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Catholic Glory: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato November 5, 2015

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Well this is a place I’ll have to visit before I die.  San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico is a historic city with many wonderfully preserved, and amazingly beautiful, Catholic churches.  Prime among these is the Sanctuario de Jesus Nazareno de Atotonilco (located in a small town just outside San Miguel and built under the direction of a Father Neri between 1740 and 1776).  I just stumbled on both the town and the Sanctuary accidentally recently on Wikipedia (yes, I’m that bizarre, I actually just sit and read encyclopedias, I have since I was a kid).

Just a bunch of pics below, mostly from the Sanctuario, but also of some other churches in the town of San Miguel.  The town is I guess very much a tourist destination these days which has resulted in many historic churches being well preserved and maintained.  Lots of really well executed baroque art and architecture. The Counter-Reformation at its finest. I pray one day, after the Counter-Modernist reform, we’ll see a new great new revival of beautiful Church art and architecture, perhaps in some new style, just as baroque evolved from Gothic and Romanesque.

Santuario_de_Jesús_Nazareno_de_Atotonilco_interior_parte_9 Santuario_de_Jesús_Nazareno_de_Atotonilco_interior_parte2 WornWoodAtotonilco PanelRightAltarAtotonilco PanelLeftAltarAtotonilco ChapelChristAtotonilco CeilingPaintingsAtotonilco1 Atotonilco,_Guanajuato 1280px-Atotonilco_dome ArchpartAtotonilco 800px-Atotonilco_detail 1280px-Atotonilco_guanajuato_church AboveChapelEntAtotonilco 1280px-Santuario_Atotonilco 800px-NaveAtotonilco2 800px-Atotonilco_holy_sepulchre 800px-AltarMaryAtotonilco 800px-FacadeParishMiguelAllende SanMiguel_deAllendeChurch San_Miguel_de_Allende_sky

Yeah, one day I’m taking a driving tour of Mexico.  If the narcos war ever ends.


1. skeinster - November 5, 2015

Wow- I spent six weeks in San Miguel in the summer of 1969 on a school trip. It had a large colonly of American artists and was as beautiful as the photos.

The family that my roomie and I lived with were actually ecclesiastical metalsmiths and had a workshop in the house. What a pity my Spanish was too minimal for me to appreciate that.

The way the Faith was so intertwined with everyday life, as well as the various churches, made a big impression on me. I know there was a lot of cultural Catholicism involved, but it was touching nonetheless, and was another breadcrumb in my path to the Church.

2. tg - November 5, 2015

Awesome. Not that is a church! Is this in the state of Guanajuato? My dad was from that state and so were my maternal grandparents. My grandparents were very devout and passed on the faith to my mother. I wanted to take my dad to Guanjuato before he died but then I started hearing about the drug cartel and I got scared.

3. S. Armaticus - November 5, 2015

I’ll settle for a Baroque revival. 🙂

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