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Is college any place for a faithful Catholic? November 11, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, disaster, disconcerting, error, family, General Catholic, horror, Revolution, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sexual depravity, sickness, Society, Spiritual Warfare.

It has been almost impossible over the past two weeks to ignore the insane goings on at a number of universities around the country.  At Yale and Missouri in particular, student agitators have more or less taken over the place, demanding – and getting – heads on the platter from college presidents and others for not kow-towing to the social justice warriors who have seized power, and who determine just how much groveling one must do both to them and the sick sexular pagan agenda they seek to advance.

Another example revealed itself in the past few weeks when faithful young Catholics – members of TFP Student Action – visited the University of Louisville.  Anyone with a modicum of sense knows that the “tolerance” long espoused by leftists was just a means to an end – the end being their power – and now that they have it they are clamping down on free speech and the discourse of ideas like the loyal sons of Goebbels and Lavrenti Beria they are.  TFP, as is their wont, fearlessly proclaimed the Truth of Jesus Christ on the campus in Louisville.  They were accosted by satanists and sexular pagans of all stripes in the most brazen manner possible, short of simply walking up and wailing on them:

On Oct. 23, TFP Student Action members visited the University of Louisville to encourage students to defend true marriage. To the characteristic sounds of the bagpipes, TFP volunteers chanted slogans, distributed leaflets and held signs asking drivers to honk in support of natural marriage.

Everything happened as usual.  Some students warmly received the TFP flyer, while others refused.  Some accepted it just to rip it up.  The majority of cars that drove by reacted with friendly honking.

However, about 45 minutes into the peaceful demonstration, several students, representing the homosexual movement on campus, began to react. First, a male student attempting to look like a woman approached, walking his dog, and wearing a shirt with the word “pride” printed on it in rainbow colors.  He attempted to block one of the TFP volunteers’ signs with his body and became the day’s first example of pro-homosexual hypocrisy: preach tolerance, but never practice it………

……The student then attempted to rip the sign out of his hands. After failing to do so, TFP volunteer John Miller politely demanded the student answer whether the TFP volunteers had the right to express their own opinions, even if it differed from his own.

TFP member: “You’re not willing to let us speak our minds?”
Student: “No.”
Member: “You’re not open-minded enough for that?”
Student: “Nope.”
Member: “So it’s actually a one-way street?”
Student: “Yeah. I’m fine with that.”
Member: “So you are a hypocrite?”
Student: “Yeah. I’m fine with that…”
Member: “You can’t even live with a little opposition?”
Student: “Not when the opposition has existed for the past 2,000 years.  [I hope you believe me when I tell you that much of leftism, and virtually the entire radical fringe, is motivated by anti-Christian hatred, at least in part. The sexual revolutionaries are motivated almost entirely by such hatred]

……..Here are some of the sound bites from the liberal students:

“You’re spreading hate! Get off our campus!” [Remember, leftists always project]
“I hate you and everything you stand for!”  [see what I mean?]
“Lay that flag on the ground so I can stomp on it!”
“If people like you are going to heaven, I would rather go to hell!”
“If God exists, let Him strike me down now!” [“They know not what they do”]

The TFP members not only received verbal aggression from the pro-homosexual activists but also moral aggression.  One pro-homosexual student attempted to “hug” a TFP volunteer from behind, but was thankfully stopped by a fellow volunteer.  Another activist got very close to one of the TFP members, acting in a lewd and indecent way.  Yet another acted in a similar manner with a dog that was present……. [the tranny with his own dog?]

…….A female student approached a TFP member:
“I hope satan stomps on you,” she said while recording the exchange on her iPhone. “Hail satan! Hail satan!”
The TFP member calmly replied:  “Record this for your friends, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, is going to crush the head of the devil!”

The student became visibly bothered by the response and began to repeat her chant to the devil, to which the TFP member repeated his prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Folks, this is not Columbia, or UC-San Francisco, or Berkeley, or UW-Madison…..this is Louisville!  A middle of the road Midwest college!  The inmates are running the asylum at virtually all of these places.  The few faithful Catholic colleges probably lack enough space to even begin to accept all those who would have an interest.

There are other options, however.  Go to a commuter college close to home while avoiding all the leftist agitprop on campus.  Go to college online.  Skip 4 year college and go to a vocational school.  Etc.

Dennis Prager brings up a trenchant point:


What would be the purpose of homeschooling your kids, bringing them up in the Faith, traveling miles to attend at the only orthodox parish in the Diocese, only to let your kids be brain-washed by hate-filled leftists at Notre Dame, De Paul, MIT, or Florida State when they hit 18?!?  Sure, some kids come through OK…….I met my wife at UT, thank God……but that was in spite of the environment, certainly not because of it.  The vast majority fall away.

Then again, that’s exactly what the leftist revolutionaries want. They want conservatives entirely blocked from college education, and turned into a despises second-tier class.  But you can’t risk a child’s faith to fight a cultural battle.  Maybe delay college education a few years until they are grown up enough to be sure in the Faith.  I know a lot of vets starting college in their early-mid 20s are almost impervious to the indoctrination.

Que dices?


