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The sickness never ends: Democrats push for “marriage” between father and adopted son November 6, 2015

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Something that normal folks, not given to sodomitical inclinations, do not know about these relationships is the disgusting “daddy-son” character that almost all of them involve.  This is a driving force behind the frequent wide age discrepancies between “partners” in relatively long term relationships (that only survive due to their open nation and constant involvement of others).  Very conservative writer and feminist gadfly Milo Yiannopoulos, who is also an active sodomite, has described the weird tensions and bizarre psychologies that play out in sodomitical relationships, as those involved sort out “who is daddy.”  He himself has related being repulsed by such psychodramas, which aversion he uses to justify his serial acting out with others in one night hour stands.

So it was that a few years ago a sodomite “adopted” his much younger lover, for the tax benefits that were in it (who on earth permitted this?!?).  Now that pseudo-sodo-marriage is recognized by the state, they are suing to have the adoption dissolved so they can pretend to marry.  And they have powerful demonrat backers – including supposed Catholic Senator Bob Casey – supporting them.  The demonrats will refuse no demand of their large and hugely influential sexular pagan constituency.

Welcome to the endlessly disgusting brave new world of the sexular pagans:

Three years ago, Nino Esposito adopted his adult gay lover, Roland Bosee, Jr., as his legal son in order to save money on future inheritance taxes. [How on earth do you adopt an adult, and one you’re sexually involved with?!?  How in the heck did that happen?  FYI, Pennsylvania is seriously messed up] Now that homosexual “marriage” is legal in Pennsylvania, they went to court to dissolve that legal adoption so as to “wed.”

Judge Lawrence J. O’Toole, of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, told the men that state law didn’t give him the power to dissolve a legal adoption, unless there was fraud involved.

Now Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is asking the Obama administration to strongarm the judge. [Which would not be the first time the Obama Administration has done so. They threatened the Fifth Circuit Court, set to rule on Obama’s violation of US immigration law in granting “executive amnesty” to hundreds of thousands of illegals, just this week.]

Sen. Casey wrote a letter asking U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Obama White House to “issue guidance for courts across the country” in the matter. Casey hopes to set a national precedent for homosexuals, “so that gay couples who have previously entered into adoptions can annul them in order to receive marriage licenses.” [Just how incredibly wrong is this?!?  How many of these people can there be! As you will see below, Casey is simply doing the bidding of his sodomite masters.  He needs their money to fund his future campaigns, and if the country has to be destroyed and countless souls lost in the process, well, that’s a small price to pay for electoral victory, right?!?]

Judge O’Toole noted in his ruling that the primary purpose of Esposito adopting Bosee was for money, to reduce the Pennsylvania inheritance tax payable upon the death of one of the men from 15% to 4%, “as the two men would now be in a parent-child relationship instead of a third party relationship.” [Sheesh.  Ever notice the marked greed of those given to this perverse inclination?]

Sen. Casey even told the president how to legalize the dissolving of gay adoptions. His letter said the administration’s “guidance” could be based on decisions other judges have made that allow the dissolution of adoptions, and Casey noted a Bucks County judge who annulled a homosexual couple’s adoption.

Gay activists showered praise on Casey. “I love Senator Casey for taking a position,” LGBTQ lawyer Helen Casale said.

“The ACLU is hopeful that the Superior Court will apply established legal principles to allow annulment of adoptions by same-sex couples who that [sic] they can finally partake of their constitutional right to marry,” Witold Walczak, the legal director ofACLU Pennsylvania, said. [It is incredible the lies the left pedals to get their way.  First, they aren’t hardly “couples,” in the sense the vast majority would recognize, they are free-wheeling fornicators who happen to co-habitate. The “established legal principles” are based totally on will to power and made up on the fly, they descend from nary a first principle, save “I want.”  And “constitutional right to marry”……can you see where that will lead?  Groups? Incest?  Children?  It’s coming, mark me, it’s all coming.]

Because adoption law is a state prerogative, the White House “may have to be creative and devise a [response] that’s respectful of a court’s prerogatives,” Casey said. [In other words, utterly lawless.]

We live in a sick time.  And it’s only getting worse.

Remember, Bob Casey can and does receive the Blessed Sacrament whenever he wants.  He constantly adds sacrilege to his mountain of other sins.  Poor wicked lost souls.  What a disaster.



1. tg - November 6, 2015

This is sick. You’re right it gets worse every day.

2. Margaret Costello - November 6, 2015

I’ve met this man, his family is close to my sister in law’s family. His father, Bob Sr. who was staunchly pro life, would be horrified at what his son is doing. May Our Lord lift the veil from his mind before it’s too late. God bless~

Brian E. Breslin - November 6, 2015

Indeed you are right, Margaret. Governor Casey was a much loved man who was a strong and brave prolife politician and who was vilified by his own party for his conscientious stance. And who can ever forget how the Clinton machine, which was still in its infancy, prevented Governor Casey from speaking at the ’92 Convention? They basically did a stalinistic purge of the DNC ranks of prolifers when they attained control of the national party.
Senator Casey is a very weak man who knws he has failed his Father’s legacy.

3. Brian E. Breslin - November 6, 2015

Remember how the Clintons prevented Governor Casey from addressing the Democratic National Convention in ’92. Governor Casey was an outstandingly good man who was vilified by his own party for his prolife stands. After the Clintons attained control of the Party, there was basically a stalinistic purge of prolifers from the Democratic ranks, especially in leadership roles, and the pro abortion litmus test became the rule. Senator Casey on the other hand is an extremely weak man who is owned totally by the death legions. He has come to realize he has failed his Father’s legacy as his voting record attests.

4. Don - November 6, 2015

Of course things are getting worse, and they will continue to worsen. The only bastion is Christ’s own Church which is in itself a mess since Vatican II, now pandering to so many. And until a Pope fulfills Mary’s request to Consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, things will spiral downwards.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Father Gruner, pray for us.


5. Brian E. Breslin - November 6, 2015

Senator Casey has blackened his Father’s legacy. Governor Casey was such a good and brave man who was prevented from speaking out for Life at the ’92 convention by the Clintons. And once they attained leadership of the Democratic Party, they conducted a stalinistic purge of most prolife Democrats from any type of leadership position in the Party. That was when pro abortion became the litmus test for that party. Sadly, Senator Casey is part of that evil.

6. Barbara Hvilivitzky - November 8, 2015

What this will bring is people like Elton John dissolving the adoption of his sons (sic) so he can marry them/him. This is demonic. Awhile back it was sort of trendy among the rad-trads to say ‘this is dominic!’ But now is the time when that phrase takes on reality.
Pope Leo XIII heard Our Lord give the Devil 100 years to do his worst. We’re seeing this play out.

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