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Christ-less culture descending into inevitable chaos; where are calls in Church for penance/conversion? November 16, 2015

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Really good video below from Michael Matt, commenting on the terror attacks in Paris.  I guess Mr. Matt gets around more than I do, he reports that some traditionally-inclined souls are attributing this terror attack to some kind of governmental false flag operation.  I agree with Mr. Matt when he notes the extreme unlikelihood of this, but far more importantly, with his diagnosis of the ultimate cause of the Paris attacks and all else going on in the world today: the rejection of Christ by people and nations from one corner of the globe to another.

But it goes much further than that.  The world has always been in thrall to its master and hostile to the Church, even if there have been periods of time when peoples and nations have shaken off the cruel yoke of satan and found a much sweeter, lighter burden under Jesus Christ.  Today, in contrast, the hostility to Christ and His Church is found not only in the world, but in the Church herself.  The true reason for all the chaos in the world today, Matt notes, is the (institutional) Church’s refusal to be herself and to perform her duty, such as obedience to Our Lady of Fatima in consecrating Russia properly to her Immaculate Heart.

As illustration of this fact, where are the calls for repentance and conversion, even within the Church?  I have perused a number of sites, I’ve even checked out some traditional parishes and sermon sites, and Matt’s was the first I’d seen of any call to repentance and conversion as a formal response to these attacks.  Having read much Church history and the lives of the Saints, I can say that such calls were in the past most often the very first recourse faithful leaders and pious souls had when confronted with such evil.  Surely our Lord has allowed this evil due to our own wickedness and coldness of heart.  Surely God has allowed the ancient enemy of Christendom to be revitalized and grow daily in the threat it represents due to the weakness of faith so dominant in the Church today.  Yes there are other explanations, much more natural ones, but I am ashamed to admit I did not think of personal repentance and conversion in response to these attacks until I heard Matt utter the words.

Obviously, the agents of the progressive sexular pagan agenda – the New World Order, I suppose – plan a Christ-less future.  If so, I agree with Matt, they can look forward to much, much more evil, barbarism, suffering, and general chaos. Christ or chaos.  That is the world’s choice.

At present, it seems the world has chosen to endure a new dark ages rather than admit its evil and convert its stone cold heart:

Get ready for unbelievable chaos.  Steel your families for the coming days.  They will not be happy.  Don’t waste time figuring out chem trails or who is flying black helicopters, spend every waking possible moment in prayer and penance!  Don’t despair, don’t freak out, know that it is unavoidable that the world should descend into chaos as it rejects Jesus Christ and His Church, and keep praying!

We may not able to save the world, but we can be saved through Jesus Christ if we remain steadfast in the Faith.

Thanks to Mr. Matt for this most edifying video.

Keeping focus on the crisis in the Faith is critical and charity for souls demands it November 16, 2015

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I’ve had some discussions with several traditional/”orthodox” Catholics, maybe even including some priests, of late who have remarked to me that there is little point in constantly “carping” on or “whining” about the crisis in the Church.  With regard to my blog, that would include posts examining the history of the crisis, or specific manifestations of it today, or reviewing/excerpting books that discuss it in earnest, etc.  I have to say, I very, very much disagree with this viewpoint. I understand it, on a couple of levels, but I think it really misguided.

I would say to priests and others who have some reluctance to “dwell” on the crisis in the Church, yes, you may have been raised in a traddie home, read all the books, and maybe even gone on to become a traditional priest.  All this may be very old hat to you.  You may be sick of talking about it, or, more likely, having to fend off very uncomfortable questions that arise surrounding the crisis, and its particular apotheosis under the pontificate of Pope Francis.  And, yes, sometimes (very rarely in my experience) some folks get so twisted off regarding the crisis in the Church that they wind up falling away entirely.  While the latter is something to keep in mind, it should not be so omnipresent as to make discussing the crisis either a chore, or something one refuses (or are extremely reluctant) to do.

Why?  Because while someone who has been blessed to be in traditional communities for decades may be dreadfully familiar with the crisis and all its particulars, millions of others are not.  Every year, every week, hundreds if not thousands of Catholics in this country alone, many of them converts, wake up to the reality that the Church as they experience it every week in your typical Novus Ordo parish is not at all what the Church is supposed to be.  These people don’t know the SSPX, Michael Davies, Romano Amerio, Dr. Roberto de Mattei, or the FSSP.  If they’re anything like I was ~8 years ago, they’ve never even heard of any of them. They don’t know if the TLM is valid or not, and have no idea what is meant by “traditional practice of the Faith”.  They see the Pope and many others saying and doing incredible things, destructive things, and they aren’t sure if its right or not.  Even more, they are extremely uncertain if it is possible to be a faithful Catholic and to examine the Church of today critically in the light of Tradition.  Many have been told that to do so is to make oneself a possible heretic or schismatic, or at least a “bad Catholic”.

