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Warning for Catholic Facebook users: “Anthony Perlas” November 6, 2015

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Someone has been spoofing names of Traditional Catholic groups on Facebook.  The individual doing this is named “Anthony Perlas.” He has operated a site that has contained pornographic or semi-pornographic material called “Latin Mass Society of the United States,” and recently seized control of the defunct Audio Sancto Facebook group and was spoofing that.  It appears he may have lost control of that group.  A statement from the real Audio Sancto Facebook page below:

Yesterday I learned that Anthony Perlas had (1) somehow managed to get administrative control of the old group, and (2) had changed all of the branding of the group to refer to his operation. I contacted Mr. Perlas, informed him that I’m the administrator of AudioSancto.org, the Audio Sancto Facebook page, and formerly of that group as well (before FB nuked my account as described above), and sent him proofs of that admin status which he has accepted as genuine. The current status is this: he says he’s willing to return admin control of the group to me “as soon as we can have a Skype call” which was supposed to happen last night (he informed me of a last-minute scheduling conflict about two minutes before we were due to talk). I’m in email communication with Mr. Perlas and working on scheduling a call, after which I expect him to transfer administrative control of the website per his word.

That’s the current status; updates will be posted here.

I never get on Facebook.  Anthony Perlas has nothing to do with the FSSP or any valid TLM group.  He apparently has caused a lot of confusion and problems.  As a local priest stated, have nothing to do with him.



1. Tim - November 6, 2015
2. contramundum - November 7, 2015

It appears that Mr. “Anthony Tridentine” has a new full-blown neo-nazi image up on his Tumblr, complete with a #heilhitler hashtag.

This is public information concerning Mr. Perlas. It was obtained from the public domain. I encourage people to give Mr. Perlas a phone call and request that he desist from using the name Latin Mass in his group.

Phone: 1-760-650-2043

3. Baseballmom - November 7, 2015

Left Facebook two years ago…. One of my better decisions 😀

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