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Christ-less culture descending into inevitable chaos; where are calls in Church for penance/conversion? November 16, 2015

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Really good video below from Michael Matt, commenting on the terror attacks in Paris.  I guess Mr. Matt gets around more than I do, he reports that some traditionally-inclined souls are attributing this terror attack to some kind of governmental false flag operation.  I agree with Mr. Matt when he notes the extreme unlikelihood of this, but far more importantly, with his diagnosis of the ultimate cause of the Paris attacks and all else going on in the world today: the rejection of Christ by people and nations from one corner of the globe to another.

But it goes much further than that.  The world has always been in thrall to its master and hostile to the Church, even if there have been periods of time when peoples and nations have shaken off the cruel yoke of satan and found a much sweeter, lighter burden under Jesus Christ.  Today, in contrast, the hostility to Christ and His Church is found not only in the world, but in the Church herself.  The true reason for all the chaos in the world today, Matt notes, is the (institutional) Church’s refusal to be herself and to perform her duty, such as obedience to Our Lady of Fatima in consecrating Russia properly to her Immaculate Heart.

As illustration of this fact, where are the calls for repentance and conversion, even within the Church?  I have perused a number of sites, I’ve even checked out some traditional parishes and sermon sites, and Matt’s was the first I’d seen of any call to repentance and conversion as a formal response to these attacks.  Having read much Church history and the lives of the Saints, I can say that such calls were in the past most often the very first recourse faithful leaders and pious souls had when confronted with such evil.  Surely our Lord has allowed this evil due to our own wickedness and coldness of heart.  Surely God has allowed the ancient enemy of Christendom to be revitalized and grow daily in the threat it represents due to the weakness of faith so dominant in the Church today.  Yes there are other explanations, much more natural ones, but I am ashamed to admit I did not think of personal repentance and conversion in response to these attacks until I heard Matt utter the words.

Obviously, the agents of the progressive sexular pagan agenda – the New World Order, I suppose – plan a Christ-less future.  If so, I agree with Matt, they can look forward to much, much more evil, barbarism, suffering, and general chaos. Christ or chaos.  That is the world’s choice.

At present, it seems the world has chosen to endure a new dark ages rather than admit its evil and convert its stone cold heart:

Get ready for unbelievable chaos.  Steel your families for the coming days.  They will not be happy.  Don’t waste time figuring out chem trails or who is flying black helicopters, spend every waking possible moment in prayer and penance!  Don’t despair, don’t freak out, know that it is unavoidable that the world should descend into chaos as it rejects Jesus Christ and His Church, and keep praying!

We may not able to save the world, but we can be saved through Jesus Christ if we remain steadfast in the Faith.

Thanks to Mr. Matt for this most edifying video.



1. Baseballmom - November 17, 2015

That was beautiful…. And filled me with hope. Thank you.

Lynne - November 17, 2015


2. Joan - November 17, 2015

I also believe what Mr Matt says about repentance; our God is a just God and gives us what we need to come back to Him. Out of this chaos will come His Light and Truth because He is the Truth ! Christ our King ! Viva Christe Rey

3. skeinster - November 17, 2015

An enormous storehouse of posts on Christian perfection:

Plenty of penance, mortification etc., there. One of the very few
bloggers I continue to read.

4. ToS999 - November 18, 2015

Here’s a challenge for everyone: pinpoint the last time a Pope called for the conversion of others to the doctrines and faith of the Holy Catholic Church for the salvation of their souls. Not simple calls for unity, but explicit call to covert to Catholicism AND specifically for salvation. I have yet to find it in neo-Saint John Paul the Small, Francis, or even Benedict – perhaps in not-so-Blessed Paul VI?

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