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A few snapshots from a culture in collapse November 18, 2015

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You could not cut the irony with a knife chain saw 1 MW laser:


First of all…….Planned Parenthood invoking God…..really?  No…….REALLY?!?

Secondly…..Planned Parenthood, do you not note the irony of your statement, you who murder 350,000 babies every year?!?  Would that you truly believed it, but we know leftists always lie……….

Next tweet, the response of the sexular pagan left to the Paris attacks has been grimly entertaining to watch.  Hoisted on their petard of unlimited immigration and loathing for Western civilization, they have to cast about for false equivalencies to re-establish their moral supremacy (at least in their own, it must be said, twisted minds).


Once again….really?  There are no more reliably, thoroughly leftist places in this country (and very nearly the world) than American college campuses. They are run and administered entirely by leftists.  We see here the new more radical Jacobins turning on those who were the radical cutting edge just months ago.  The revolution always eats its own.  If there really were a rape epidemic on college campuses – and there isn’t, not even close – it would be the greatest indictment yet of the unavoidable flaws of leftist governance.

These items are not mere snark. They actually represent a very important aspect of left wing agitation.  I am increasingly convinced, from myriad data points, that most of what the left does is moral posturing.  It’s about signaling belonging to the right tribe, the tribe approved of and promoted by the major media, government, and corporations.  It is about establishing tribal supremacy by excoriating the “other.”  Thus Obama cannot work up even a feigned moral indignation against the Paris attackers, but he becomes visibly upset in his recent press conference at the mention of some Republican action.  That’s the real enemy, and it’s not so much ideological as it is deeply, deeply emotional.

Finally, would the slaughter at the Bataclan concert hall been prevented, or at least greatly reduced, had there been an armed citizenry present?  Very difficult to say, but similar attacks have been reduced greatly in scope by the presence of such armed individuals. Nevertheless, Obama is moving ahead with plans to round out his administration with the imposition of significant gun control measures, hinting he may act unilaterally if Congress does not pass legislation to his liking:

In an interview published Tuesday in GQ magazine, Mr. Obama said easy access to guns is “the only variable” between the U.S. and other developed countries……..

…..Asked by interviewer Bill Simmons of HBO if gun control will be the “dominant” issue on his agenda next year, Mr. Obama replied, “I hope so.”…….

……“We knew it was a stretch, just because of the politics of Congress and the NRA. But we had to try,” Mr. Obama said. “In the absence of a movement politically in which people say, ‘Enough is enough,’ we’re going to continue to see, unfortunately, these tragedies take place.”

Well firearms are almost totally banned to the civil population of France, Mr. Obama.  And yet this still happened:




1. c matt - November 18, 2015

Mr. Obama said easy access to guns is “the only variable” between the U.S. and other developed countries

Which seems to me to be Exhibit A why we have fewer massacres of the recent Paris type. They only seem to occur in “gun free” zones.

2. c matt - November 19, 2015

Invoking “god.” – I guess it all depends on what or who their god is. Certainly not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph incarnated in the Second Person of the Trinity.

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