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Late Flightline Friday: ACEVAL/AIMVAL November 9, 2015

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Well, late or early, depending on how you look at it.

In the Korean War, the United States, in spite of fighting against MiG-15s very close in overall capability to the F-86 Sabre, managed to achieve a 10:1 kill ratio in air to air combat.  In Vietnam, that fell to 2:1, over the course of the war.  For extended periods, it was 1:1. Now part of that was silly – F-105s, which were really long-range light bombers and should have been B-78s or something like that – were counted in the kill ratios.   The Air Force fighter mafia got hoisted on their own petard in that one by insisting on calling everything a “fighter.”

Nevertheless, even if you restricted the comparison to Phantom vs. MiG, the exchange ratio was still not very good: about 2.75:1.

Even worse, new technologies emerging in the 70s made clear that small, maneuverable fighters armed with all-aspect IR-seeking missiles would win a close-in fight about as often as not.  Restrictive rules of engagement have long negated the advantage large US aircraft with powerful radars had, since the ROE demanded visual ID before launching a missile. By that time, the smaller adversary may have already tossed off an all aspect IR homing missile at you.  Exchange ratios were forecast to be really bad.

In order to figure out just how bad, and to help drive future procurement decisions, two important (and unusually long, complex, and involved) studies were undertaken, in the air, for realz, at Nellis Air Force Base: the Air Combat Evaluation (ACEVAL) and the Air Intercept Missile Evaluation (AIMVAL).  Some brief description:
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The Air Combat Evaluation (ACEVAL) and the Air Intercept Missile Evaluation (AIMVAL) were two back-to-back Joint Test & Evaluations chartered by the United States Department of Defense that ran from 1974-78 at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Both the U. S. Air Force and Navy participated, contributing a team of F-15 Eagle and F-14 Tomcat fighter aircraft and using the local F-5E Aggressor aircraft as the Red Force. The fundamental question that needed to be answered was one of “quantity vs quality”. Mock engagements showed that cheaper, lower-technology fighters armed with all-aspect missiles were able to destroy the more advanced, expensive F-15’s and F-14’s. These results of the AIMVAL/ACEVAL testing led to the Air Force decision to structure its fighter forces with a balance of cheaper F-16’s along with the more expensive F-15’s, and the Navy took a similar strategy in procuring cheaper F-18’s along with the more expensive F-14’s. The results had other impacts as well, such as decisions regarding missile development……..

Northrop Grumman released a helpful series of videos covering the history of ACEVAL/AIMVAL and its finding, especially from the Tomcat community perspective.  The four videos below take you through the history preceding the trials, the genesis of the trials, the outcomes, and their impact on tactical aircraft development. Yes they’re really an extended commercial for the Tomcat from the 70s, but that’s ok.  Sometimes informecials are informative.  Most of all,though, they have some really awesome air combat footage, which I know you’ll enjoy.




A searing analysis of the errors of Vatican II November 9, 2015

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I’ve both praised, and raised some caution over, HJA Sire’s Phoenix from the Ashes.  I have found myself disagreeing with some of the author’s reasoning as I’ve read deeper into the book, but that focuses primarily on his lack of understanding of capitalism and some minor asides that I have found rather silly.  However, that there is enormous gold in the book is also very clear, and the good so far outweighs the bad.  His thorough destruction of the errors of Vatican II – for that is how he terms them, in fact, not just errors, but heresies – is as good and concise a destruction of some of the most glaring problems from that sordid Council as I have ever read.  In four pages, from pp. 201-5, he just takes apart the liberal lies regarding the Council, and the shockingly underhanded and devious tactics they used to achieve their aim.  I’m going to excerpt heavily from those four pages, in what might take two posts due to length.  Rather than waste your time with my prattling, I’ll just jump right in (my emphasis and comments):

The examples of irregularities in the Council [taken] from R.M. Wiltgren’s account……gain force from the fact that the author was a sympathizer with the progressive’s aims, but could not help marveling (if not rebelling) at their tactics.  It should be noticed that, with novamissaone exception, the bias went all one way, towards the imposition of the liberal program and silencing of its opponents…….There is no counterbalancing action of the other side constraining the modernizers. The first two sessions of the Council were distinguished by the campaign to present the Curia as a tyrannical imposition of the Church’s liberty; yet the Curia were powerless, because both John XXIII and Paul VI left it in the lurch. [Quite an understatement. JXXIII and PVI sided with the progressives at almost every major opportunity in the Council’s first two years, even as they watched their own Curia be treated as a whipping boy, the fantastical object of every leftist’s ire]  The only tyranny was the one exercised by the progressives. One hardly needs to point out the gap between the Council’s tactics and its claims of introducing a regime of tolerance and benignity in the Church.  Tolerance, to the liberals, meant tolerance only for themselves. [Of course. That has always been the way of the Revolution going back 500 years.  Liberty for me, draconian repression for thee once I gain power.]