In a very real sense, those souls are abandoned in the Church today.  It is a matter of either blind luck or special divine intervention if they don’t fall away before finding a traditional/orthodox parish that provides the answers – and far more importantly, the spiritual food – they so desperately crave. In fact, in my mind, there is a far, far greater likelihood of those kinds of souls falling away entirely, into sects that seem to make more sense and offer far greater spiritual sustenance than the pablum fed souls in most parishes today, than there is of souls scandalizing themselves out of the Church by getting overwrought in their too-great knowledge of the crisis.

When I say that, I am thinking much of my own experience, and that of other souls who have been blessed to follow a certain path.  We managed to stumble into a TLM parish, almost entirely by word of mouth (because almost all dioceses that have TLMs try very hard to pretend they don’t), and through Grace and the presence of good priests and other good orthodox souls managed to start to learn about the Church prior to the Council.  But we are a tiny minority.  The vast majority of souls in the Church who feel spiritually starved or distraught over the abuses and heresy they face on a constant basis never make that connection. Instead, they leave.  I can name dozens off the top of my head who have followed that route.  They outnumber those who found a good home (almost always traditional, but sometimes not) probably 5:1 or more.  More distressingly, they outnumber those trads who “scandalize themselves out of the Faith 20:1 or more.

I pray I never forget where I was several years ago, when I was starting to learn about the Faith in earnest and gaining the rapidly dawning realization that what I found in your typical suburban parish in Plano or Richardson was a very far cry from the Faith as it has existed throughout almost her entire history, until recently.  And that’s why I won’t stop talking about the crisis, I won’t stop pointing up particular examples of it, and I won’t stop repeating the responses from the Church’s bi-millenial Tradition that effectively answer the claims of modernists and provide guidance to souls who are desperately craving such.  I will continue to do so even if it means this blog’s readership falls off, as some get tired of reading the same old thing over and over again.

On that note, I’ve always maintained that this blog is meant to confirm the faithful, less than convert those outside the Church, and it is, but it is especially meant to help those who have been in the Novus Ordo, post-conciliar wilderness their entire lives find the path to traditional sanity and, I pray, sanctity.  My most cherished “achievements” as a blogger will always be the handful who have told me they converted to the Church through my writings.  I have no idea to what degree that is true, but I am profoundly thankful and humbled to have played what I’m sure was a small role in that process.  More to the point, however, while always striving to be aware of the poorness of my efforts, I am almost as proud to have been inspiration for the few dozen souls who have told me they started assisting at the TLM and adopting a much more traditional practice of the Faith after reading my blog.

Please forgive my braggadocio.  I highlighted these “achievements” (which were absolutely God’s, not mine), not to toot my own horn but to stress the very practical reasons for this blog’s focus.  The crisis in the Church is THE topic that dominates all others, aside from the always paramount necessity to practice virtue, receive the Sacraments, and correspond to the best of our ability with God’s Grace.  I try to post about daily some material that is uplifting and hopefully helpful to souls in that correspondence with Grace, but on a practical level the crisis is the unavoidable topic, it looms over everything like a deadly shadow.  To ignore it, to pretend it doesn’t exist, to try to wish it away, would be to me to be irrelevant.  Even more, it would mean to me to fail in my duty of charity to souls, to not give them the fullest picture of the Church in these days as I understand it, the unbelievable crisis afflicting the Church, and the only possible response: return to Tradition, centered, wherever possible, on grounding one’s life in the Traditional Mass and all the Sacraments.

I am saddened that in this time, when the crisis has grown particularly acute and may even exceed the dread days of the late 60s/early 70s in terms of destructiveness, it seems not everyone is willing to forthrightly answer the errors emanating from the highest levels of the Church and to elucidate souls in a proper response to them (that is to say, to tell souls that rejecting these errors is not merely permissible, it is a moral imperative).  I pray all our good leaders may realize it is not whining or complaining to point out, even with grave frequency, the elephant in the Catholic living room, the revolution against the Church from within.  To me, it is the paramount duty to charity and truth to address this unprecedented crisis.  Pray forgive me if my doing so becomes tiresome, but whether it is or not, I feel a definite compulsion to continue.  I firmly believe at this time Our Blessed Lord absolutely desires His Church, His Body on earth, to be purified and restored to her former glory.

