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Vatican response to Paris terror attacks – more sucking up to Muslims! November 17, 2015

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Rorate had this post yesterday.  The extremely left-wing Secretary of Vatican State, Pietro Parolin, issued a statement in response to the Paris terror attacks wherein he declared the proper response to unyielding, unremitting muslim atrocities was more of the same failed kumbayah policies that have worked so well over the past 40 years.  If muslims are either at one’s feet or at one’s neck, as Churchill maintained (and he had extensive experience in the matter, having fought in two wars against islam), and if muslims are heavily influenced by perceptions of overt strength (the strong horse theory), this kind of indifferentism run wild will likely only encourage further muslims acts of barbarity.

But there is great joy in Francis’ Vatican Mudville, the Year of Mercy is “open to muslims:”

The Secretary of the Vatican State, Pietro Parolin, has confirmed that the Jubilee (from December 8th 2015 to November 20th 2016) is on schedule, as the spokesman for the Holy See, Padre Lombardi had already said, and that, in fact, will be open also to Muslims. “In a world torn by violence, it is the right time to launch the campaign of mercy” said the Cardinal in an interview with the French Catholic  newspaper La Croix. “It is understandable that there are sentiments of revenge after the attacks, but we really need to resist them. The Pope wants the Jubilee to be used for people to meet each other, understand each other and  rise above hate”, explains the Secretary of the Vatican State.

After the attacks, this endeavor appears more pressing. We receive the mercy of God in order to adopt this behavior with others. Mercy is also the most beautiful name of God for Muslims, who can also be involved in the Holy Year, as this is what the Pope wants.” … [So maybe more muslim prayers in St. Peter’s.  But don’t hold your breath on Catholic prayers in Mecca. “Dialogue” with muslims is always a one way street.]
The attacks in France show that “nobody can think they are safe from terrorism. The Vatican may be a target for its religious importance. We are able to increase the level of security measures in the Vatican and its surroundings. Let’s not allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear” Parolin added.
“These events change nothing in the Pope’s agenda.”……[Of course…….]
How do you dialogue with a force that for 1400 years has waged unremitting war against Christendom?  The Byzantine Empire occasionally tried dialogue with islam, but always had to have recourse to force of arms for 800 years to keep from being washed away in the sea of muslim conquest.  Islam is unique among all major world religions in only and ever being spread by the sword.  Islam has attacked Christianity orders of magnitude more times than Christendom reacted in kind.  For centuries people along the Mediterranean coast from Gibraltar to Constantinople lived in constant fear of muslim raids and invasions. Millions were killed or carted off as slaves in these raids.
Nothing has changed on the side of islam. Islam is re-energized and has a renewed commitment to armed combat.  Only Christendom has imploded and even the Church fails to possess the moral certitude sufficient to stem this rising tide of islamic jihad.  Instead, we offer bland platitudes about “mercy” and “meeting people,” as if such meetings are anything but opportunities to murder for sword-wielding, head-chopping jihadis.
This will not end well.  There is at present NO moral or physical defense of the Vatican sufficient to keep it from being overrun at some future date by the forces of the jihad.
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1. M P P - November 17, 2015

You can dialogue all you want with a demonic cult but that does not mean they will not torture and murder you. Even a pope can be all merciful and that will not mean someone will not behead him.

2. tg - November 17, 2015

I wonder how merciful they’d be if the Muslims ransacked the Vatican.

3. Baseballmom - November 18, 2015

Doesn’t Mercy have to be asked for before it can be granted…. Doesn’t justice precede mercy?

Tim - November 18, 2015

Mercy without justice is mere sentimentalism and is soul destroying.

4. Tim - November 18, 2015
5. c matt - November 18, 2015

So how many muslim refugees is Obama taking in to the White House? Will they get to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom next to Michelle (I mean, assuming they could stomach her)?

Interesting, even on the Clinton News Network site, comments against taking in refugees are about equal with those offering up their backsides to muslim guests for enjoyment. If a liberal bastion like that is running 50/50, true national sentiment must be at 75% against or better.

6. ToS999 - November 18, 2015

“May St. John the Baptist protect Islam…”
-neo-saint John Paul the Small

7. Observer - November 19, 2015

All this papal grovelling to muslims won’t save Rome or the Vatican. Any sign of weakness will only encourage the jihadists.
Vat II sowed the wind, now we will have to contend with reaping the whirlwind.

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