……..More peculiar to the Second Vatican Council were the undue influences of the periti, of national blocks in the council, of the world press outside it, and of the rage of the time for an “ecumenical” – in practice a protestantizing – policy.  In the first two respects, the Council can be compared to that of Florence, with its preponderance of the lower clergy and its organization by national groups; and we may think it no coincidence that the assembly generated the heresy of conciliarism.  [Wow. Later, author Sire is to demonstrate conclusively how conciliarism is a heresy. I will surely share that with you, God willing]

Accompanying these faults is the un-Catholic spirit that permeated VII.  A striking example of it is in the war waged by the progressives, in the name of ecumenism, against devotion to Our Lady.  The trend had set in before the Council opened, Pope John Paul II Kissing Koranwhen John XXIII visited the Shrine of Loreto in 1962 and was criticized for his tactless offence against the ecumenical movement.  In the Council itself the contamination was taken further.  One can trace the bitter spirit of the progressives in the remarks of Yves Congar, [the man who worshiped Luther] who spoke contemptuously in private of “Mariano-Christianity” and of “fanatical Mariologists.”  In 1964, at the prompting of Karl Rahner, the German bishops urged the rejection of the schema On the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, and wished to restrict mention of Our Lady to the schema on the Church. [Sadly they were permitted to succeed, again due to failure of papal intervention] ………When it was proposed to include Our Lady’s title of Mediatrix in the Council’s texts, the progressive cardinals, including Leger (of Montreal), Dopfner, Bea, and Alfrink, led the opposition to it.  An unholy bargain produced the compromise that they would accept the use of the title on condition that the Council dropped the proposal to declare Mary Mother of the Church.  The spectacle of a council of the Church playing politics with the titles of the Virgin Mary, to win the applause of heretical onlookers, is among the most offensive provided by Vatican II. [Can you imagine?  You think they had much love for Our Lady?]  Here again, Pope Paul was moved to act against the ascendancy he had himself set up.  On November 21, 1964, he proclaimed the title on his own authority, an action that caused Hans Kung to denounce the “promulgation of the misleading title Mater Ecclesiae against the expressed wish of the council majority, [lie, what he means is the majority of modernist periti] which will arouse in non-Catholic Christendom great indignation, and grave doubts as to the genuinely ecumenical sympathies of the pope.”  These words, with their assumption that non-Catholic Christendom was to be identified with protestantism, are representative of the progressive outlook; and the indignation attributed to those outside the Church was all on the part of the modernists inside it……… [Is their anyone more hidebound, more insular, more provincial than a progressive ideologue?  Do you notice once again how progressives project onto others their own failings and shortcomings?]

…..From the zeal for ecumenism sprang some other distortions…….in the 1960s, the strength of ecumenical considerations was paramount and dictated great deference to the protestant observers.  Thus, the Lutheran delegate Professor Oscar Cullmann was to be found remarking early in the first session, “I am more and more amazed every morning at the way we really PopekissesdePaolishand-640x426form a part of the council.” In an article in January 1964, Fr. Schillebeeckx avowed, “One is astonished to find oneself more in sympathy with the thinking of Christian, non-Catholic ‘observers’ than with the views of one’s own brethren on the other side of the dividing line. The accusation of connivance with the Reformation is therefore not without foundation.” [Rare candor from the scheming Schillebeeckx, who generally preferred to work in the dark, as his open embrace of heresy indicates. How HJA Sire could possibly claim Schillebeeckx was not a heretic on the eve of the Council is beyond me – if he wasn’t the day before the first day of session 1, he became one the next day]  The astonishment, one must say, was all on Schillebeeckx’s side. Describing the debates of the Council, the Anglican observer Dr. J. Moorman wrote, “If some Father forgot himself and said things which were bound to cause a flutter in the observer’s tribune, he was sometimes rebuked by some later speaker”; and he noted that “although the observers were not allowed to speak in the council, their speeches were sometimes made for them by one or other of the Fathers.” [Foolish bishops, cowed by their “intellectually superior” periti, would frequently make interventions on the council floor they had neither pre-read nor understood.  But then again, some were thoroughgoing modernists themselves]  In the Council’s documents the effects of this influence were seen concretely in the definition  of the sources of Revelation in a protestantizing sense and in the decrees on ecumenism an don the priesthood……..

