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Speaking of Demonrat moral atrocities……the normalization of pedophilia continues apace November 6, 2015

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They want your kids. This is not a fringe movement, any longer. It has mainstream support.  Witness the admittedly click-bait whoring Salon.com, with several recent articles attempting to humanize and normalize pedophiles, while castigating those who rightly fear and loathe pedophiles as the real monsters (safe link):

“I’m a Pedophile, But Not a Monster” was the headline on a particularly egregious recent example of Salon-dot-com’s habit of making soi-disant“counterintuitive” arguments on behalf of sexual deviance. Over the years, they have done this with every imaginable perversion and fetish. Nothing is too weird or too kinky for Salon-dot-com, whose editors are enthusiastically in favor of every kind of sex except normal sex. Your regular variety of husband-and-wife, penis-and-vagina sexuality — no, Salon-dot-com never has anything to say in praise of the kind of normal sex that normal people have. Instead, they’re always looking for the Confession of Strange Sex story/……

The pro-pedophile stance of Salon-dot-com could be seen as just another example of their attempting to get cheap clicks, boosting their traffic by appealing to readers with perverse sexual appetites, i.e., Obama voters.

So when Salon-dot-com provided a platform to self-confessed pedophile Todd Nickerson, the Internet went wild with condemnation. The peasants in the online village wanted to take their digital pitchforks after Nickerson, to burn him at the Internet stake. Announcing himself to the world as a Creepy Dude Who Wants to Have Sex With Kids was not the kind of gesture for which pedophile Todd Nickerson could have expected to be praised, and yet the creepy dude nonetheless pretended to be shocked — shocked! — by the angry reaction:

I’m a pedophile, you’re the monsters: My
week inside the vile right-wing hate machine

My pedophilia essay outraged the right. My attempt to
humanize a real problem brought out their nastiest rage

You see? According to Salon-dot-com, you have nothing to fear from theCreepy Dude Who Wants to Have Sex With Kids. Instead, Salon-dot-com would have you believe, the real danger is “the vile right-wing hate machine.” It is the eagerness of Salon-dot-com’s editors to promote this bizarre worldview, in which Republicans are more dangerous than pedophiles, that makes “investors” willing to lose millions of dollars year after year to keep that crappy web site online.

Breitbart.com’s John Sexton had the distinction of being singled out by Todd Nickerson as an example of “vile right-wing hate,” and you see what that is about: Nothing says “right-wing hate” in the liberal mind more than the name “Breitbart” — you remember him, the guy who exposed a Democrat congressman as a pervert? Democrat politicians are perverts because Democrat voters are perverts who support Democrat policies that promote perversion, which are always praised by the Democrat perverts who write for sites like Salon-dot-com……..

These “progressive” perverts celebrate the murder of innocent babies in the womb, and want to “humanize” child molesters, and you are guilty of “vile hate” if you disapprove of their agenda. But wait, look, here is yet another writer at Salon-dot-com, lamenting that an “intellectually curious” pedophile was arrested for trying to meet with a 10-year-old girl:

I tell friends, colleagues, and strangers I meet . . . when they fail to understand why I am sympathetic towards pedophiles, “How would you feel if you couldn’t ever have sex with anyone? What if you also couldn’t look at the porn you liked because it was illegal, and couldn’t confide in anyone for support?” By this point, most people begin nodding their heads in agreement.

This is not just internet outrage generation or click-whoring for $$$. This is exactly how the sexular pagan left has pushed through legalization of abortion, contraception, divorce on demand, pseudo-sodo-marriage, and everything else over the past 50 years. It starts by humanizing the perverse by lying about the reality of their evil acts, portraying them in a sympathetic light through very rare examples of relatively “harmless cases,” or ones that seem “unfair,” and then absolutely demonizing all opposition as heartless and cruel.  Leftists have succeeded for decades at making normal, moral individuals into the “freaks” and those who commit the most hateful, soul-destroying sins the “victims.”  They are doing it here.  This is not accidental. If you check out the links above and other material at McCain’s site, you’ll see the left is positively starting to rally around pedophiles.

And McCain is probably right, that they are doing so because they have so addled their minds and souls through porn use, self abuse, and unfulfilling random acts with strangers, that they have fallen themselves into this horrific disordered lust themselves.  Private sin begets public heresy.  It’s all of a piece.

I don’t know how we’re going to manage to keep our kids safe 20 years from now.


The sickness never ends: Democrats push for “marriage” between father and adopted son November 6, 2015

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Something that normal folks, not given to sodomitical inclinations, do not know about these relationships is the disgusting “daddy-son” character that almost all of them involve.  This is a driving force behind the frequent wide age discrepancies between “partners” in relatively long term relationships (that only survive due to their open nation and constant involvement of others).  Very conservative writer and feminist gadfly Milo Yiannopoulos, who is also an active sodomite, has described the weird tensions and bizarre psychologies that play out in sodomitical relationships, as those involved sort out “who is daddy.”  He himself has related being repulsed by such psychodramas, which aversion he uses to justify his serial acting out with others in one night hour stands.