May we be blessed with far more leaders who feel quite similarly called.


Pope Francis says Lutheranism, Catholicism essentially same, Lutherans can ‘discern’ to receive Eucharist? November 16, 2015

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By the time this guy is done, will there be anything left?

Pope Francis visited the Evangelical Lutheran community in Rome yesterday.  Yes, all 137 of them.  He was asked some questions by the audience.  This was his response to a question regarding whether a “faithful” Lutheran woman married to a “faithful” Catholic husband could not receive the Blessed Sacrament in the Church.  The answer is scandalous, and seems to lean positive:

When asked together to share the Lord’s Supper, it is not easy for me to answer you, especially not in the presence of theologians like Cardinal Kasper! I’m afraid! [laughs;laughter; Applause]  [OK, first, the question was phrased in the highly misleading protestant phraseology regarding “partaking the Lord’s Supper.”  This kind of language was deliberately adopted by the protestant revolutionaries due to their explicit rejection of Catholic Eucharistic theology – the essence of our Faith – regarding the Sacrificial nature of the Mass, the Real Presence, the sacerdotal priesthood, and all the rest.  So the question was phrased in a way that should have been offensive to pious Catholic ears from the start, and really merited a response on that basis alone.  But that is not what happened, sadly……]

I think that the Lord has told us when he gave us this mandate: “Do this in remembrance of me”. And if we share the Lord’s Supper, remember and imitate him, we do the same, that the Lord Jesus has done. And the Lord’s supper, there will be the last banquet in the New Jerusalem, but that will be the last. On the way, however, I wonder – and I do not know how to answer, but  will make your question my own – I ask myself: Is this common Lord’s Supper the goal of a path or it is to go the provision for the road to go together? I leave the question to the theologians, those who understand something of it. [What kind of shepherd – especially Vicar of Christ – constantly waves his hands in the air, turning problems not even over to especially delegated authority, but to nameless, faceless “theologians?”  What role have they ever played in really formulating doctrine? The vast majority have no particular office at all.  OH, but they would love to arrogate to themselves doctrinal authority, which Pope Francis seems quite willing – when it suits his audience – to endorse.]

It is true that in some ways  that there are no differences between us; that we have the same doctrine [No, we don’t]  – I underline the word, a difficult-to-understand word – but I wonder: But have we not the same baptism? And if we have the same baptism, then we have to go together. [What?!?  No one aside extreme progressives have ever pretended that  baptism is a sufficient basis for faith, for establishing essential equivalence between the Church and sects.  This is incredible]

………When you pray together, this baptism is growing strongly; if you teach your children who Jesus is, why Jesus came, what Jesus has done for us, you are doing the same whether in the Lutheran language or in the Catholic language, but it is the same. [No, it isn’t.  I’m a former protestant.  The Catholic Church and protestantism are NOT THE SAME. They can NEVER be the same. The fact that the Pope seems to think they are breaks my heart, and causes me to have the strongest possible doubts regarding his fitness to hold such an august office]The Question: And the Supper? There are issues on which one, if one is honest with himself and with the few theological “Lumina”, which I have, nonetheless must respond, see for yourself. “This is my body, this is my blood,” the Lord has said, “do this in remembrance of me”, and that’s a provision on the way which helps us to go. I had a great friendship with a 48-year-old, married Anglican bishop [he’s referring to Tony Parker.  And he was a “bishop”] with two children and he had this difficulty: a Catholic wife, Catholic children, himself a bishop. He accompanied his wife and children on Sunday for Mass, then went and directed the worship with his community. It was a step of participation in the Lord’s Supper. Then he was gone, the Lord has called him, a righteous man. [Wow, so I guess we needn’t pray for him?] On your question I will pose to you  only one question: How can I go with my husband, so that the Lord’s Supper [Stop with “Lord’s Supper!”  That is an incredibly loaded phrase in a protestant milieu.  They mean something radically different than traditional Catholic Eucharistic theology.  AND THAT IS WHY THEY CANNOT RECEIVE!!!] accompanies me on my way? This is a problem that everyone must answer. But a pastor friend told me: “We believe that the Lord is there at present. He is present. You believe that the Lord is present. And where is the difference?” —- “Ah, there are the statements, interpretations … “. [No, Lutherans believe in consubstantiation, a very different thing from transubstantiation.  And it depends very much which variety of Lutheran you are speaking to – many reject the Real Presence outright, con- or trans-, just as many Catholics do]

Life is greater than the explanations and interpretations. Take always with respect to the baptism: “One faith, one baptism, one Lord,” Paul   tells us, and draw the consequences. I’ll never dare to give permission to do this, because it is not my responsibility. One baptism, one Lord, one faith. Speak with the Lord and continue. I do not dare to say more.