1. Brian E. Breslin - November 11, 2015

Tantum, you are so right about the vets who go to school later. Not only are they resistant to the crazy culture they find on campus, but they also typically do not fluster easily under pressure of deadlines and workloads. I am so blessed to have quite a few guys and gals who fit this bill in my practice.
College campuses nowadays resemble nothing less than the re-education camps run by the North Vietnamese after ’75.

2. cheeriosinmypocket - November 11, 2015

I highly recommend Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA or Wyoming Catholic College, or Christendom College in Front Royal, VA or Northeast Catholic College, Warner, NH. Other than that, I am uncertain as to the truly faithful to the Magisterium colleges that may exist. Additionally, these colleges teach students how to think and use their intellect. May God bless these colleges and protect them from evil.

Tantumblogo - November 11, 2015

There are a handful of other fair ones. But all of these combined could barely take in 7 or 800 Catholic freshman a year, whereas within the traditional communities alone probably several times that number come of college age every year. It’s a serious problem.

3. camper - November 11, 2015

The campuses are exceedingly bad because our democracy has reached an old state. An old democracy is a fearsome thing. In a traditional monarchy or oligarchy, promoting these evil ideas can be stopped with political or even social power: academics who teach evil ideas will not be teaching for long, etc.

During the debates, Marco Rubio has repeatedly pointed out that there are welding jobs that are screaming to be filled – 250,000 in the country right now, while millions of college graduates can’t get a job. We desperately need fewer public institutions of higher education, lower taxes, higher levels of industrialization, and more people going to welding school and working in factories.

I believe it was Lord Acton who said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” That is why instead of democracy dominating the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, we need oligarchical or monarchical power to counterbalance that of the poor. The poor across the industrialized world have absolute power, and they are becoming absolutely corrupt.

4. H-town - November 11, 2015

My deceased mother graduated from St. Mary’s College, in South Bend, Indiana. At the time (1940s) it was perhaps the best Catholic woman’s college in the country, both academically and in adherence to the faith. Now it’s a feminist cesspool, they even offer a degree in gender studies. Good job Holy Cross fathers and sisters.

5. H-town - November 11, 2015

Don’t you know college is no longer about getting an education, but about creating a place of comfort and home!

6. Baseballmom - November 12, 2015

All but one of our college age kids went to the local JC and then to the closest 4 year school and lived at home. Total waste to send kids to these indoctrination centers and pay for them to live on campus… 5 have graduated and # 6 finished two years of JC and is working for a startup internet sales business… I could care less if he finishes college… I used to care, now I do not. Numbers 7&8 are still in high school… Wish they could find a good trade to go into….

7. Baseballmom - November 12, 2015

Wrote a comment… Did not go through…

8. AmileJones1516 - November 12, 2015

Young adults need to confront the evil brewing in these schools and defy it. I go to a very liberal, environmentalist liberal arts college; however, I have still retained my Catholic identity without a hitch. I’m one of the only conservatives in my major, but I’m respected among my peers anyway. There are also severe issues on our campus relating to race and gender, yet our Social Justice members don’t resort to the kinds of actions that are gaining attention in the media. They’re proactive without enforcing silence and resorting to bullying.

9. Tim - November 12, 2015

My son is attending St.Marys College in St. Marys, Kansas. It is a 2 year liberal arts college run by the SSPX. I cannot say enough for how pleased we are to have this option. 100% orthodox and 100% traditional. This is a great place to start no matter where you go afterwards.

10. MFG - November 12, 2015

I agree. There are plenty of other educational and job opportunities besides college.

Yet I’m surprised conservatives and orthodox Catholics still cling to this 1950s IBM way of life where everyone goes to college and then gets married with 2 kids and a house in the shiny burbs. It’s an artificial construct.

Sending everyone to college has depleted our hometowns of some of the brightest minds and exposed them to the secular way of life while leaving the small towns (traditionally home to family values) in shambles.

Tim - November 12, 2015

Bishop Williamson once commented on trads wanting to recreate the 1950’s America/Catholicism. His take was….No way, that is the era that gave us the lukewarm Catholics that gave us V2 and the Novus Ordo. We need to go MUCH further back than the glorified 1950’s……we should shoot for many centuries ago, keeping in mind that every era has its problems. Some are worse than others. God put each of us in this era for a reason and we should seek His will and trust in Him.

11. camper - November 12, 2015

Left a comment but it did not appear.

12. c matt - November 12, 2015

Colleges are a mixed bag. The bigger ones (like UT) have one advantage – you can pretty much get lost in the crowd. Sure, UT had its share of wackos (student and faculty). But for the most part, you could pretty much ignore and be ignored. Although a stroll past the West Mall always provided for a good laugh.

As much as it pains me to say it, A&M is probably the only large public university that maintains a fair amount of sanity. But then they are mostly engineers.

13. Margaret Costello - November 14, 2015

There is no reason people should send their kids to a four year school when they can do their Liberal Arts Core Curriculum at the local College or online for much cheaper. After 2 years, then transfer the credits to a four year. But sadly, college isn’t about learning anymore…it’s about destroying yourself in drugs, booze, sex and narcissism. The only schools I would consider sending a child to after the two years at the local/online school would be found on the Newman Society List of Catholic Colleges. God bless~

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