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Did lack of an armed citizenry play a substantial role in the success of the terror attacks in Paris? November 16, 2015

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FYI, I just happened to buy this gun this past weekend.  I didn’t do it in response to the Paris attacks – I’m rarely so, uh…..reactionary – but I had been wanting a Ruger 10/22 tactical for a while and wound up in a place where I found one for a really good price.


Came with the red dot sight. I like it.  It’s supposed to be used but it ain’t used much.  It looks new to me. I ran some cleaning pads through it and they came out almost spotless – save for some manufacturer’s lube.  I am pretty certain I got me an effectively new gun.

I don’t bring this up to boast, but to touch on a very real point. I was speaking with two different French emigre’s this weekend.  Both have really embraced the Texan lifestyle, if you will. One has been here about 25 years and the other about 15. They were both extremely upset about recent events in France but noted the difference between terrorist attacks in Paris – where the citizenry are almost totally disarmed by legal fiat and even the police do not always carry firearms – and in Texas, where many citizens are.  They both felt very strongly that in a crowded environment like a restaurant or concert a fair number of people would be carrying – if the venues allowed them to (that is to say, if there were not metal detectors outside the concert hall, as was apparently the case in the recent attacks) – and could have saved many lives by directing counter-fire at the terrorists.  They also pointed out the attempt to attack the Jihadi cartoon event in Garland earlier this year that Pamela Gellar hosted, and how those terrorists barely made it out of their car before they were cut down.

My point is not so much to compare and contrast these specific incidents, however.  The main point is to make clear the huge change in calculus that affects terrorist planning when considering attacks against almost entirely disarmed populations, and those where a large number may – and they never know quite who – be armed.  This is an enormous variable and massively complicates the ability of radical muslims to carry out terrorist attacks.  To a large extent they do not care, they seek to die in these attacks anyway under the delusion doing so will get them to muslim heaven, but they do desire their attacks to be successful. There have been several instances of jihadist attacks with firearms in this country and while they have managed to kill and injure a few (generally less than 10-12), the prevalence of firearms (civilian and LEO) has meant these attacks are responded to quite quickly, greatly limiting the amount of damage that could be done.  In France, it was necessary to organize and dispatch dedicated tactical response units before the muslim attacks could be thwarted.

I suspect much of this will be blindingly obvious to many readers but we also live in a time where the ignorance of many in our culture – especially the young – is absolutely astounding.  What is readily apparent to you or I would never even cross the mind of far too many of our contemporaries.  But cross their minds it had better, lest they be shot down like sheep for the slaughter as so many Parisians were last Friday night.

An even more frightening thought to consider is the number of souls utterly unprepared for death who met their maker Friday night.  My wife dryly remarked that the terrorists rarely attack churches in post-Catholic France because they stage their attacks where the people are at, and they aren’t in church.

But I’m sure a few interreligious conferences can solve all our problems with militant islam.



1. Lynne - November 16, 2015

Maybe it had been owned by a Frenchman? Can you tell if it’s been dropped?

2. Woody - November 16, 2015

Consider the band and that they had just played one of their best liked songs “Kiss the Devil” when the terrorists barged in and began their onslaught. Coincidence? Also, the band escaped unharmed. Perhaps the devil looking out for his own?

Baseballmom - November 16, 2015

Woody, I thought the exact same thing…. No coincidence what that band was playing…. And NO ONE is mentioning that.

Tantumblogo - November 16, 2015

I didn’t know. I don’t have time to read much.

I guess you might say one response is go figure, but I have heard reports the band is very tongue in cheek and unserious? Like an ironic take on an actual death metal band? I have no idea, I don’t follow that stuff.

Woody - November 16, 2015

Look up the lyrics to the song. Wow! And was “tongue in cheek” a pun? Good one.

Tantumblogo - November 16, 2015

I’ll take your word for it. See my latest post.

3. Baseballmom - November 16, 2015

Also, I have been asking the intercession of Louis and Zelie Martin, their daughter Therese and St. John Vianney for the conversion of their homeland.

4. Baseballmom - November 16, 2015

Sent another comment…. Did not go through…

5. Observer - November 16, 2015

Yes, we need much more ‘dialogue’ and ‘encountering’. However the sort of dialogue I’m thinking of isn’t the Vatican verbosity sort, no, it’s the full metal jacket sort. Strength and valor, qualities seriously lacking in Europe, are things muslims do respect.

6. Elizabeth - November 17, 2015

Coincidentally, while the Paris attacks were happening, I was picking up my beautiful vintage Remington 870 shotgun. I’m also not particularly reactionary but I have been wanting a shotgun for general protection, not necessarily from crazed jihadists. When I arrived back home with my new gun, I fired up my computer and saw the terror that had unfolded. Now I’m even more thrilled with my purchase.

Tantumblogo - November 17, 2015

Awesome. Those are good guns.

Elizabeth - November 17, 2015

I love classic guns or guns with a classic look. My other recent purchase and also a classic is a S&W revolver. It’s beautiful.

7. c matt - November 17, 2015

Read some reports that the terrorists (or one of them) changed magazines three times (or used three magazines). To your point, that would have given an armed citizenry more than enough opportunity to reduce the harm inflicted.

8. c matt - November 17, 2015

Among other reasons, I would not discount France as a target because it is set to host the 2016 European Cup championship this summer, probably the most prestigious tournament next to the World Cup (and drawing tens of millions of visitors from all over the world). This type of attack will surely figure into the minds of not only the attackers, but the Cup organizers, participants and fans. I would not discount that this was a “dress rehearsal” for what they plan to do this summer.

9. Gary - November 18, 2015

Gotta luv those ‘bad black guns’, I bought a Rock River AR 15. It’s quite refined. There has been many thousands of guns sold in Texas since Obama took office, and more prayers said too!!! Always luv this blog brother, thanks.

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