So there it is, isn’t it?  Isn’t he basically telling her “I can’t tell you what to do [what a lie!] but I can wink wink nudge nudge suggest you might give it a try wink nudge. Can you imagine a pope speaking in this way?  This is the second time he’s said, directly, I’m basically speaking error here, even heresy, but gosh darnit I just can’t help myself!  Speaking of which, this post from several months ago is most important to reconsider, is it not?

Am I being too harsh?  Is this yet another step on the Francis error train – first it was mortally sinful Catholics being admitted to Communion, now it’s protestants, pretty soon, will it be the entire world?  And what sacredness, what uniqueness, will the Blessed Sacrament have when it’s available to everyone including dogs and Chinamen, when it is a veritable “reward” for bad behavior?

It is amazing what is going on.  I would not believe it, if I did not have to live it every day.

PS – Phoenix from the Ashes, the book by HJA Sire I’ve blogged on a few times, really, totally destroys the modernist inventions regarding the Mass and the priesthood, especially notions like the “Lord’s Supper” theology laid out in the heretical 1969 General Instruction of the Roman Missal for the 1969 Mass and allied items. I hope to get to some of that this week, but it’s pretty hard to condense to a post.  I shall try, however.

UPDATE:  Some comments on this from Vox Cantoris.  I know some commenters feel very strongly that Pope Francis is, for certain, a heretic.  I simply cannot allow myself to make that kind of judgment, for reasons that are as personal as they are my understanding of how the Church works.  But the below, I can and do very much agree with.  Good job DD for putting this so well.

Jorge Bergoglio, stop this insanity. You are the Bishop of Rome! You are creating division and anxiety amongst the Catholic faithful. You are creating confusion. You are playing with heresy. You have told this woman to commit sacrilege. 

Step back from the brink of heresy

Bergloglio is on the verge of heresy. History will condemn him.

Is this enough for Bishops and Cardinals to intervene?

We’ve seen the future, and it is dumb November 16, 2015

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More than simply ignorant – dumb.  Dumb because a sizable portion of young people today (and yes surely there are some good hard working ones etc etc) would trade literally anything for their childhood woobie of never being challenged.  Two videos below make that very clear.  One is a spoof, the other all too real.  First the spoof on the insanity now pervasive in many schools and colleges due to political correctness cultural marxism:

Now for reality, a truly obnoxious spoiled brat  – Keely Mullen – who attends Northeastern University (tuition – approx $50,000 per year) created the so-called “Million Student March” protest which took place late last week. She was interviewed by Neil Cavuto as to what her group wants – free everything, and to be paid $15 an hour for working in the social justice library! – but stumbled mightily when Cavuto asked how she would pay for all these glorious freebies. It quickly became apparent she hadn’t given a moment’s thought to how to make college education “free,” until she seized on the idea of taxing the “1%” at a 90 percent rate – which rate hasn’t existed in this country since the days of FDR.  Funny how the “new plan” is always the same as the old plan – give me and mine more more more – more money, more power, more influence – but with this latest generation, couple all that giving (really taking) with zero responsibility or expectations.  Pretty nice gig, if you can get it:

  1. Free public college [Oh, so Miss Private College exempted herself.  How selfless]
  2. Cancellation of student debt [Then again not so much]
  3. $15 an hour college jobs – I guess the universities are supposed to fire existing staff and replace them with lower paid college students?

Don’t you just love that pregnant pause after Cavuto, with a single question, completely destroys her credibility?  Is this really the best spokesman this group could find?  Sorry to say, she’s a disaster on camera in more ways than one. Her “platform” is about as deep as a kindergartner’s understanding of quantum physics, she just parrots left wing shibboleths she’s heard elsewhere. She presents no data, provides no real motivation for her proposal other than “I want,” and trades on people’s baser instincts (envy) throughout.  As such, she seems as good a representative as any of the recent crybully spectacles on numerous college campuses.