……….Guadium Et Spes, the programmatic utterance of the Council [and Josef Ratzinger’s “counter-Syllabus”] , 627063 (1)officially known as the “Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World,” while free from actual heresy, is a deplorable document. [I’m not completely certain it’s quite so free] The first point that invites remark is the eponymous opening phrase, so characteristic of the optimism that the Council made its trademark, and so ironical in light of the age of dissension and decline that it ushered in.  As to the content of the document, the first impression left by it ifs of the humanistic tone deliberately given by the repetition of the phrases “human race” and “human person.”  [Paul VI was a big humanist, and a huge fan of Jacques Maritain] The social teaching of the constitution discards that of the recent popes; in particular the doctrine of the Kingship of Jesus Christ receives no mention in it and cannot be reconciled with it.  The papal condemnations of socialism are dropped, and the refusal to condemn communist tyranny is deliberate. [Of course!  All so a handful of KGB agents posing as Orthodox bishops could be present, making a truly “ecumenical council!”]  A “basic equality” is proclaimed, by which all forms of social difference, including, apparently, the traditional hierarchy of Christian society, are condemned as “contrary to God’s Küng-hocherfreut-über-Papst-Franziskus-300x168intent.” [This is a hugely influential point, it is the basis for so much of the modernist-hard left error we see emanating from the Church today]  The document is pervaded by modern materialist standards, as shown in the urging that “created goods should be in abundance for all,” and in recommendations, at best out of place in a statement on Christian teaching, advising the abandonment of “antiquated methods of farming” [so the periti were also experts at farming!  Who knew?!?] and even the adoption of “scientific advances in regulating the number of children.”…….In its obsequiousness to modern mores, the constitution finds itself unable to teach that the role of parenthood ought to be cherished without adding, “though the legitimate social progress of women should not be underrated on that account.”  A more realistic teaching would have noted that it was precisely the plea of the social progress of women that was undermining traditional family life. As a more general comment, one must feel how incongruous it is to see the Council preaching to the modern world, at great length, principles which are all too obviously taken from the world, and which have figured large in its historical campaign against the Church.

———-End Quote———-

Brilliant denunciation at the end, and quite an excellent summation of Guadium Et Spes, a document written by leftists parroting secular leftist shibboleths back to the world, and hailed as a great breakthrough by leftists in the media.  Beginning to think the game was rigged from the start?

There will be more tomorrow.  I find it quite humorous, in a dark sort of way, how little progressive tactics change.  Find an enemy.  Fix him. Destroy him though outrageous calumnies.   Move onto another target. Appeal to emotion, not reason.  Always lie. Always project your own bad intent onto your opponents.  Scheme. Maneuver. Use the media as your best ally at all times.  Bullying works.

Oh, such models of virtues were these great “saints” of Vatican Council II, were they not?!?!


Church of sodomy: Catholics lead Christians in acceptance of “homosexuality” UPDATED November 9, 2015

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Pew Research has a new poll out indicating that Catholics lead all other “denominations” in acceptance of sodomy.  The Revolution against the Faith has just about achieved end-state, Catholics are no longer simply indistinguishable from the culture around them in acceptance and practice of grave moral evil, they are now in the vanguard of most of these diabolical trends:


Also note that the rate of increase was equal to or greater than any other group aside from Orthodox Christian.  Only Evangelicals and Mormons remain majority opposed to this evil.

It is possible some of the approval rates have dropped since this poll was taken.  There were some indicators early in the year that the Supreme Court decision declaring pseudo-sodo-marriage the law of the land resulted in a certain amount of backlash.  Support for sodomite marriage, anyway, seemed to peak earlier this year and then drop.  Whether that trends holds we’ll have to see, but I would not be surprised if it does: support for abortion peaked around Roe v. Wade, then dropped a bit before leveling off for several years.  Then it began a very slow but steady decline to the present level of support, generally a few points below opposition to abortion, nationally.  Of course much depends on the wording of the surveys and the people asked.

