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Church of sodomy: Catholics lead Christians in acceptance of “homosexuality” UPDATED November 9, 2015

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Pew Research has a new poll out indicating that Catholics lead all other “denominations” in acceptance of sodomy.  The Revolution against the Faith has just about achieved end-state, Catholics are no longer simply indistinguishable from the culture around them in acceptance and practice of grave moral evil, they are now in the vanguard of most of these diabolical trends:


Also note that the rate of increase was equal to or greater than any other group aside from Orthodox Christian.  Only Evangelicals and Mormons remain majority opposed to this evil.

It is possible some of the approval rates have dropped since this poll was taken.  There were some indicators early in the year that the Supreme Court decision declaring pseudo-sodo-marriage the law of the land resulted in a certain amount of backlash.  Support for sodomite marriage, anyway, seemed to peak earlier this year and then drop.  Whether that trends holds we’ll have to see, but I would not be surprised if it does: support for abortion peaked around Roe v. Wade, then dropped a bit before leveling off for several years.  Then it began a very slow but steady decline to the present level of support, generally a few points below opposition to abortion, nationally.  Of course much depends on the wording of the surveys and the people asked.

Nevertheless, it remains clear that a large majority of Catholics believe “homosexuals” should be “accepted,” which I can assume to mean they probably accept all of the sodomite agenda, or most all of it. I can hardly think of a more damning indictment for the post-conciliar Church of Revolution than the data above.  The revolutionaries succeeded probably beyond their wildest dreams.  It is true that most of the self-described Catholics who replied above probably haven’t darkened the door of a church in years – there is some perverse attachment many former Catholics have in insisting to continue to call themselves Catholic years or even decades after they apostasized and left the Faith – but that very situation itself is one of the best possible condemnations of the Vatican II Church of Perpetual Revolution – it is hemorrhaging members, and very few of those who still practice the faith come anywhere close to believing all of it.  Probably 2-3% at most of self-described Catholics (in the West, at least) are anything but Catholic-in-name-only.  Heresy is rampant. The Church is in tatters.

Of course what would one expect after decades of steadfast refusal by the vast majority of priests and bishops to preach the Faith!

Thanks John XXIII!  Thanks Paul VI!  Thanks spineless bullied bishops of Vatican II, who couldn’t tell a dangerously heterodox intervention/proposition from an orthodox one and were bullied by your intellectual elite periti!  Thanks also for worrying more about your media reputation than the good of the Church and, even more, souls.  You sewed weakness and indifference, and the faithful have reaped death and destruction ever since.

I know I should stop being scandalized at these kinds of survey results, but the consequences of this mass heresy-apostasy are so devastating for souls that I cannot help it.  People will fall into eternal damnation over these sins and that is an infinite tragedy in every case.

So here’s some concrete evidence of the source of the crisis in the Church.  A Catholic parish in Buffalo, NY, found fit to place this little bit of blasphemy on their roadside sign:



1. M P P - November 9, 2015

Well, I don’t know where they take their poll. I doubt if the number would hold in my parish or diocese. Having said that, we Catholics have been beaten over the head with ‘do not judge’ and be nice and tolerant and love everybody and, of course, don’t forget to be ‘merciful’ while you are at it. It seems the majority of our ‘shepherds’ are fine with sodomy. And of course if they are ‘seeking God’ then just ‘accompany’ them. Listen, we have had 50 years of non-catechesis. There are plenty of gay priests and bishops so the one still left in the pews have had plenty of being catechized by the world and the soft stance of unfaithful shepherds. So it cannot be a surprise that so many have fallen prey to the world and its prince.

Tantumblogo - November 9, 2015

I hear you, but one very large factor is, as I mentioned, the huge number of post-Catholics who still self-identify in surveys as Catholic.

Having said that, my experience has been a bit different. In most local parishes the vast majority that I’ve come across teaching catechism, etc., have had some serious problems with a lot of Church teaching especially on the libidinous issues. Digging down deep, I’d say somewhere between 80-90% at that time were willing to evince some rejection of required belief. Now some of those folks were just ignorant and could be converted with catechesis, but others were militant and would not change their minds, even when shown, very clearly, what the Church believes and its impact on souls.

There can be regional variation. Probably in Lincoln most active Catholics are faithful. But in San Fran or other places the vast majority are not.

2. Tim - November 9, 2015

FYI: Mormons cannot be described as “Christian”. They are polytheistic.

Tantumblogo - November 9, 2015

I’m just going with the survey. It is utterly exhausting to parse all these kinds of matters in every single post.

Tim - November 10, 2015

I understand, comment was meant to be informative not a criticism. I don’t know how you manage to get all this information out with a homeschooling family and full time work. I for one appreciate your efforts.

3. Peter - November 10, 2015

These dissident Catholics know official Church teaching but reject it. Why worry about catechising them? At some point we have to kick the dust off our feet and leave them behind.

4. Jim the Tim - November 10, 2015

Sir I come from Scotland and am with you all the way here in the number of Catholics who don’t go near Mass but would probably call themselves Cultular Catholics . In other words they follow the culture and not the Faith. Probably this is seen now mostly just across the water in Ireland . Once a Catholic Country which now follows Aitheistic ideals and voted overwhelmingly for Sodomite Marriage. Now I don’t know if most of those people think that Homosexuals just go around holding hands and cooking dinner but in Ireland they voted for Homo Marriage .Here in the U K we didn’t get a chance our Politicians said Homo Marriage we,r voting for Homo Marriage you get. J D.

5. David - November 10, 2015

I saw this sign yesterday on Fr, Z’s blog. The parish was contacted via phone and the intent was to support children of divorce who oftentimes have a Dad and a stepdad.

The sign should have been worded much more carefully – since it does hint something like Adam and Steve.

6. c matt - November 10, 2015

Part of the issue may be with the wording of the question, if that is indeed the exact wording. What does it mean to be accepting of homosexuality? That homosexuals should not be unjustly discriminated against, or that their lifestyle should be celebrated? Sadly, even with more precise questioning, I fear the stats would only slightly improve.

7. tg - November 10, 2015

Besides accepting this, most Catholics want the Eucharist to be given to those in adulterous marriages. It’s scandalous.

8. Tim - November 10, 2015

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