It takes a special kind of hubris for incredibly spoiled children, living in unbelievable wealth, with unbelievably few accomplishments to their name (but I think we see how pointing children towards gaining entrance to the most elite college possible profoundly screws up their entire view of the world – 18 year olds who have made it to Yale or Berkeley basically feel they have already “arrived”) to castigate basically everything as not nearly up to their exalted standards. Please.  Come back to me when you’ve actually done something.

Is it not interesting that just as the “Occupy” movement was about energizing youth to vote democrat in 2011 (in preparation for the 2012 election), these latest “movements” would start rolling in late 2015?  Also note that Obama’s “Organizing for America” has 10,000 hardcore trained activists working in colleges and universities now, and they have apparently interacted with 2,000,000 young people aged 18-30.

One must wonder, then, just how much of all these “spontaneous” movements are not being conducted in a very deliberate, coordinated manner.  Given what we know of previous left wing tactics in this country, I think we can safely say nearly all of it.  This is being done to a purpose.  It is a new form of astroturf on a mass scale.

The immediate goal is surely the election of Hilary to be our next Chief Oligarchical Officer President. Beyond that, a Brave New World of barbarism and bloodbath…….


Texas and 6 other states so far refuse to accept any “Syrian refugees” November 16, 2015

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Very few of them are actual refugees.  Even fewer are persecuted Christians.  The vast majority are predatory economic migrant males of military age.  They are migrating less for jobs than for a slice of that sweet (but fast imploding) European welfare state.  How many are committed jihadis is anyone’s guess – ISIS claims thousands if not tens of thousands.

So now Texas Governor Greg Abbot and 6 other states* – including, interestingly, Michigan, which has one of the largest muslim populations in the country – have decreed they will accept no Syrian “refugees” in spite of Obama’s plans to bring tens of thousands here. Of course, the vast majority of these predatory migrants are not even Syrian, though many carry Syrian passports (pathetically easy to get, since Syria’s government exists more in name than reality at present).  Will these states also ban “refugees” from Turkey, Pakistan, Niger, Cameroon, etc?

Texas will not participate in the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris terrorist attack, Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Monday.

The governor wrote to President Barack Obama to express concerns about the vetting process to resettle refugees in the U.S. Citing the possibility that one of the terrorists in Paris was a Syrian refugee, Abbott said that “American humanitarian compassion could be exploited.”

“Neither you nor any federal official can guarantee that Syrian refugees will not be part of any terroristic activity,” Abbott, a Republican, wrote. “As such, opening our door to them irresponsibly exposes our fellow Americans to unacceptable peril.”

Abbott joined Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley – both Republicans – to announce such a policy in recent days. The Republican governors insix other states did the same on Monday.

I’m a bit of two minds of this. I have no problem whatsoever barring admission of muslims, whether actual Syrian refugees or not, from this state or the entire country (though I’m not certain what real effect these states’ actions will have, since immigration is a federal and not a state matter).  However I do think this nation in particular owes a moral debt to persecuted Iraqi, Syrian, and now Lebanese Christians and especially Catholics.  This nation created, through disastrous policy decisions and ineptly fought wars, the ongoing genocide of Christians out of some of our most ancient ancestral homes.  I am quite certain a government with the resources of the United States could, if it had the will, not only separate the muslim from the Christian (the chaff from the wheat, as it were), but manage to relocate a goodly number of those Christians to this country.  Not that our government has the slightest interest in doing so.  This administration in particular seems to take a perverse joy in seeing the persecution of Christians, if they are to be judged by their inaction and even paucity of rhetoric.

We’ve got to get over this cultural marxism. It’s killing us.  I’m sure the governors in question are too afraid to declare their welcome to Syrian Christians but not muslims for fear of being castigated as “islamophobes” (or it is at least a substantial factor).  I think given the number of random acts of violence and terror muslims have perpetrated over the past 40 odd  years everyone in their right mind is quite justified in having a phobia towards islam and its adherents.  That kind of truth, however, is too destructive of the cultural marxist’s agenda to be permitted in public.  So, it must be declared verboten, and the body bags continue to pile up.

*- including at present Michigan, Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas

Meanwhile, in Paris’ 11th Arrondissement, or administrative district, many denizens are just wrenching their hearts over Friday’s attacks. Not because they are enraged at the muslim perpetrators, but at themselves, for allowing the conditions that have driven these normally sweet and kind if slightly misguided souls to such acts of desperation:

But they aren’t angry, at least not at the perpetrators. “They’re stupid, but they aren’t evil,” their friend Sabrina, an administrative worker in one of the theaters in the 11th arrondissement, said. “They are victims of a system that excluded them from society, that’s why they felt this doesn’t belong to them and they could attack. There are those who live here in alienation, and we are all to blame for this alienation.”