Nevertheless, it remains clear that a large majority of Catholics believe “homosexuals” should be “accepted,” which I can assume to mean they probably accept all of the sodomite agenda, or most all of it. I can hardly think of a more damning indictment for the post-conciliar Church of Revolution than the data above.  The revolutionaries succeeded probably beyond their wildest dreams.  It is true that most of the self-described Catholics who replied above probably haven’t darkened the door of a church in years – there is some perverse attachment many former Catholics have in insisting to continue to call themselves Catholic years or even decades after they apostasized and left the Faith – but that very situation itself is one of the best possible condemnations of the Vatican II Church of Perpetual Revolution – it is hemorrhaging members, and very few of those who still practice the faith come anywhere close to believing all of it.  Probably 2-3% at most of self-described Catholics (in the West, at least) are anything but Catholic-in-name-only.  Heresy is rampant. The Church is in tatters.

Of course what would one expect after decades of steadfast refusal by the vast majority of priests and bishops to preach the Faith!

Thanks John XXIII!  Thanks Paul VI!  Thanks spineless bullied bishops of Vatican II, who couldn’t tell a dangerously heterodox intervention/proposition from an orthodox one and were bullied by your intellectual elite periti!  Thanks also for worrying more about your media reputation than the good of the Church and, even more, souls.  You sewed weakness and indifference, and the faithful have reaped death and destruction ever since.

I know I should stop being scandalized at these kinds of survey results, but the consequences of this mass heresy-apostasy are so devastating for souls that I cannot help it.  People will fall into eternal damnation over these sins and that is an infinite tragedy in every case.

So here’s some concrete evidence of the source of the crisis in the Church.  A Catholic parish in Buffalo, NY, found fit to place this little bit of blasphemy on their roadside sign:


Catholic Culture: Cord of St. Joseph November 9, 2015

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The Cord of St. Joseph is a Catholic devotion that dates back nearly 400 years. It originated in Antwerp, Belgium in 1637 when an Augustinian nun – a Sister Elizabeth – during a very difficult illness, had a cord made that was specially blessed in St. Joseph’s honor and was subsequently and miraculously healed.  Eventually devotion to the cord  spread, and numberous special graces were obtained through its devout use.  The Cord is used not merely as a remedy against bodily ailments, but most especially as an aid to preserve the virtue of purity.  The devotion was approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites in 1859 and it was also blessed and approved by Pope Pius IX.

Graces obtained by the wearing of the cord include:

1. St. Joseph’s special protection;
2. Purity of soul;
3. The grace of chastity;
4. Final perseverance;
5. Particular assistance at the hour of death.


The Cord of St. Joseph should be of thread or cotton, ending at one extremity in seven knots, indicative of the Seven Joys and Sorrows of St. Joseph. It is worn as a girdle for purity or chastity and humility and around the shoulders for obedience. It ought to be blessed by a priest with the faculties for this blessing. 



1. Be truly contrite, confess and communicate the day of investiture or wearing it for the first time.
2. If possible visit the church of the Association or an other oratory, if not,  and to pray for peace between  Christian princes or rulers, the extirpation of heresies, and the exaltation of Holy Mother Church.
3. Must be affiliated with the Church of San Rocco at Rome. We do not know how binding this is for Americans or how to contact them. We have provided a link to the Company that distributes the Cord in the U.S. Someone one there may know how to contact that church.
All the indulgences are applicable to the Holy Souls.

The Cord can be order for 3.50 from Mother of the Savior Company, HERE.

I’m wearing one right now.  I can substantiate the Cord’s effectiveness at promoting purity. It has helped me a great deal.  So many souls struggle with purity in these times.  Priests attest to the fact that sins against purity are the most frequent they encounter in the confessional.  Many are addicted to pornography, self-abuse, and even worse.  The Cord of St. Joseph can be a huge help in attaining and retaining purity for souls disposed to amend their lives.  I highly recommend it.


Support the FSSP mission in Mexico/Latin America November 9, 2015

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I have heard very good things about Fr. Jonathan Romanowski, FSSP for some time.  I have seen some of his talks in Spanish on the Sensus Fidelium Youtube channel.  Some readers have had very complimentary things to say about him.  The interview below was posted on The Remnant’s Youtube channel several months ago:

So I was very excited to meet him when he visited Mater Dei parish in Irving, TX this past weekend.  Father was visiting to raise funds for the FSSP apsotolate in Mexico and Latin America.  I have blogged on this effort in the past.   It is a most worthy effort, and seems to be attracting significant interest.  The parish in Guadalajara, for instance, has grown to several hundred souls.

