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We’ve seen the future, and it is dumb November 16, 2015

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More than simply ignorant – dumb.  Dumb because a sizable portion of young people today (and yes surely there are some good hard working ones etc etc) would trade literally anything for their childhood woobie of never being challenged.  Two videos below make that very clear.  One is a spoof, the other all too real.  First the spoof on the insanity now pervasive in many schools and colleges due to political correctness cultural marxism:

Now for reality, a truly obnoxious spoiled brat  – Keely Mullen – who attends Northeastern University (tuition – approx $50,000 per year) created the so-called “Million Student March” protest which took place late last week. She was interviewed by Neil Cavuto as to what her group wants – free everything, and to be paid $15 an hour for working in the social justice library! – but stumbled mightily when Cavuto asked how she would pay for all these glorious freebies. It quickly became apparent she hadn’t given a moment’s thought to how to make college education “free,” until she seized on the idea of taxing the “1%” at a 90 percent rate – which rate hasn’t existed in this country since the days of FDR.  Funny how the “new plan” is always the same as the old plan – give me and mine more more more – more money, more power, more influence – but with this latest generation, couple all that giving (really taking) with zero responsibility or expectations.  Pretty nice gig, if you can get it:

  1. Free public college [Oh, so Miss Private College exempted herself.  How selfless]
  2. Cancellation of student debt [Then again not so much]
  3. $15 an hour college jobs – I guess the universities are supposed to fire existing staff and replace them with lower paid college students?

Don’t you just love that pregnant pause after Cavuto, with a single question, completely destroys her credibility?  Is this really the best spokesman this group could find?  Sorry to say, she’s a disaster on camera in more ways than one. Her “platform” is about as deep as a kindergartner’s understanding of quantum physics, she just parrots left wing shibboleths she’s heard elsewhere. She presents no data, provides no real motivation for her proposal other than “I want,” and trades on people’s baser instincts (envy) throughout.  As such, she seems as good a representative as any of the recent crybully spectacles on numerous college campuses.

It takes a special kind of hubris for incredibly spoiled children, living in unbelievable wealth, with unbelievably few accomplishments to their name (but I think we see how pointing children towards gaining entrance to the most elite college possible profoundly screws up their entire view of the world – 18 year olds who have made it to Yale or Berkeley basically feel they have already “arrived”) to castigate basically everything as not nearly up to their exalted standards. Please.  Come back to me when you’ve actually done something.

Is it not interesting that just as the “Occupy” movement was about energizing youth to vote democrat in 2011 (in preparation for the 2012 election), these latest “movements” would start rolling in late 2015?  Also note that Obama’s “Organizing for America” has 10,000 hardcore trained activists working in colleges and universities now, and they have apparently interacted with 2,000,000 young people aged 18-30.

One must wonder, then, just how much of all these “spontaneous” movements are not being conducted in a very deliberate, coordinated manner.  Given what we know of previous left wing tactics in this country, I think we can safely say nearly all of it.  This is being done to a purpose.  It is a new form of astroturf on a mass scale.

The immediate goal is surely the election of Hilary to be our next Chief Oligarchical Officer President. Beyond that, a Brave New World of barbarism and bloodbath…….




1. LaGallina - November 17, 2015

Wow. That little college gal on Cavuto is as dumb as a box of rocks! Sure makes me want to send my kids to college! I’m not sure which video was more hilarious — the spoof or the useful idiot.

Baseballmom - November 17, 2015

Not just dumb but a liar or a swindler….,one or the other…. She claims her family is on all kinds of public assistance yet daddy owns a million dollar pad in Chicago…. So, she is either lying about being on assistance or swindling the guvmint…..

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