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Brief reminder: Beware donating to Salvation Army this Christmas November 30, 2015

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Christians, especially devout Christians, like to give.  Americans like convenience.  Couple the two, and the ringing bell of the Salvation Army seeking donations outside your local Target or Walmart might make a strong temptation.

Probably readers of this site are, for the most part, disinclined to donate to the Salvation Army, being at least somewhat aware of the really bizarre beliefs of their founder (which largely continue to this day), but in case you needed another reason, the Salvation Army is also quite squishy on abortion and, like so many other charities, has ties to Planned Barrenhood.  In case you’re like me, and have occasionally in the past fallen into some impulse charity, this info might arm you with the moral resolve not to seek an endorphin rush charity thrill with this particular organization:

The Salvation Army notes that termination can occur when “carrying the pregnancy further seriously threatens the life of the mother” or diagnostic procedures identify a fetal abnormality causing only a “very brief post-natal period”. Further, rape and incest also represent “special case[s] for the consideration of termination”. These exceptions portray a troubling contradiction to the professed “sanctity, unique dignity and respect” due to the “image of God” found in our unborn brethren………

…….While SA may not directly contribute to PP, there is evidence that they do partner with one another. Research by Life Decisions International has found this to be the case, and has placed the Salvation Army on their Dishonorable Mention list. Further, American Life League has also found a troubling connection between the two. Simply considering “all the good they do” is not enough to excuse or set aside this compromise of pro-life principles…….

……As we further peruse the SA website we can also find stated support of contraception in their international positional statement:

A serious commitment to the protection and care of the unborn calls us to a commitment to the prevention of unwanted pregnancy through means such as access to reliable birth control ….”

And about that doctrinal craziness:

………Founder William Booth completely rejected the Sacraments. Although for some years he continued to follow the Protestant tradition of two Sacraments – Baptism and the “Lord’s Supper” — he held they were purely symbolic, until finally he dispensed with them altogether. In practice, many adult recruits had never been baptized, nor was it required. In the end, Booth had come to the conclusion that not only were the Sacraments not vital, they were mistakes. Therefore, in his “Foundation Deed”, he abolished the Sacraments completely.

That’s really just the beginning.  There is a lot more.

I know it can be frustrating to find non-morally compromised charities to support.  There are some.  I’ve compiled a list in the past, but danged if I can find it now!  I still like Food For The Poor, though they’ve had a bit of taint about them the last year or two.  Some local homeless charities are good, but check their websites because many of the larger ones have some kind of relationship with Banned Parenthood.



1. tg - November 30, 2015

Thanks for letting us know. Why do their organizations tie themselves to abortion? They should just be about giving to the poor period. Interesting about their founder. I can’t understand Protestants who don’t believe in Baptism. Jesus was baptized and Acts tells how that’s how one became a Christian – by being baptized.

2. tg - November 30, 2015

By the way, missed your blog. I hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving.

3. M P P - November 30, 2015

I also like to give to Aid to the Church in Need.

Our local Salud invites PP to come and speak and sends their clients there as well, One pregnancy aid agency, when I told them about this, dropped their partnership with Salud. But most government agencies are going to partner and support PP as our government promotes the killing of the unborn to a large degree.

4. Margaret Costello - November 30, 2015

I give to Mary’s Meals:+) It’s Catholic albeit they believe in Medjugorje. I first saw them on EWTN. They sponsor feeding programs at schools. A mere $20 per year can feed a child:+) Thanks for the heads up about SA:+) God bless~

5. Tim - November 30, 2015

They are masonic.

Steve Boor - December 2, 2015

Whose masonic — Salvation Army or Mary’s Meals?

Tantumblogo - December 2, 2015

Salvation Army, Steve.

6. Jim the Tim - December 1, 2015

Wouldn’t give a penny to the Sal Dals .As that’s exactly what goes to their so called poor out of every £1 over here in the UK . Pardon the pun but there always blowing their own trumpet . Over in UK at Christmas they run a TV advert and it goes like this “Please donate £21 to give someone who is homeless a Christmas dinner” Now I wouldn’t refuse anyone a dinner ,but I am not homeless I am 65yrs of age and have never in my life had a Christmas dinner that cost £21 .

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