I don’t want to shower too much unwanted praise on this priest who comes across as a bold but humble warrior for Holy Mother Church.  I think the videos below I took of some of his talks speak for themselves.  Fr. Romanowski is a man, and that’s saying something nowadays.  Priests attached to Tradition face enormous obstacles in re-instilling the traditional practice of the Faith in Mexico, where there is so much governmental and cultural hostility.  Just as a for instance, the government has seen fit to permit many immoral businesses, like late night bars, discos, and even strip clubs, all around the vicinity of the historic Catholic center of Guadalajara.  As such, the FSSP parish in Guadalajara is surrounded by bars on three sides, who blast immoral music that even penetrates into the church itself at all hours of the night.  As a bit of spiritual warfare, Fr. Romanowski informed us that they have installed speakers outside the Church to play the sermons out to the public.  That’s the kind of holy creativity and initiative we need to see more of in fighting against the rapid descent into neo-pagan sexularist barbarism.

I took several videos of Father’s talks. Sorry for the low video quality, my phone is just about kaput.  Fortunately, the audio comes through rather well.  Father Romanowski had this to say about how the TLM is received by Catholic officialdom in the bishops of the various dioceses of Mexico – he said the situation there viz a viz the TLM is about how it was in North America 25 years ago.  There is still a good deal of hostility and general negative assumptions regarding the TLM – the propagandizing of the liberals against the “Lefebvrist” Mass has been incredibly effective – but through piety and charity those barriers are slowly being penetrated.  Father told an interesting story of an elderly priest visiting their parish in Guadalajara, who started browsing through the Missal and asking questions:

“You say the Mass in Latin?”

“Yes, Father.”

“You are Lefebvrist, then?”

“No, Father.”

“But you say the Mass in Latin?”

“Yes, Father.  Father, when were you ordained?”


“Father, this is the same Mass you offered for years before Vatican II.  We are Catholic, just like you were when you offered it.”

Even though there is much secularist (and demonic) opposition, Father Romanowski makes clear that there is still a reservoir of Catholic culture and piety in Mexico.  It is often disordered and corrupted by either superstition or noxious modern ideas, but it is still there.  Another advantage is that the political correctness – cultural marxism – that is suffocating discourse in the more developed West is unknown there.  It is must easier to speak freely and directly about important matters, rather than having to tiptoe around people’s overly sensitive feelings.

So now to the videos.  First a brief talk describing the FSSP apostolate in Mexico before his sermon, which was AWESOME, but my phone flaked out and I missed almost all of it:

The other videos are some I shot during a talk given after Mass.  They kind of hop around a bit, sorry, I was very interested in the conversation and didn’t always want to be dealing with my phone while I listened.

“Sodomite unions” – thank you Father for calling it what it is!

It is sad to hear that a quarter of the 40 odd priests ordained in Guadalajara every year leave the priesthood within 10 years.  Even though Guadalajara remains probably the most Catholic diocese in Mexico, obviously many problems remain.

How the Revolution has come to pass, obliterating the former Christendom:

The strange contrasts of remaining Catholic elements with disordered or sinful modernism on frequent display in Mexico:

Father then showed a video on the new formation house that has been acquired to help men discern potential calls to the priesthood and subsequent entrance in seminary.  The hope is that this will eventually lead to a seminary in Guadalajara for the Spanish speaking world. Try as I might I could not get it to embed in the post.  But you can watch it at the new FSSP Mexico website (in English) here.

What is needed most right now by the apostolate is financial support.  Specifically, about $700,000 to pay off this new house of formation.  The souls are coming, there are men in seminary right now, but financial resources are of course quite limited throughout much of Latin America.  Every little bit helps.  There are also opportunities for non-financial aid: website design, physically relocating to Guadalajara and helping out around the parish, etc. You can inquire through the FSSP Mexico website, where donations can be made, as well.

I was really impressed by Fr. Romanowski.  He’s funny, engaging, joyful, but also very serious and knowledgeable. He seems in every respect a most dedicated warrior for Christ and shepherd of souls…….both very rare commodities these days.  Of course I do not know him well but every indication I have received has only reconfirmed all the good things others have said about him.