“After the attacks in January, they said we should unite, but that essentially meant that we should be together and not think independently,” says Clemens Mama, a teacher. “They don’t want us to think that maybe it’s connected to the policies of our government and of the United States in the Middle East.” No, she wasn’t surprised that the attackers apparently included people who were born and raised in France. “These are people the government gave up on, and you have to ask why,” she said.

……..It was hard to find anyone at this gathering who would say a bad word about the attackers, and expressions of patriotism were restrained. Perhaps it should be no surprise in this part of town. Most residents of the 11th arrondissement are what the French call “bobo,” bohemian and bourgeois, middle-class academics in their 30s and 40s with clearly leftist leanings.

Two ways I look at this: their communist leanings cause them to hate Western society and desire its downfall.  Anything that contributes to that cannot really be bad. The other thought is that they are in reality so utterly terrified of muslim terror they have to pretend it does not exist, that Islam is not the scorpion of the old proverb to France’s, uh…….frog…….really attacking them for WHO THEY ARE, and not what they do.  Admitting the former would be too painful, as it would mean the obliteration of their entire world view. So they pretend the threat does not really exist, or, in the height of hubris, is not really about muslim’s, but about themselves (the French intellectual left) and their “failure” to create a sufficiently anesthetizing environment to put even militant muslims to sleep, as they have put everyone else.

One thing’s for sure.  Saint Louis IX would have no truck with the great  unwashed French of today.

Did lack of an armed citizenry play a substantial role in the success of the terror attacks in Paris? November 16, 2015

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FYI, I just happened to buy this gun this past weekend.  I didn’t do it in response to the Paris attacks – I’m rarely so, uh…..reactionary – but I had been wanting a Ruger 10/22 tactical for a while and wound up in a place where I found one for a really good price.


Came with the red dot sight. I like it.  It’s supposed to be used but it ain’t used much.  It looks new to me. I ran some cleaning pads through it and they came out almost spotless – save for some manufacturer’s lube.  I am pretty certain I got me an effectively new gun.

I don’t bring this up to boast, but to touch on a very real point. I was speaking with two different French emigre’s this weekend.  Both have really embraced the Texan lifestyle, if you will. One has been here about 25 years and the other about 15. They were both extremely upset about recent events in France but noted the difference between terrorist attacks in Paris – where the citizenry are almost totally disarmed by legal fiat and even the police do not always carry firearms – and in Texas, where many citizens are.  They both felt very strongly that in a crowded environment like a restaurant or concert a fair number of people would be carrying – if the venues allowed them to (that is to say, if there were not metal detectors outside the concert hall, as was apparently the case in the recent attacks) – and could have saved many lives by directing counter-fire at the terrorists.  They also pointed out the attempt to attack the Jihadi cartoon event in Garland earlier this year that Pamela Gellar hosted, and how those terrorists barely made it out of their car before they were cut down.

My point is not so much to compare and contrast these specific incidents, however.  The main point is to make clear the huge change in calculus that affects terrorist planning when considering attacks against almost entirely disarmed populations, and those where a large number may – and they never know quite who – be armed.  This is an enormous variable and massively complicates the ability of radical muslims to carry out terrorist attacks.  To a large extent they do not care, they seek to die in these attacks anyway under the delusion doing so will get them to muslim heaven, but they do desire their attacks to be successful. There have been several instances of jihadist attacks with firearms in this country and while they have managed to kill and injure a few (generally less than 10-12), the prevalence of firearms (civilian and LEO) has meant these attacks are responded to quite quickly, greatly limiting the amount of damage that could be done.  In France, it was necessary to organize and dispatch dedicated tactical response units before the muslim attacks could be thwarted.

I suspect much of this will be blindingly obvious to many readers but we also live in a time where the ignorance of many in our culture – especially the young – is absolutely astounding.  What is readily apparent to you or I would never even cross the mind of far too many of our contemporaries.  But cross their minds it had better, lest they be shot down like sheep for the slaughter as so many Parisians were last Friday night.

An even more frightening thought to consider is the number of souls utterly unprepared for death who met their maker Friday night.  My wife dryly remarked that the terrorists rarely attack churches in post-Catholic France because they stage their attacks where the people are at, and they aren’t in church.

But I’m sure a few interreligious conferences can solve all our problems with militant islam.