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French mathematical society obliterates global warming cult hysteria December 1, 2015

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This is a tad dated, but given the looming Paris climate conference, still quite timely.  A society of French mathematicians has issued a scathing critique of global warming hysteria, which it alludes to in various places as functioning like a religious cult.  Of course, it is, it’s one of the more extreme manifestations of the religion of sexular paganism.  What the mathematicians and the leftists all miss, however, is that God created man with a foundational predisposition towards religion.  He did that to give us every advantage to accept and practice the true Faith, His Church, but when that Church is rejected or ignored, that religious hunger in-built in humanity still has to be satisfied.  Many thus turn to false pagan religions, as they have throughout history, including made up ones that pretend not to be religious at all, even while behaving with the most lockstep dogmatism imaginable.

Thus, the global warming cult:

As the United Nations gears up for its next international conference on climate change in Paris next month (COP 21), a scathing white paper released by a society of French mathematicians calls its fight against global warming “absurd” and “a costly and pointless crusade”.

“You would probably have to go quite a long way back in human…history to find [such a] mad obsession,” according to a translated summary of the document released in September by the Paris-based Société de Calcul Mathématique SA[And, with the constant manipulation of data on a truly unprecedented basis, in addition to the blocking of other data, refusal to publish articles skeptical of global warming in journals, blackballing of skeptics, advancement and extolling of warmists, massive political involvement distorting the entire process……..this is probably the single greatest scandal in the history of science, one that has the potential to shake cultural deference towards “science” – one of the bedrocks of the post-enlightenment paradigm – to its core.]

The mathematicians harshly criticized a “crusade [that] has invaded every area of activity and everyone’s thinking,” noting that “the battle [against] CO2 has become a national priority.


“There is not a single fact, figure…[or] observation that leads us to conclude the world’s climate is in any way ‘disturbed,” the paper states. “It is variable, as it has always been. … Modern methods are far from being able to accurately measure the planet’s overall temperature even today, so measurements made 50 or 100 years ago are even less reliable.” [and predictions of the future based on deeply flawed models even more so]

Noting that concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) have “always” varied, the French mathematicians also said that after processing the raw data on hurricanes themselves, they verified that “they are no more frequent now than they have been in the past.”

“We are being told that a temperature increase of more than 2 degrees C[elsius] by comparison with the beginning of the industrial age would have dramatic consequences and absolutely has to be prevented.

“When they hear this, people worry. Has there not already been an increase of 1.9 degrees C?

“Actually, no. The figures for the period 1995-2015 show an upward trend of about 1 degree C every hundred years! Of course, these figures, [which] contradict public policies, are never brought to public attention,” the white paper stated.

Obviously, many things can cause climate change. Human activity and cow farts are not at the top of the list… if they even make the list:

The French mathematicians also said that the UN’s climate models have failed to take into account natural phenomena that affects climate far more than human activity.

Human impact on the climate is “tiny, quite negligible in comparison with natural causes,” they point out. “Human beings can do nothing about solar activity, the state of the oceans, the temperature of the Earth’s magna, or the composition of the atmosphere.”

Furthermore, the work done by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) does not meet the basic standards set by reputable scientific journals because its “conclusions go [contrary] to observed facts; the figures used are deliberately chosen to support its conclusions (with no regard for the most basic scientific honesty); and the variability of natural phenomena is passed over without comment.”

“Shut up,” they replied.  That’s about all they’ve got at this point.

How’s this for self-defeating idiocy: the onerous environmental standards already imposed, and to be strengthened dramatically if the warmists have their way, are unevenly applied to already developed countries, countries whose emissions per unit of output are far, far lower than those of developing nations like China and India.  Further tightened standards simply drive economic activity from developed nations to the less developed ones, which don’t have such stringent standards, resulting in MORE net global emissions (pollution) than less!  Such is the inanity of the religion of global warming, but it’s functioning as designed: it’s not about the environment, it never has been, it’s about leftism, government control of the means of production and driving “icky” manufacturing overseas.

And so much of this warmist pagan religion is about virtue display and tribal signalling by people too attached to sin to countenance changing themselves. That’s what powers their moral zeal to crush opponents, which is rapidly destroying science as an honest intellectual pursuit.

Leftism is a religion, one implacably hostile to Catholicism.  I pray our Church leadership comes to recognize that fact at some point, because we’re already past too late.


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