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New York AG launches investigation of Exxon over climate-change denial November 12, 2015

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Our adversaries on the left have really been tipping their hands of late, have they not?  Have we seen such widespread anarchy on college campuses since the 70s, all of it ginned up by progressive agitation?  I’ve already posted about political pressure being applied by radical environmental groups to leftist governmental agents to prosecute those who “deny” so-called climate change.  Now the Attorney General of New York state is putting that agitation into action, launching a fishing expedition investigation against ExxonMobil Corporation for supposed sins against sweet mother gaia.

If this investigation is successful in changing ExxonMobil’s behavior, it will set a chilling precedent. If they can crush the second-wealthiest corporation in the United States, or at least bring them to heel, think what they can do to your or me:

Few citizens would include “climate change” among New York State’s top law-enforcement priorities. Few, that is, except the one citizen who happens to be New York’s attorney general: Eric Schneiderman. On November 4, Schneiderman launched an investigation of ExxonMobil for allegedly misrepresenting the risks of climate change. The first strike: a subpoena demanding Exxon hand over all of its documents relating to climate research from 1977 to the present, including any communications regarding such research with outside groups. [How much would you like to bet that if Exxon complies, these records will somehow make their way into the public sphere, to be used by environmental groups for agitation against and even persecution of those scientists who have been skeptical of global warming claims?]

The use of government prosecutorial power to silence those who deviate from climate-change orthodoxy is an emerging goal of the green lobby. In recent months, more than 40 environmental groups as well as all the Democratic presidential candidates have called on U.S. attorney general Loretta Lynch to conduct a federal probe of Exxon—though the politicians and pressure groups cannot specify any crimes that the firm committed. Lynch hasn’t responded to this pressure; thus, it has fallen to Schneiderman to satiate the progressive bloodlust against energy companies. Already the New York AG has forced another company, Peabody Energy, to settle charges that it concealed the risks of climate change.

Ostensibly, the Exxon investigation focuses on whether the company disclosed to investors the financial risks arising from global warming; in particular, the risk that government regulation could require Exxon—and other oil companies—to leave reserves in the ground. But Exxon’s most recent annual report prominently highlights the risk of government regulation…..

……The theory is tenuous, but the endgame is clear: to force Exxon and other companies to settle. Even when the underlying legal theory is frivolous, responding to a subpoena like the one served on Exxon—which seeks nearly 30 years of records—presents high financial and reputational costs. Moreover, the risk of criminal prosecution is one that most companies, particularly publicly-traded companies, can’t afford to take. Peabody Energy has already buckled under the threat of prosecution. After a few more energy companies embrace climate alarmism to avoid the taint of prosecution, the rest of the industry will be sufficiently intimidated to pull any funding from groups that question “established climate science.”

Progressives like to claim that there is an overwhelming consensus in favor of radical action on climate change. That may not currently be true, but it certainly will be once climate dissent is outlawed.

If the left cannot win by convincing, they’re perfectly happy with coercion.  More and more, coercion seems their default mode of operation, as the generation of millenials* raised by boomer parents and thoroughly indoctrinated in leftism since grade 1 comes of age.

But of course, why not?  Most of the leadership of the worldwide radical environmental movement simply traded in their communist party credentials for Greenpeace or Sierra Club.

In fact, this recent effort is part of an orchestrated plot by the enviro-nuts to use tactics similar to those used by the anti-tobacco movement (but marijuana’s great!) to basically declare fossil fuels, if not illegal, hideous in polite company.  The so-called “Climate Accountability Institute” has been holding workshops for environmentalists and like-minded government apparatchiks for years preparing for their great state-powered legal movement against climate change “deniers.”  But remember, the left is the religion of science, free expression and unlimited inquiry!  Till they get power, then it’s all Arbeit Macht Frei.  How it works:

The reader should take a moment to grasp the momentous logic: We know legally ‘incriminating documents’ (their choice of words) ‘may’ exist, because tobacco activists had a breakthrough with such documents. They need to be found in order to make climate change a ‘looming threat’ in the public mind.

Try thinking of a more reverse-engineered form of activism.  [If they don’t exist, you can bet they’ll invent some]

This article is very long and detailed, and reveals the degree of underhandedness, coercion, manipulation, and general malfeasance on the part of the radical enviro-lobby.  The closer they get to the goal, the more naked their tactics become.

I think I’ll go buy a pack of Camel Turkish Gold right now.

All you need to know about so-called climate change:


But they couldn’t care less.  It’s not about data, or science, it’s religion.  Tragically, the Church now has a magisterial document taking a hard stand on a most dubious scientific theory.  That really ought to help resolidify the Church’s doctrinal edifice, shouldn’t it?

*- I mean the vast majority, obviously, there are always exceptions and I am blessed to know some


1. MFG - November 13, 2015

Wasn’t Exxon one of the Boy Scouts corporate sponsors who pressured them in 2013 to allow homosexual scout masters?

If yes it shows what happens when one compromises with the world. It’s only a short term pact before the world goes after the compromiser.

Deborah Cole - November 14, 2015

Couldn’t happen to a nicer global corporation. E-M has been one of the most aggressive promoters of Common Core, a major platform for injecting politically correct conditioning into the schools. That, obviously, includes mandating belief in global warming as doctrine. This is what happens when ideology trumps the humbler, but more honest, criterion of commercial self-interest. A pox on them all.

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