness to which lost souls will descend.

Satan is a liar and a murderer from the beginning.  The souls who fall under his power don’t experience lightness and happiness, they experience misery.  There is a close correlation between satanism and heavy drug use and involvement in the drug trade.  Of course, sins against the 6th and 9th commandments figure prominently in such cases.  Most satanists have serious untreated mental illness and/or substance abuse problems.  They are truly lost souls.

I’m very gratified there were a lot of people that came out to witness for the Truth of Jesus Christ.  I pray this abomination ceases to exist immediately, and that the poor souls who have fallen under satan’s influence find the peace and contentment that comes only from resting in the loving embrace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I will say one last bit: it appears once again it was the laity leading this kind of spiritual response/warfare. For cases like this, it is really appropriate, and necessary, to see our priests leading much more often.  The same applies to the vigils souls keep outside abortion mills. Priests are seen, but rarely. I know many dioceses, likely including this one, have formal or informal policies that frown on priests spending “too much” time in such endeavors.  Our priests are primarily branch managers in a large multinational corporation, they need to focus on their business duties, don’t you know!  Shockingly, this kind of thinking really does apply, and explains, to a good extent, why priests are so rarely seen engaged in such spiritual warfare. Priests who do so are viewed as having “too much time on their hands” or improper priorities, and are often given additional, unpleasant duties to keep them occupied.  In the few dioceses where priests are positively encouraged to lead the faithful in this vital warfare, the results are most often phenomenal.

So, should the Church be “welcoming” to satanists,” look for their “positive elements” and “accompany them” on their path?  A whole new ecumenical vista may be opening before our eyes! Oh, the glorious conferences at wonderful resorts!  Oh, the endless reports and meetings!  Why, it could keep dozens of bishops and priests occupied for centuries!



1. glmcreations - November 4, 2015

The next Sin-od will be sensitive to these devil worshippers who in the “internal forum” of their consciences justify satanic practices. The “mercy bullies” will re-write Christ’s words and tell them – “Go and sin on more.” And so long as they pay their church tax in Germany, they will be able to receive Holy Communion side-by-side with those still living in adultery and those engaging in homosexual acts. Guy McClung, San Anmtonio, Texas

2. C matt - November 4, 2015

I can hardly wait for the joint statement on justification

Tantumblogo - November 4, 2015


3. tg - November 4, 2015

Thanks for the video. TFP do a lot to fight the culture. They always have petitions to sign protesting blasphemous events that are being held in various states or asking universities to uphold Catholic teaching. They’re the only Catholic group I know that does this. You’re correct in what you say about priests being involved in battling spiritual warfare.

4. jay - November 6, 2015

You are nuts
Darwin did not want to destroy the faith
He lost it while investigating nature
Check your facts first

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