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Dear Fr. Rosica, please tell us again how Allahu Akbar is not a cry of Jihad……UPDATED November 18, 2015

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…….when last night at a soccer match in Turkey Turkish fans made the cry during the moment of silence requested for the victims of Paris.  BTW, another terror attack was apparently foiled at the last minute this morning in St. Denis:

It is getting comical watching left wingers engage in more and more bizarre acts of denial, literally descending into near-dementia, to keep from having to recognize reality.

Islam is on the march.  They don’t care whether leftists can “deal” with that or not, they are coming for them – and for us – either way.

I think we can also dispense with the “radical fringe” error regarding islam, as well, unless someone wants to posit that this soccer match was somehow attended primarily by jihadists.  No. This is increasingly the mainstream of muslim thought.  The West is old, decadent, and weak.  Islam is young and vigorous.  Europe is practically handing their territory over to islam voluntarily.

The strong horse theory again.  Muslims either at your throat or feet.  Appear strong and morally certain, and you get the latter, appear weak and indecisive, and you get the latter.

What do you think this clown communicates to islam?


UPDATE: For those complaining over my lack of accuracy, a peak at my schedule for the day:


Gee, maybe you’re lucky to get anything. I never intentionally misrepresent events. If I get a wrong impression in a very quick scan of someone’s twitter account, consider it an occupational hazard of the kind of blogging I am frequently forced to do.  Or, I could just not put out anything.  Your choice.



1. Baseballmom - November 18, 2015

“appear weak and indecisive, and you get the latter.” I think you meant to say “former.”

2. skeinster - November 18, 2015

Is it a terror attack if you blow up yourself and your fellow jihadi, but no one else?
I suppose you could call it that.
Thanks, Turkey, for making it clear where you stand, there.

Tantumblogo - November 18, 2015

I’d say yes, since it’s got a whole section of Paris locked down again and many people scared.

c matt - November 18, 2015

Well, I wouldn’t characterize it as a terror attack when a SWAT team is attacking the terrorists, rather than terrorists attacking a target. Let’s try to keep things accurate.

Tantumblogo - November 18, 2015

You mean Rorate’s twitter let me down.

3. c matt - November 18, 2015

Couldn’t really make out the chanting, but the jeering certainly showed where their true sentiments lay.

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