So it was that a few years ago a sodomite “adopted” his much younger lover, for the tax benefits that were in it (who on earth permitted this?!?).  Now that pseudo-sodo-marriage is recognized by the state, they are suing to have the adoption dissolved so they can pretend to marry.  And they have powerful demonrat backers – including supposed Catholic Senator Bob Casey – supporting them.  The demonrats will refuse no demand of their large and hugely influential sexular pagan constituency.

Welcome to the endlessly disgusting brave new world of the sexular pagans:

Three years ago, Nino Esposito adopted his adult gay lover, Roland Bosee, Jr., as his legal son in order to save money on future inheritance taxes. [How on earth do you adopt an adult, and one you’re sexually involved with?!?  How in the heck did that happen?  FYI, Pennsylvania is seriously messed up] Now that homosexual “marriage” is legal in Pennsylvania, they went to court to dissolve that legal adoption so as to “wed.”

Judge Lawrence J. O’Toole, of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, told the men that state law didn’t give him the power to dissolve a legal adoption, unless there was fraud involved.

Now Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is asking the Obama administration to strongarm the judge. [Which would not be the first time the Obama Administration has done so. They threatened the Fifth Circuit Court, set to rule on Obama’s violation of US immigration law in granting “executive amnesty” to hundreds of thousands of illegals, just this week.]

Sen. Casey wrote a letter asking U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Obama White House to “issue guidance for courts across the country” in the matter. Casey hopes to set a national precedent for homosexuals, “so that gay couples who have previously entered into adoptions can annul them in order to receive marriage licenses.” [Just how incredibly wrong is this?!?  How many of these people can there be! As you will see below, Casey is simply doing the bidding of his sodomite masters.  He needs their money to fund his future campaigns, and if the country has to be destroyed and countless souls lost in the process, well, that’s a small price to pay for electoral victory, right?!?]

Judge O’Toole noted in his ruling that the primary purpose of Esposito adopting Bosee was for money, to reduce the Pennsylvania inheritance tax payable upon the death of one of the men from 15% to 4%, “as the two men would now be in a parent-child relationship instead of a third party relationship.” [Sheesh.  Ever notice the marked greed of those given to this perverse inclination?]

Sen. Casey even told the president how to legalize the dissolving of gay adoptions. His letter said the administration’s “guidance” could be based on decisions other judges have made that allow the dissolution of adoptions, and Casey noted a Bucks County judge who annulled a homosexual couple’s adoption.

Gay activists showered praise on Casey. “I love Senator Casey for taking a position,” LGBTQ lawyer Helen Casale said.

“The ACLU is hopeful that the Superior Court will apply established legal principles to allow annulment of adoptions by same-sex couples who that [sic] they can finally partake of their constitutional right to marry,” Witold Walczak, the legal director ofACLU Pennsylvania, said. [It is incredible the lies the left pedals to get their way.  First, they aren’t hardly “couples,” in the sense the vast majority would recognize, they are free-wheeling fornicators who happen to co-habitate. The “established legal principles” are based totally on will to power and made up on the fly, they descend from nary a first principle, save “I want.”  And “constitutional right to marry”……can you see where that will lead?  Groups? Incest?  Children?  It’s coming, mark me, it’s all coming.]

Because adoption law is a state prerogative, the White House “may have to be creative and devise a [response] that’s respectful of a court’s prerogatives,” Casey said. [In other words, utterly lawless.]

We live in a sick time.  And it’s only getting worse.

Remember, Bob Casey can and does receive the Blessed Sacrament whenever he wants.  He constantly adds sacrilege to his mountain of other sins.  Poor wicked lost souls.  What a disaster.

Warning for Catholic Facebook users: “Anthony Perlas” November 6, 2015

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Someone has been spoofing names of Traditional Catholic groups on Facebook.  The individual doing this is named “Anthony Perlas.” He has operated a site that has contained pornographic or semi-pornographic material called “Latin Mass Society of the United States,” and recently seized control of the defunct Audio Sancto Facebook group and was spoofing that.  It appears he may have lost control of that group.  A statement from the real Audio Sancto Facebook page below:

Yesterday I learned that Anthony Perlas had (1) somehow managed to get administrative control of the old group, and (2) had changed all of the branding of the group to refer to his operation. I contacted Mr. Perlas, informed him that I’m the administrator of AudioSancto.org, the Audio Sancto Facebook page, and formerly of that group as well (before FB nuked my account as described above), and sent him proofs of that admin status which he has accepted as genuine. The current status is this: he says he’s willing to return admin control of the group to me “as soon as we can have a Skype call” which was supposed to happen last night (he informed me of a last-minute scheduling conflict about two minutes before we were due to talk). I’m in email communication with Mr. Perlas and working on scheduling a call, after which I expect him to transfer administrative control of the website per his word.

That’s the current status; updates will be posted here.

I never get on Facebook.  Anthony Perlas has nothing to do with the FSSP or any valid TLM group.  He apparently has caused a lot of confusion and problems.  As a local priest stated, have nothing to do with him.