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Horror: Dallas City Council, under thrall of sodomite activists, imposes transgender bathroom ordinance November 12, 2015

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The idea that Texas, being a very conservative state, is free from the kind of noxious, totalitarian impositions of radical social agendas from politicians beholden to immoral pressure groups is, unfortunately, not true.  As we saw in Houston, the Dallas City Council, under the leadership of corporate-interest-server mayor Mike Rawlings, has just voted to impose the same kind of “transgender” public restroom ordinance that Houston voters recently overturned by a huge margin.  This new amendment of the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance is another instance of blatant pandering to the tiniest of minorities, supposed transgenders making up perhaps a few percent (1-3) of the already tiny minority that enjoys the acts of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Given that Dallas has a population of 1.3 million, for the sake of a few hundred “transgenders” (go ahead, do the math), the remaining million-plus must now be imposed upon in the most invasive, heavy-handed way.

The Dallas city council unanimously voted Tuesday to extend its anti-discrimination ordinance to transgender people, forcing businesses to allow men to use women’s restrooms, and vice versa. This applies to all businesses, government buildings and even private schools.

The amendment comes just after Houston residents voted against the controversial Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, nicknamed the “bathroom ordinance” for a provision that would force businesses to open their women’s restrooms to men. The ordinance lost 61 to 39 percent.

The Dallas ordinance, which also protects transgendered people from being denied employment and housing based on gender identity, had been worked on for over a year by Adam Medrano, chair of Dallas’ LGBT Task Force, a lobby group for pro-gay laws.

The ordinance, which had been set in place in 2002 for gay and lesbian legal protection, was seen as insufficient in the eyes of LGBT leaders. According to LGBT Task Force member Patti Fink, who praised the amendment, “[T]he transgender community believes they’re not included because the definition of gender identity is stuffed into sexual orientation.” She wanted the amendment to be passed “so it’s clear to those who live in this city [that] they have protections.”

Now, Dallas City Council officials are claiming that the situation is different from that of Houston. They claim voters last November overwhelmingly (77%) passed the essential terms of this ordinance by adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the list of protected classes afforded special rights over and above those enjoyed by everyone else.  However, living in the area all my life and following political events at least somewhat closely, the matter of this vote is being misconstrued. I can say that had the voters realized the implications of what was being considered, and how the city council would then take this “permission” granted by the citizens and run with it, the outcome may have been quite different.

Now there is significant opposition rising and I hope it is sufficient to force a vote to overturn this matter.  We shall see if Dallas retains the same level of sanity and basic moral decency as Houston.  I am not overly confident.  Dallas as a city is enthralled with money as few others, and that has always been the basis of its long declining conservatism.  I say declining, because Dallas, from being a reliably conservative city 20-25 years ago, has transitioned into just another urban blue zone, since most of the sensible people with adequate means moved out years ago.  The monetary conservatism has long permitted and even advocated a certain strain of cultural liberalism, at least since the 70s – whatever was best for the corporate bottom line.  So even the remnants of conservatism that existed 25 years ago when Steve Bartlett was mayor were mostly chimera.

Finally, the Dallas News article mentions that even Plano – hyper conservative Plano – has a similar ordinance providing additional protections and benefits to aggrieved minorities.  However, this measure was forced through by the mayor in an extremely contentious vote opposed by a huge number of generally staid and uninvolved Plano voters, and that vote has insured this mayor will be in office for only one term.  He is exceedingly unpopular, and is currently facing a recall effort.  He is in fact trying to turn deep red Plano at least purple, if not blue by building high rise apartment complexes (up to 30-40 stories) adding up to 40,000 new rental units.  The kickbacks to the council members and planning and zoning commission must be stupendous.

Don’t think the Dallas and Plano cases are unrelated. If you want to support the Plano recall effort, go here.

And if you are waiting to see Bishop Farrell’s response to this most notable event in the city which is the cornerstone of his diocese, you’ll probably have a good long wait ahead of you.

Once again, we see civic government in this country undermine the future good for the sake of the political present.  Appeasing outrageously immoral minorities for present political benefit only further undermines the moral order, the effects of the destruction of which falls most disproportionately on children, children who will be irretrievably damaged by the continued expansion of immorality and will then grow up to be even more disordered, immoral, and perpetually aggrieved adults.  Yet another reason why democracies always wind up destroying themselves.


1. RC - November 12, 2015

Not to sound morbid, but I give it till some poor woman gets raped and them man who does it says he “allowed” in the women’s bathroom.

2. contramundum - November 12, 2015

The one thing I want to know is… do the LGBT Task Force wear capes? I believe they should. Easily identifiable. Unless they’re transgenders, then they’ve already achieved that.

Ok, done with being facetious.

3. Woody - November 12, 2015

Notice how you never hear about the women who think they’re men wanting to use the men’s bathroom? I wonder why?

4. Mrs. Pat Scott Houston, Texas - November 12, 2015

Houston just slapped that down–it had been rammed thru by the lesbian mayor–a vote forced it to be withdrawn.

5. Mrs. Pat Scott Houston, Texas - November 12, 2015

A group got signatures to have this put to a vote–17,000 were required–they got 50,000. Due to its rejection that also includes the protection for adoption agencies, florists, photographers, bakeries those that do not want to cater to the homosexual agenda. If you have been following this–bakeries have been put out of business for not baking cues for homosexual “weddings” and Catholic adoption agencies who would not allow adoption by homosexuals, have shut down.. Bowing and forced to put up with this “life style” to “protect”people in their perversion, which is
a distorted , unnatural sex act!!!!

6. Brian E. Breslin - November 13, 2015

Tantum, sorry about those insanities down there. My wife and I were just down that way last weekend for a wedding up in The Colony and stayed at the Sheraton Stonebrier. Went to Mass up in Frisco- very interesting experience on so many levels. And we were stunned at the amount of construction all around that area- huge structures.

Tantumblogo - November 13, 2015

Toyota’s moving in!

When my parents (and I) moved out to far west Plano in 1990, we had nothing but blue skies and cattle pasture north of our house (and east, and south – there was one neighbor to our west). Well, north, all the way to the then brand new EDS campus, anyway. We used to sit on the fence rail and watch our neighbor’s cattle graze and the egrets fly around in the evening. Really pretty area. Now its all rows of houses, shopping malls, and roads everywhere. The country feel only lasted 3-4 years, it got built up that fast.

7. Ellis County Catholic - November 13, 2015

If they think this will help encourage Christmas shopping, dining, and entertaining in Dallas, they need to think again. Does this apply to DISD schools, which are full of hispanics (presumedly Catholic) ?

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